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German gun maker, firearms in mass media

Europe,United States

23 February 2018


It was a blunder by Heckler & Koch, a giant German gunmaker. On February 15th the agency apologised for a "mistake" after its American subsidiary posted a Valentine's picture exhibiting a handgun surrounded by ammunition organized within the form of a coronary heart. The picture went out to social media shortly after a lethal college capturing in Florida. The put up was additionally a reminder that though Europeans typically criticise lax firearm-ownership legal... (

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24 November 2016

Mundiario (Spain)

[Translated Summary: Spain ranks 18th in the global ranking of civilian firearm possession, with one firearm for every 16 inhabitants. To legally own a firearm, applicants must certify that they are going to use it for sport or hunting, they must pass an exam and a background check and present a medical certificate. To own a firearm for self defence, applicants must justify a risk or a threat.] España, con una de las legislaciones más restrictivas del mundo en el uso... (

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Germany,Australia,New Zealand,Japan,Switzerland,France,Poland,Iraq

25 October 2016

Mo4ch (US)

Germany's small arms ammunition sales have increased by 10 times in the first 6 months of 2016, while total arms sales have reached €4 billion over the same period and have set a new record, Deutsche-Presse Agentur (DPA) says, citing a government report. The total value of the small arms ammo export contracts has risen from €27 million ($29.3 million) in the first half of 2015 to €283.8 million ($308 million) in the first six months of 2016, the reports says,... (

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European Union

21 October 2016

Deutsche Welle

The European Commission's attempts to ban the most dangerous semi-automatic weapons, such as AK-47 assault rifles, are being watered down thanks to pressure from a pan-European alliance of gun associations, according to documents leaked to "Der Spiegel" magazine. The Commission's proposal, drawn up in the wake of last year's terrorist attacks at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, is due to be finalized over the coming weeks by the European Parliament, the Commission,... (

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15 August 2016

Asia Sentinel

Driven partly by its developing rivalry with China, India is welcoming global gun manufacturers to set up shop to produce small arms including handguns, rifles, carbines, sub-machine guns, light machine guns and grenade launchers. New investment rules allow private players to establish manufacturing units, sell to Indian defense forces and even cater to export orders. Forty-nine per cent foreign ownership will be permitted automatically but up to 100 percent FDI can... (

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7 August 2016

La Presse (Montréal)

[Translated summary: Between 2008 and March 2016, agents of the Canadian Mounted Police have lost 48 firearms. Another 12 were stolen from them. Types include rifles, shotguns, pistols and one machine gun. Police must store their arms safely; they can face criminal charges if they are responsible for the loss or theft.] Une adolescente de Winnipeg atteinte par balle a frôlé la mort l'an dernier. Le pistolet de son assaillant s'est révélé être une arme de service... (

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Asia,North America,Europe

26 April 2016

Industry Today

According to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), small arms are weapons intended for use by an individual and include rifles, pistols, assault rifles, submachine guns, and light machine guns. On the other hand, light weapons are used by two or more persons serving as a crew and include grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, mortars, and anti-tank guns. All these light weapons are less than 100 mm in caliber. The rapidly changing nature of... (

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1 March 2016

El Universal (Mexico)

[Translated summary: German Members of Parliament ask the Mexican government to clarify Heckler & Koch gun trafficking from Germany to Mexico, with possible links to a mass shooting of 43 students.] Diputados alemanes pidieron al gobierno mexicano que aclare el probable tráfico de armas germanas que se han usado en conflictos dentro del país, como fue el caso de la agresión y desaparición forzada de los 43 normalistas de Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, en septiembre de 2014,... (

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Austria,European Union

19 June 2014

Die Press

[Translated summary: From the end of June, all legal firearms will have to be centrally registered with Austrian authorities to meet European Union requirements. 226,264 Austrian citizens have permits for weapons requiring approval however the number of legally held weapons in Austria is much higher. Austria has one of the most liberal gun laws in Europe but Austria's gun lobby calls the changes an attack on civil liberties. There is a booming internet trade in firearms... (

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16 May 2014

ABS-CBN News (Manila)

MANILA, Philippines - At least 63 short firearms imported by a private gun dealer and kept in the storage facilities of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO) at Camp Crame in Quezon City have been confirmed to be missing, an official said yesterday. FEO chief Senior Superintendent Roberto Po said at least 10 FEO personnel were placed under investigation after the loss was discovered on Wednesday. An employee of Juavi Gun Store, who... (

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14 March 2014

Times of India

CHANDIGARH - The armoury of police at police lines, Sector 26, has turned into a gallery of weapons surrendered by city residents despite the passage of the last date for depositing them on Wednesday. As many as 755 firearms of different brands, mostly foreign-made, were surrendered in the armoury since March 8. Nonetheless, the officials are accepting more weapons. The majority of surrendered weapons belong to Smith and Wesson, Winchester, Ruger, Heckler & Koch, and... (

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Germany,Colombia,United States,Libya,Georgia,Russia,Mexico

