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Puerto Rico. 1971 ‘Suspension or Revocation of License to Drive Motor Vehicles and License to Carry Firearms.’ Controlled Substances Act of Puerto Rico; Title 24, Part V, Ch. 111 (Sub-chapter 5, Section 2516). San Juan: Puerto Rico. 23 June

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24 L.P.R.A. § 2516 (2013)

Section 2516. Suspension or Revocation of License to Drive Motor Vehicles and License to Carry Firearms

No person who has been convicted of a crime under this chapter or of any law of the United States or of any state, in connection with narcotic drugs, marijuana, depressant or stimulant substances, as well as that of any foreign country and no person who has been declared addicted to narcotic drugs, may obtain a license from the corresponding authority to drive any kind of motor vehicle nor to hold, possess or carry1 firearms for a term of five (5) years after serving the sentence imposed for said conviction or after the date of the declaration. Officers or public employees in charge of issuing said license shall be prevented from extending them whenever any of the circumstances expressed above may concur in the applicant [sic] for the license and any such licenses which have been issued prior to the conviction or declaration that the person is addicted to narcotic drugs, shall immediately be cancelled by the corresponding authority…

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