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Dawson, Chris. 2014 ‘The Illicit Market: Black and Grey [Definition].’ Australian Crime Commission, Submission No. 75 to Senate Committee: Inquiry into the Ability of Australian Law Enforcement Authorities to Eliminate Gun-Related Violence in the Community; Submission No. 75, p. 3. Canberra: Australian Crime Commission. 22 August

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The Illicit Market: Black and Grey

The illicit market comprises both the black and 'grey' markets, and incorporates any firearm that has been diverted from the licit market, illegally imported into Australia or illegally manufactured. Methods of diversion from the licit to the illicit (black) market include theft/staged theft; reactivation of deactivated firearms; historical legislative and regulatory loopholes; and interstate transfers.

The black market comprises any firearm illicitly obtained by individuals and criminal entities. A black market firearm will almost certainly be obtained to assist in the commission of a crime.

The grey market comprises only long-arm firearms that, following the 1996 NFA, should have been either registered or surrendered in firearm buybacks but were not. Handguns are not included in this market as they required registration prior to the 1996 NFA.

[NFA = National Illicit Firearms Assessment]

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