1 March 2014

Deutsche Welle

German law prohibits the export of weapons to crisis or conflict regions. But guns sporting the label "Made in Germany" are being sold in war-torn Colombia. Manufacturers have denied any involvement in illegal exports. A person who wants to buy a gun legally in Colombia must be at least 25 years old, provide proof of income and a gun license and possess no criminal record. The arms trade in the South American country is a state monopoly run by the weapons manufacturer... (

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25 February 2014

Guardian (UK)

The town of Oberndorf should look a lot nicer. Nature offered plenty of blessings. Its 14,000 inhabitants live sheltered in the green and rocky Neckar valley, where the narrow, sparkling river Neckar grooves its way through the Black Forest in one of Germany's most picturesque corners. This is the heart of Baden-Württemberg: tranquil and prosperous, the sunniest and warmest part of Germany. Yet Oberndorf's town centre doesn't include the cobbled square lined with... (

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Germany,South Africa,Saudi Arabia,Sierra Leone

15 February 2014

Turkish Weekly / Deutsche Welle / Voice of Russia (Moscow)

With Germany being one of the largest arms exporters, many of the resources are going to the countries where children are used as exploiters in the military. Michael D, one of the former soldiers, who is currently living in Berlin states: "We were mostly deployed for attacks. We were often the first to be sent into combat and had to dodge the flurry of bullets." Since he was a young boy, he was forced to become a soldier in his native country, Sierra Leone, where he... (

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14 January 2014

Malaysian Insider

Police are to review their standard operating procedure (SOP) on the issuance of firearms to off-duty personnel following two recent incidents in which drunk policemen had their weapons taken from them. Deputy Home Minister Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said a new SOP was needed to address this problem. "It (SOP) should be reviewed so that what happened two days ago will not occur again," he told reporters after attending a Malidur Rasul gathering at SK Mati... (

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United States

4 January 2014

New York Times

BARRY, Illinois — The byline of Dick Metcalf, one of the country's pre-eminent gun journalists, has gone missing. It has been removed from Guns & Ammo magazine, where his widely-read column once ran on the back page. He no longer stars on a popular television show about firearms. Gun companies have stopped flying him around the world and sending him the latest weapons to review. In late October, Mr. Metcalf wrote a column that the magazine titled "Let's Talk Limits,"... (

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1 January 2014

Independent (Dublin)

This is the first time that uniformed gardai have been given permission to carry guns full-time since the foundation of the force almost a century ago. The move has been sanctioned after a review of the operation of the five regional support units (RSUs) since their introduction in 2008. Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan has ordered that all the regional response units will be permanently armed after a rise in the number of incidents requiring garda firepower. The... (

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Saudi Arabia,Libya,India,Georgia,Egypt,Yemen,Vietnam,Turkey,Syria,Germany,Bahamas

16 December 2013

Deutsche Welle

For a long time, arms exports to regions in conflict were taboo for the German government. However, the growing number of arms deals with Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia or Qatar, or with Asian countries like India and Indonesia suggests that these could soon become a pillar of German foreign and security policy. This, at least, is the warning expressed in this year's weapons exports report published in Berlin on Monday (16.12.2013) by the Joint Church and... (

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24 October 2013

Vancouver Sun (British Columbia)

Some B.C. residents are capitalizing on the illicit gun trade by making gun parts and even firearms to sell to local criminals. Cpl. Frank Grosspietsch of the RCMP's National Weapons Enforcement Support Team said a "cottage industry" has sprung up in B.C. in recent years among people willing to arm gangsters and other criminals. B.C.-made noise suppressors - which muffle gunshots and are commonly and inaccurately called silencers - have been used in recent murders,... (

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16 September 2013

Local (Switzerland) / 20 Minutes (Geneva)

A former Basel police detective received a ten-month suspended jail sentence on Monday for using his position to acquire and re-sell illegal machine guns, firearms, hand grenades and other accessories. The 51-year-old, who worked for the cantonal police force for 20 years, was authorized to order guns and other weapons, according to an online report from 20 Minutes newspaper. However, he took advantage of his position to order firearms, which he paid for with his own... (

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Mexico,United States

30 July 2013

Action on Armed Violence

For all the news and emotion surrounding the debate over mass-shootings and gun-control within the United States, another related tragedy has been unfolding simultaneously just across the border. But, unlike in the US, this tragedy has much greater bloodshed and much less media attention. Since 2006, tens of thousands of people have been killed in Mexico in drug-related violence. The numbers dead are similar to a conventional war. But, in contrast to other conflicts... (

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Saudi Arabia,Libya,Mexico,Germany

30 May 2013

Deutsche Welle

Germany prides itself on having "strict, even restrictive regulations" for the export of weapons of war. All the same, German weapons regularly show up in regions they should not be in. For years, every single government coalition in Germany has stated that the country has particularly strict regulations for sales of weapons of war to foreign countries. Regularly, however, weapons used abroad but "made in Germany" get into the news. People are outraged when assault... (

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7 May 2013

InSight Crime (Bogota)

A German arms manufacturer has admitted to illegally selling thousands of rifles to Mexico, where the weapons were reportedly used to commit human rights violations. Heckler & Koch, which produces weapons such as pistols, machine guns, and grenade launchers, is under investigation by German authorities for exporting G36 rifles to several Mexican states where Germany prohibits gun sales, due to human rights concerns. The company previously claimed it had only ever... (

