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Soares, Eduardo. 2013 ‘Collection Programmes.’ Firearms-Control Legislation Policy - Brazil; Section V.G, p. 47. Washington DC: Law Library of Congress (USA). 1 February

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Collection Programmes

Possessors and owners of firearms acquired regularly may at any time turn them in to the Federal Police, in return for a receipt and indemnity, according to the regulations of the Law.(56)

With regard to the irregular possession of firearms, possessors and owners of such firearms may turn them in voluntarily in return for a receipt and, assuming good faith, they will be compensated in the manner established in the regulations of the Law and absolved from punishment…(57)


56) Id. art. 31. Article 70 of Decree No. 5,123 of July 1, 2004, determines that firearms, accessories, and ammunition, as mentioned in articles 31 and 32 of Law No. 10.826 of December 22, 2003, must be turned in to the Federal Police or to organs or entities accredited by the Ministry of Justice. Administrative Act (Portaria) No. 797, issued by the Ministry of Justice on May 5, 2011, establishes the procedures for turning in firearms, accessories, or ammunition and the indemnification provided for in articles 31 and 32 of Law No. 10,826, of December 22, 2003. Annex I of the Administrative Act defines the indemnification amounts, which range from R$100,00 (US$50.00) to R$300,00 (US$150.00), depending on the type of firearm. Portaria No. 797 de 5 de maio de 2001, POLÍCIA FEDERAL,

57) Lei No. 10.826, de 22 de dezembro de 2003, art. 32.

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