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Rigual, Christelle. 2015 ‘Annexe 4.1: Major Exporters.’ Small Arms Survey 2015: Weapons and the World; Chapter 4 (Annexe 4.1). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press and the Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. 1 June

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Annexe 4.1: Annual authorized small arms and light weapons exports by major exporter (annual exports of at least USD 10 million), 2012

Exporter*: USD value, unless stated otherwise (rounded to the nearest million)

Argentina: At least 19million***
Australia: 13 million***
Austria: At least 293 million*** - EUR 205 million(USD 268 million)**
Belgium: At least 140 million***
Brazil: At least 374 million***
Bulgaria (a): At least 20 million*** - EUR 17 million (USD 22 million)**
Canada: 83 million***
China: At least 150 million***
Croatia: At least 88 million***
Cyprus: At least 14 million***
Czech Republic: At least 136 million*** - EUR 15 million (USD 20 million)**
Denmark: 11 million***
Finland: 87 million*** - EUR 6 million (USD 8 million)** - EUR 5 million (USD 7 million)°**
France: At least 53 million***
Germany: At least 472 million***
Hungary: At least 21 million*** - EUR 0.2 million (USD 0.3 million)**
India: At least 42 million***
Iran: Iran was previously a major exporter, but little is reported about its exports. As of 31 December 2014 Iran had not reported its 2012 data, nor had it produced a national arms export report on 2011 data.
Israel: At least 89 million***
Italy: At least 544 million***
Japan: At least 106 million***
Mexico: At least 73 million***
North Korea: North Korea is a medium exporter, but little is reported about its exports.
Norway: 129 million***
Philippines: At least 30 million***
Poland: At least 10 million***
Portugal: At least 25 million***
Romania: At least 13 million*** - EUR 12 million (USD 16 million)** - EUR 12 million (USD 16 million)°**
Russian Federation: At least 181 million***
Serbia: At least 52 million***
Singapore: At least 25 million***
South Korea: 275 million***
Spain: At least 90 million*** - EUR 17 million (USD 22 million)** - EUR 17 million (USD 22 million)°**
Sweden: At least 48 million*** - EUR 11 million (USD 14 million)** - SEK 1.6 billion (USD 243 million)°**
Switzerland: At least 76 million*** - At least CHF 23 million (USD 25 million)°**
Taiwan: At least 14 million***
Turkey: At least 132 million***
Ukraine: At least 11 million***
United Kingdom: At least 90 million***
United States: 935 million***

[USD = United States dollar; EUR = Euro; CHF = Swiss Franc; SEK = Swedish Krona]

* Top exporters (those with an annual export value equal to or greater than USD 100 million, according to UN Comtrade and estimates) are set in bold.

** Fifteenth Annual EU Report (CoEU, 2014).

*** NISAT (2014); UN Comtrade (n.d.). Customs codes: 930100 (military weapons), 930120 (rocket and grenade launchers, etc.), 930190 (military firearms), 930200 (revolvers and pistols), 930320 (sporting and hunting shotguns), 930330 (sporting and hunting rifles), 930510 (parts and accessories of revolvers and pistols), 930521 (shotgun barrels), 930529 (parts and accessories of shotguns and rifles), 930621 (shotgun cartridges), 930630 (small arms ammunition). In 2012, the Harmonized System was amended: categories 630521 and 630529 were replaced by the category 630520. These changes will be reflected in the next edition of the Small Arms Survey.

°** National arms export reports: Finland (2013); Romania (2013); Spain (2013); Sweden (2013); Switzerland (2013a; 2013b).

(a) Qualified as a major exporter for 2012 activities, but not for 2011. Hong Kong and Pakistan left the major exporter ranking in 2012.

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