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22 April 2013

Today's Zaman (Istanbul)

Turkish people spent TL 117,922,000 on guns and bullets last year, with gun sales increasing by 54 percent, according to data from the state-owned Turkish Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKE). While a total of 19,575 handguns were sold in Turkey in 2011, the number of handguns sold last year rose to 30,207. The price of handguns ranges between TL 570 and TL 12,000. Of the 30,207 handguns, 21,464 were made in Turkey. A total of TL 57.8 million of revenue... (

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United States,Canada

19 April 2013

Toronto Star (Ontario)

Chantelle Batte didn't know she had successfully smuggled a small arsenal of guns, including a machine gun with a silencer, into Canada until police showed up at her door and arrested her days later. Batte, a single mom from Sarnia, is just one of the many people used to mule guns across the border each year. An ongoing Star investigation reveals that border officers seize few of the guns destined for the criminal market in Toronto and across Ontario. Today, we look... (

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30 January 2013

Deutsche Welle

Critics says the government's report on arms exports lacks transparency: exporting companies are not named, and government sales are merely summarized. Yet the government claims it's in-depth and detailed. How is it that time and again military equipment "made in Germany" shows up in war zones, despite German government claims that it handles its weapon exports "restrictively" and that it maintains a broad ban on exports to countries with questionable track records for... (

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Papua New Guinea

25 January 2013

Business Spectator / Australian Associated Press

Papua New Guinea's parliamentary speaker has denied reports the acting clerk has bought $A250,000 of machine guns for parliamentary security. The Post-Courier on Friday carried a front-page story citing a letter by acting clerk Simon Ila to police officials advising of the purchase despite the objections of police commissioner Tom Kulunga. PNG's parliamentary speaker, whose office denied knowledge of the purchase on Thursday night according to the paper, cancelled a... (

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United States

18 December 2012

New York Times

Sitting in their offices high above Park Avenue late on Monday, the private equity executives who own the country's largest gun company received a phone call from one of their most influential investors. An official at the California teachers' pension fund, which has $750 million invested with the private equity firm, Cerberus Capital Management, was on the line, raising questions about the firm's ownership of the Freedom Group, the gun maker that made the rifle used... (

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24 September 2012

Hindustan Times (Delhi)

GUWAHATI - If the brand craze rules the average Indian, can the insurgent be far behind? The old guard might have settled for cheap Chinese copies of Kalashnikovs, but the new age rebel prefers to flaunt Glocks, Berettas and Heckler and Kochs. And to fund the jazzy arsenal, the extortion rate has gone up by nearly 30%. Officials engaged in counterinsurgency say in Meghalaya, the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) is replacing its Kalashnikovs with the Germanmade... (

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Hong Kong,Italy,Germany,Israel,Austria,Bulgaria,Russia,India

20 May 2012

Times of India

NEW DELHI - AK-47s continue to be the preferred assault weapon for the country's paramilitary forces deployed to neutralise terrorists and Maoists at the frontiers and in the hinterland. Over 29,000 pieces of this Russian-origin rifle were imported by forces like CRPF, BSF and NSG over the last three years, leaving behind, by a large margin, other sophisticated assault weapons procured from the US and Israel. The inventory of the assault weapons procured for security... (

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10 November 2011

Associated Press

BERLIN — Some 300 police officers searched the headquarters of Heckler & Koch Thursday amid allegations the German arms maker bribed Mexican officials to boost its sales, prosecutors said. The firm is under investigation on suspicion that it "bribed officials in Mexico using cash payments for several years" in connection with arms deliveries between 2005 and 2010, Stuttgart prosecution spokeswoman Claudia Krauth said. A spokeswoman for Heckler & Koch GmbH confirmed... (

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United States

17 October 2011


LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles police officials searched on Monday for a stolen cache of submachine guns and semi-automatic handguns that disappeared from a SWAT training facility, and said they were embarrassed by the loss. More than 30 Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns and M1911 pistols that had been stored at the training facility were stolen, Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman Karen Rayner said. The weapons had been altered to fire blanks, and it would be... (

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19 September 2011

Le Matin (Lausanne)

[Translated summary: A teenager accidentally shot dead his friend with his father's handgun. The father, who is an experienced police officer, did not store his handgun in a secured cabinet. According to Thurgovia law, police officers do not have to comply with the Federal Law on Firearms in terms of safe storage of guns kept at home.] Trois écoliers thurgoviens jouaient avec le pistolet de service du père de l'un d'eux, un policier. Celui-ci a été mis sous... (

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United States

25 May 2011

San Francisco Chronicle / AP

WASHINGTON - For nearly a decade, Colt Defense went without a lobbyist. The legendary gun maker based in West Hartford, Conn., had an exclusive deal to provide combat rifles to the U.S. military and didn't need a hired gun looking out for the company's interests in Washington. Times have changed. After buying more than 700,000 Colt M4 carbines, the Defense Department has started a search for the rifle's successor, giving Colt's competitors the long-awaited chance to... (

