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Dominica. 2011 ‘Application For and Grant of Licence.’ Firearms Act No. 3 of 2011; Part III (Section 7), pp. 215-216. Roseau: Parliament of the Commonwealth of Dominica. 15 April

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Application For and Grant of Licence

Section 7. (1) A person may apply to the appropriate authority1 in the form prescribed for any licence referred to in Part IV…

(4) The appropriate authority may subject to, sections 15, 19(2), 20(2), 21(3) or 22(2) as the case may be, grant or renew a licence if the appropriate authority is satisfied -

(a) that the applicant -
(i) is qualified or competent to hold the licence applied for and has completed a course in firearms and ammunition safety;
(ii) holds a certificate of competence, obtained from a designated institution, a copy of which must be attached to the application;
(iii) has good cause for purchasing, acquiring or for having in his possession the firearm or ammunition in respect of which the application is made;
(iv) is not a prohibited person under section 15;
(v) has a good knowledge of the law in force in Dominica relating to firearms and ammunition.

(b) that the grant of the licence will not endanger the public or the peace; and

(c) that the applicant has made adequate provision for keeping the firearms and ammunition in a secure place when not in use; and

(d) in the case of a firearm user licence,2 an estate gun licence,3 a sporting firearm licence4 or a firearm user (employee) sublicence,5 the applicant has previously been granted a provisional licence or has been exempted from the requirement of a provisional licence by the appropriate authority on the basis of having previously held a licence.

(5) Subject to sections 17(2), 19(5) or 20(11), where an applicant wishes to possess more than one firearm, he shall in accordance with this section, submit an application in respect of each firearm.

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