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Dawson, Chris. 2014 ‘Australian Firearm Market.’ Australian Crime Commission, Submission No. 75 to Senate Committee: Inquiry into the Ability of Australian Law Enforcement Authorities to Eliminate Gun-Related Violence in the Community; Submission No. 75 (Sections 10,11,12,13), p. 3. Canberra: Australian Crime Commission. 22 August

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Australian Firearm Market…

10. In 2012, it was assessed that there were in excess of 2.75 million registered firearms in Australia, held by over 730,000 individual firearm licence holders. The vast majority of firearms registered in Australia are long-arms (rifles and shotguns), which represent over 90 per cent of registered firearms. The licit firearm market is a source of supply of firearms to the illicit market.1

11. The exact size of the illicit firearm market is an enduring intelligence gap. However, it is known that there is a significant pool of firearms that may be accessed by organised crime. In 2012, the ACC assessed that there were over 250,000 long-arms and 10,000 handguns in the illicit market.

12. [T]he oldest firearm traced by the ACC was a functioning revolver manufactured in 1888.

13. Australia's firearm market is facilitated mostly by trade among criminal groups, along with a small number of corrupt licensed firearm dealers, licensed firearm owners and backyard manufacturers. These entities deal in stolen or lost, illegally diverted, owned or imported, modified and manufactured firearms, as well as grey market firearms.

[ACC = Australian Crime Commission]

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