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22 April 2011

Sydney Morning Herald

The Beiruti arms dealer Abu Jihad is more than an hour late to our pre-arranged meeting. "I'm very sorry for the delay," says the balding father of four when he finally appears. "On the way here I made an unexpected sale. Two M16s." Wearing green camouflage pants and a black parka, Abu Jihad sits down and reaches for the Smith & Wesson revolver strapped to his ankle. "I normally carry three weapons," he says, emptying the revolver of its bullets and spinning the... (

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21 April 2011

Deutsche Welle

At the end of February, a shaky video appeared on Youtube showing Moammar Gadhafi's son Saif al-Islam addressing a raucous crowd in Tripoli. Struggling to keep the regime supporters quiet long enough to speak, Saif promises that weapons will be handed out to fight the opposition forces. As if to show what kind of weapons he means, Saif waves a large machine gun. This gun has been identified as a Heckler and Koch G36, manufactured in Germany. It's the standard weapon of... (

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United States,Mexico,Romania

3 February 2011

Center for Public Integrity (Washington DC)

Camron Scott Galloway, 21, walked into X Caliber Guns in Phoenix, Ariz., on Jan. 30, 2008, and filled out forms for the purchase of six AK-47 rifles. Reliable and powerful, and a bargain at about $500 each, the Romanian-made gun, a semiautomatic version of the iconic Kalashnikov assault weapon, had become popular with the drug cartels in Mexico. Galloway, who eventually pleaded guilty to a forgery charge and became a cooperating prosecution witness in a broader case,... (

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13 January 2011

Canadian Business / AP

BERLIN - Germany's government has banned weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch GmbH from any new arms deliveries to Mexico amid concerns they are ending in parts of the country where Berlin has forbidden weapons exports over human rights issues, according to a letter obtained Thursday by The Associated Press. The letter from the Economy Ministry to the arms manufacturer, dated Jan. 4, says the company's applications for exports of "weapons and other defense goods" to... (

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3 January 2011

Deutsche Welle

Police recently searched the offices of German arms company Heckler & Koch in connection with allegedly illegal weapon exports to Mexico used in the drugs war. One manager involved in the deal has already resigned. The scandal currently embroiling Germany's biggest small arms manufacturer is becoming more and more difficult to contain. Heckler & Koch (H&K) stands accused of illegally exporting handguns and automatic rifles to embargoed regions of Mexico in the grip of... (

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22 December 2010

SIFY News (India)

STUTTGART, Germany - German police searched the offices of Heckler and Koch, a German manufacturer of premium firearms, Tuesday over suspicions that its exports of rifles to Mexico may break German arms-export laws, prosecutors in Stuttgart said. German law forbids unlicensed exports to zones of conflict. A spokeswoman said Heckler and Koch, which supplies armies, police forces and hunters worldwide with high-powered rifles and small arms, was suspected of breaching... (

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United States

12 December 2010

Chicago Tribune

The delight that North Sider Ray Diaz felt in early September driving home with his newly purchased Heckler & Koch .45-caliber handgun, the first of his life, was tempered by frustration with the hoops he felt he had to jump through to get his city-issued firearms permit. Diaz, who wanted a gun for home protection and target shooting, said he spent months trudging through the process to get his permit. After applying for a state firearm owner's identification card in... (

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United States

17 March 2010

Nashville Scene (Tennessee)

The loud pop of a semi-automatic rifle shatters the quiet of a still winter day. The sun is shining through the motionless branches of bare trees in a large wooded area, reflecting off the sunglasses of a slender, dark-haired German. He takes aim once more, then fires. Just a few yards away, a slightly round, white-haired man lifts his weapon to his shoulder and eyes the target in his scope. This man, however, could have come from a Central Casting file marked "Hasidic... (

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9 March 2010

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

Victoria Police has denied the winner of its tender for new semi-automatic pistols is settled. There have been murmurings in the firearms industry that the criteria for tenders made US giant Smith & Wesson the only winning chance to replace the existing .38 revolver. At least one manufacturer has approached force command to complain that stipulations played into the hands of Smith & Wesson, to the exclusion of other bidders. Smith & Wesson's rivals say those... (

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New Zealand

3 March 2010

New Zealand Herald

A High Court decision has set back efforts by police to impose greater controls on a wider range of firearms. The court has ruled against a move by police to reclassify many "sporting configuration" firearms as military-style semi-automatics (MSSAs). Police spent $60,000 advertising the changes. Owners would have had to undergo more stringent vetting, register each affected weapon and have a more expensive gun safe. But a High Court judgment released this week has... (

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United States

8 January 2010

Forbes (USA), Blog

LAS VEGAS -- Mining. Cattle-ranching. Machine gun rentals. If you're a Berkeley-bred crunchie that combination is the stuff of nightmares. If you're entrepreneur Billy Conn, however, it's a living. And, thanks to a weak dollar and ever-tightening firearms laws, business at the machine gun range is good. Conn will only say that the privately-held Las Vegas Gun Range & Firearms Center is a "multi-million" dollar business. However tough firearms laws, a weak dollar, and... (

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United States

29 December 2009

Miami News Times

Michael Beasley hobbled up the stairs leading to his second-floor apartment near the southern tip of Miami Beach. On the way home from Haulover Park, the 60-year-old Jacksonville native had purchased a couple of burgers for himself and his beloved green Amazon parrot, Seaweed. Then something startled Beasley. His front door had been pried open. Normally, Seaweed would squawk the greeting, "Hey, how ya doing?" But this time there was silence. Beasley, who walks with a... (

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United States

14 December 2009

Montgomery County Police News (Texas)

60 more guns are in the hands of criminals after an early morning burglary at Shooters Station off of SH 105 West. Owner Danny Benois said 12 shotguns were taken and the rest were handguns. Montgomery County Sheriff's patrol units responded to an alarm call at that location around 4:40 this morning. When they arrived, the thieves had already made forced entry, took their loot and fled. Benois said the building has no windows and only a front and back door, which... (

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United States

3 December 2009

Defense News (USA)

The U.S. Marine Corps has selected the infantry automatic rifle made by Heckler & Koch as the weapon that will likely replace many M249 Squad Automatic Weapons in the rifle squad, and could begin fielding the IAR by next summer, a senior service official said. The H&K IAR beat out three other models in the competition, which was launched in 2006 and narrowed to four finalists made by three companies in December 2008, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jeffrey Eby, the Corps'... (

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United States

26 October 2009

Tri-County Times (Michigan)

FENTON TOWNSHIP — The Genesee County Sheriff's Department recovered several firearms on Sunday, some of which were stolen from a Fenton Township home on Monday, Oct. 19. Sheriff Robert Pickell, said a home in the 4100 block of McFarlan Drive, off Rolston Road, was burglarized sometime before 5:46 p.m. on Oct. 19. The suspects broke into the attached garage and entered the inside of the home through an unlocked door, said Pickell. Once inside the home, the suspects... (

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22 October 2009

Tri-City News (British Columbia)

The former owner of a Port Coquitlam gun store received two years' probation and a 10-year firearm ban for illegally possessing a prohibited weapon without a licence. Several other charges against Shahriar Tavazoie and his common-law wife Maryam Behagh were stayed by the Crown. Tavazoie and Behagh, who operated Sureshot Hunting and Tactical on Prairie Avenue in PoCo, were arrested in February and initially charged with importing firearms knowing it is unauthorized... (

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United Kingdom

22 October 2009

Telegraph (UK)

A hand-picked team from CO19, the Metropolitan Police's elite firearms unit, will walk the beat in gun crime hotspots where armed gangs have turned entire estates into "no go" zones. Local politicians and anti-gun campaigners have reacted with anger at the news that the officers will carry Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns — capable of firing up to 800 rounds-per-minute — and Glock semi-automatic pistols. CO19 currently provides armed support in volatile... (

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United Kingdom

23 September 2009

BBC News

A student found with 200 weapon parts in his East Lothian home has been jailed for almost four years. Ramsay Scott, 21, bought £20,000 worth of gun components on the internet using his mother's credit card. The High Court in Edinburgh heard how the former public schoolboy was interested in extreme violence and had trawled websites linked to massacres. Scott, who was sentenced to three years and nine months in jail, earlier admitted breaches of the Firearms Act.... (

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27 August 2009

Courier-Mail (Brisbane) / AAP

Police raids on outlaw motorcycle gangs uncovered an arsenal of weapons, including semi-automatic AK-47s, handguns, silencers, detonators and ammunition. The discovery of the weapons cache, allegedly belonging to the Odins Warriors organisation, comes as the State Government tightens laws to crack down on the gangs, vowing to destroy them by tearing down clubhouses and banning members from socialising if there was evidence of illegal behaviour. The new regulations... (

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27 August 2009

Sydney Morning Herald / AAP

Police raids and an undercover operation have netted more than 100 illegal firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition in a crackdown on an alleged Wollongong-based gun trafficking network. Three men — Michael Zarakas of Fairy Meadow, Aristos Dionys of Mangerton and Andrew Kafizas of Wollongong — face a total of 110 firearm trafficking charges between them. The trio appeared before Magistrate Paul Johnson at Wollongong Local Court on Thursday but did not apply... (

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13 August 2009

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

Victoria Police has been warned its $18 million tender process to re-arm officers with semi-automatic guns is flawed and may endanger members. German gun giant Heckler & Koch alleges the process is rigged by police officials to give Smith & Wesson's cheaper alternative an advantage in the battle to provide more than 10,000 guns. It comes just weeks after the Office of Police Integrity accused Victoria Police of neglecting weapons training. In a letter to Police... (

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8 July 2009

New Straits Times (Malaysia)

IPOH — Some of the firearms recovered by police near the North-South Expressway in Bercham have never been used, said Perak police chief Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah. To date, police believe that the cache of weapons and ammunition had not been used in any crime, he said after the monthly assembly at the state police contingent headquarters yesterday. On May 24, workers of a cement factory found two bags in the bushes near the factory, containing six submachine guns,... (

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United States

6 July 2009

Army Times (USA)

As of July 1, the Army has taken control of the design rights to the M4 carbine from its sole maker, Colt Defense LLC. Translation: With an uncertain budget looming, the service is free to give other gun companies a crack at a carbine contract. The transition of ownership of the M4 technical data package marks the end of an era and Colt's exclusive status as the only manufacturer of the M4 for the U.S. military for the past 15 years. In late November, Army senior... (

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United Kingdom

5 July 2009

Sunday Express (UK)

Three proud centuries of tradition have come to an end with the revelation that Britain is no longer capable of making rifles to arm its own troops. Instead, experts believe, all European armies will one day be using the same type of weapons. The news, branded a national disgrace by one critic, comes after a warning that Britain is in danger of overspending on defence. The nation has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of small arms from the Brown... (

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3 July 2009

SW Radio Africa (London), Transcript

Violet Gonda: My guest on the programme Hot Seat is Michael Peter Hitschmann who was released from jail on Thursday. The former police constable was initially arrested for allegedly plotting to assassinate President Robert Mugabe at his birthday celebration in Manicaland in 2006. He served a total of 40 months for possessing dangerous firearms without a licence. I spoke with the firearms dealer on the day he was released and first asked him how he was feeling. Michael... (

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7 June 2009

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

A global "gun fight" is expected to break out over the lucrative Victoria Police . Police will go to tender on Tuesday and international arms makers from across the globe could be in the running. The contract's specified requirement is that the semi-automatic pistol has a .40 calibre. Austrian company Glock, Belgian gunsmiths Browning and US company Colt all make a semiautomatic pistol with that size bore. James Bond's favourite arms manufacturers, Beretta, from... (

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27 May 2009

New Straits Times (Malaysia)

KUALA LUMPUR — A cache of weapons and ammunition found in Bercham, Perak, on Sunday night could be linked to the chaotic political situation in the state, police say. This is one of the possibilities police are probing, besides the possibility of the cache being used for criminal or militant activities. What is certain, though, is that the weapons and ammunition were brought in from a neighbouring country. Checks revealed that the cache was not from the armoury of... (

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30 March 2009

IBN / United News of India India / UNI

KATHMANDU — The ex-crown prince Paras has said late prince Dipendra had killed his family for a multi-million dollar arms deal and love, local media reports said here today. "Nepal Army was looking for a new weapon to replace the Belgian SLR. Dipendra liked the German Heckler & Koch G36 assault rifle, as opposed to the battle-tested Colt M16," Kantipur quoted ex-prince Paras as saying in an interview to The New Paper Sunday. The ex-prince has been living in... (

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United Kingdom,Northern Ireland

30 March 2009

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

BELFAST — Police in parts of Northern Ireland have begun wearing flak jackets and carrying rifles for the first time in years following three high-profile killings. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has returned to arming some of its officers after the fatal shootings of two British soldiers and a police officer within 48 hours of each other in early March. "Regional commanders will decide where it is appropriate to advise patrols to carry Heckler and... (

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United Kingdom,Scotland

13 March 2009

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

A student who was caught with an arsenal of illegal weapons planned to kill himself if he failed his exams, a court heard yesterday. Ramsay Scott, 20, originally claimed his interest in the firearms was in the mechanical challenge of assembling them from scratch. However, he confessed to the suicide plan during interviews for sentencing background reports, and a judge said he now wanted a full risk assessment on Scott. Lord Uist had been told at the High Court in... (

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United Kingdom,Scotland

8 March 2009

News of the World (UK)

This week the News of the World was granted exclusive access to Strathclyde Police's elite armed response unit. Scottish Crime Reporter Graham McKendry went behind the scenes at their training facility — and was put through his paces in a virtual armed raid … Armed with a Heckler & Koch machine gun, I wait for the signal to go. A violent criminal, believed to be carrying a weapon, has been spotted in a shopping mall. According to intelligence reports, he has... (

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United States

26 February 2009

Times-Standard (California)

Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Ray Gundersen was held to stand trial Wednesday on a single charge of felony grand theft, but just barely. Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Bruce Watson seemed to waver Wednesday, before ruling there was sufficient evidence to hold Gundersen to stand trial on the charge, which alleges that he took firearms from Trinidad Police Department evidence and used them to trade for a submachine gun and a silencer — weapons Gundersen... (

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United States

1 February 2009

Defense Technology International, Vol. 3, No. 2

Ask people about how the M4 carbine — the weapon of choice for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps — stacks up against other weapons and you'll get different answers. U.S. Army program managers will say that the M4, despite problems identified by critics, is a great weapon. Those outside the service speak more freely and are more critical. In an April 2007 letter to then-Army Secretary Preston M. Geren, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) questioned the "long-standing... (

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United States

28 January 2009

Florida Trend

MIAMI — It was a tough day for Victor Bean. Typically, a weekend in September would find 3,300 people at his Victor Bean Southern Classic Gun and Knife Show in Miami. But the threat of a hurricane had people in line at Home Depot and Publix, making for a very slow day for Bean, a friendly 49 year old. "When things are slow, we joke, 'Where's Bill Clinton when you need him?' " Many a true word spoken in jest. Two months later, Barack Obama won the presidency, and... (

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United States

27 January 2009

Daily Sound (California)

Weapons currently carried by members of the Santa Barbara Police Department's SWAT team may soon pop up in Hollywood action films. If the move is approved by the City Council tomorrow, the department will trade out its set of old weapons for new equipment through Cinema Weaponry, a firearms dealer out of Glendale, Calif., that converts weapons for use as props in movies. Police officials began searching for an arms dealer willing to trade after current equipment began... (

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United States

21 January 2009

Oak Ridger (Tennessee)

OAK RIDGE, Tennessee — Oak Ridge police are investigating where an assault rifle with a loaded clip may have come from, after a Wal-Mart employee found it outside the store, among the shopping carts. Deputy Police Chief Alan Massengill said law enforcement personnel searched the area around the store for a young black teenager who may have been associated with the gun — but didn't locate him. Massengill said a "loss prevention employee" called the Police... (

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20 January 2009

Indo-Asian News Service

GUWAHATI — Vintage World War I era firearms like the .303 rifles are no match to the new face of terror — heavily armed with sophisticated weapons and gadgets, said top Indian police officials here advocating the need for replacing them with sophisticated weapons like the Israeli Uzi and the German MP5 submachine guns. "We are still using the .303 rifles which are accurate and good in the field, but not in a combat situation while fighting terrorism in cities. The... (

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United Kingdom

20 December 2008

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

Police found a mini-arsenal of illegal weapons in a raid at the home of a student who had become obsessed with firearms. Ramsay Scott, 20, a former pupil of Edinburgh's Merchiston Castle School who had shot competitively for Scotland, used his mother's credit card to order components of prohibited guns on the internet. He turned his bedroom in the family home in Longniddry, East Lothian, into an assembly plant, but denied there was anything sinister about it, even... (

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United Kingdom

10 December 2008

Telegraph (UK)

Catherine Roots had been expecting a horse harness in the post, instead she opened her package to find a Heckler & Koch black submachine gun. The package was delivered by a courier to Mrs Roots when it should have been sent to firearms officers at the nearby police headquarters. She called the station and two armed officers turned up and took it away. Police later explained a gun supply company made a mistake with the postcode when they sent it to Dorset Police in... (

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9 December 2008

Die Tageszeitung (Berlin)

[Translated summary: Germany has doubled its exports of assault rifles, many to countries in conflict, according to a combined Church report critical of lax government export controls.] Der deutsche Rüstungsexport ist im vergangenen Jahr erneut stark angewachsen. Die Ausfuhrgenehmigungen durch die Bundesregierung beliefen sich 2007 auf 8,7 Milliarden Euro, das sind eine Milliarde Euro oder 13 Prozent mehr als im Jahr 2006. Diese Zahlen hat die Gemeinsame Konferenz... (

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8 December 2008

Sueddeutsche (Munich)

[Translated summary: Germany is the third largest exporter of armaments in the world — and it is almost unnoticed that the export of small and light arms has increased. The churches are alarmed.] Die Bilder zeigen eine georgische Spezialeinheit in Südossetien — bewaffnet mit dem Sturmgewehr G36 des deutschen Rüstungskonzerns Heckler & Koch. Wie die Waffen, die eigentlich nur in Nato-Staaten verkauft werden dürfen, in den Kaukasus kommen, ist bislang unklar. Für... (

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United States,Mexico

6 December 2008

San Antonio Express-News (Texas)

The young Mexican national looked over the table at a San Antonio taquería and nonchalantly described the firepower that passed through his hands as if he were describing the trowel he now uses to lay bricks. Heckler & Koch MP5s. Colt AR-15s. M16s. Berettas. Barrett sniper rifles. "To kill people, hurt people, we use them as a tool for kidnap and for escort drugs," the former Mexican drug cartel foot soldier, who previously served in the Mexican army, said in... (

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United States

10 November 2008

Irish Times

CHANTILLY, Virginia — Earl Curtis's staff in the Blue Ridge Arsenal gunshop hurried to and fro on a Saturday afternoon coping with the rush of customers that has emerged in recent weeks since people realised that Barack Obama was heading to the White House. "The rush started about three weeks ago, and it hasn't stopped," Curtis tells The Irish Times . "People are afraid that we are about to go back to the days of the Clintons, except that it will be worse." The same... (

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3 November 2008

Age (Melbourne)

The plan to re-arm police with semi-automatic guns is behind schedule as senior officers admit they will not meet the initial target of completing the weapons upgrade by the end of the year. Although the State Government has committed $10 million for the new weapons, the falling Australian dollar means that costs have blown-out by at least 30%. When Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon announced the firearm upgrade in June, she said it would be conducted over a... (

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17 August 2008

Deutsche Presse-Agentur

Georgian elite forces fighting Russia in the breakaway region of South Ossetia were illegally armed with German assault rifles in a blatant violation of Germany's arms export laws, according to a TV report. The report by German public broadcaster ARD, which was to be aired late on Sunday, claims that Georgian elite forces in the rebel province of South Ossetia were supplied with German weapons manufactured by arms company Heckler & Koch based in the south-western... (

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4 July 2008

GMA News TV (Manila)

MANILA, Philippines — The Sandiganbayan on Wednesday ordered the arrest of a former commandant of the Philippine Marines and seven other co-accused over the loss of 72 units of Heckler and Koch MP5 sub-machine guns in 2000. Sandiganbayan's Fifth Division ordered arrested retired Brigadier General Percival Subala and seven other people — including military and police officials, and civilian respondents — who were charged with illegal disposition of firearms based... (

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United States

22 June 2008

News & Observer (North Carolina)

The private military company Blackwater has found an unusual way to skirt federal laws that prohibit private parties from buying automatic weapons. Blackwater bought 17 Romanian AK-47s and 17 Bushmasters, gave ownership of the guns to the Camden County sheriff and keeps most of the guns at Blackwater's armory in Moyock. Tiny Camden County — population 9,271 — is one of the most peaceful in North Carolina. In the last 10 years, there have been two murders, three... (

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United States,Canada

20 June 2008

Franklin Park Herald-Journal (Illinois)

A former Franklin Park gun shop owner was charged Thursday with violating the federal Arms Export Control Act, allegedly for exporting 220 firearms to Canada. Agents from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms took Ugur Yildiz into custody without incident near his home in Park Ridge, said federal law enforcement agents in a press release. He is in federal custody pending a detention hearing Monday. Yildiz... (

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United States

20 April 2008

Associated Press

One of the biggest differences between Colt's M4 carbine and its competitors is the way the bullets are fed through the rifles. The HK416, XM8 and SCAR use a gas piston system to cycle the bullets automatically. The M4 uses "gas impingement," a method that uses a tube to push hot gas through key parts of the gun. This leaves residue behind, detractors say, and makes the M4 more prone to jamming. But Army officials and Colt executives say they've received no significant... (

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United States

20 April 2008

Associated Press

HARTFORD, Connecticut — When the dust finally settled, Army officials sought to put the best face on a sandstorm test that humbled Colt Defense's vaunted M4 carbine. The tests were conducted at an Army laboratory in Maryland last fall. Ten M4s and 10 copies each of three other carbines — the SCAR from Belgium's FN Herstal, and the HK416 and the XM8 from Germany's Heckler & Koch — were coated in heavy layers of talcum-fine dust to simulate a sandstorm. Tens of... (

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United States

20 April 2008

Associated Press

HARTFORD, Connecticut — No weapon is more important to tens of thousands of U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan than the carbine rifle. And for well over a decade, the military has relied on one company, Colt Defense of Hartford, Conn., to make the M4s they trust with their lives. Now, as Congress considers spending millions more on the guns, this exclusive arrangement is being criticized as a bad deal for American forces as well as taxpayers, according to interviews... (

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15 April 2008

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

Guns that can be easily modified to become lethal semi-automatics will be banned under laws to go before State Parliament today. Ministers believe some military-style weapons are being "detuned" abroad to beat import laws — then converted back on arrival here. Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon will get the power to declare such guns as category D and E, for use by the military and police only. The State Government fears guns are being tailored to be rated... (

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United States

2 April 2008

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia) / McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — The pilot of a US Airways flight headed to Charlotte was putting a lock on his gun when it discharged in the cockpit, a congressman who was briefed by federal security officials said Wednesday. Rep. John Mica of Florida, the ranking Republican on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, said he remained convinced after a briefing from the Transportation Security Administration that the March 22 midair discharge of the weapon was a one-time... (

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United States

28 March 2008

Arizona Republic, Editorial

On many airline flights, the pilots' checklist for preparing to land includes the stowing of a gun carried by one of the pilots. On Saturday, as a US Airways jetliner approached Charlotte, N.C., something went awry and a gun was accidentally discharged in the cockpit of Flight 1536. The incident has put the unidentified pilot, Tempe-based US Airways and the government's Federal Flight Deck Officer program that authorizes pilots to carry guns under scrutiny. For now,... (

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United States

27 March 2008

Bloomberg (USA)

Oklahoma lawmakers have a plan to prevent violent outbreaks at colleges: let students carry guns. The state's House of Representatives voted March 13 to allow students and employees who have law-enforcement or military backgrounds, or who undergo training, to carry concealed weapons on public campuses. If the measure is enacted, Oklahoma will be the fourth state where collegians can be armed legally, as a result of legislative, court or administrative action in the... (

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27 March 2008

Manila Standard Today

A retired Marine commandant and seven other people were charged before the anti-graft court yesterday over the unexplained disappearance of 77 sub-machine guns in June 2000. The Ombudsman charged retired Brig. Gen. Percival Subala, now deputy administrator for port operations at the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority; Col. Cesar de la Peña, former Marines chief-of-staff; Navy Capt. Teodoro Briones; SPO4 Richard Zules; and private individuals Edelbert Uybuco, Gerardo... (

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United States

26 March 2008

Associated Press

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — A US Airways pilot whose gun fired inside a cockpit said he was trying to stow the weapon as the crew got ready to land, according to a police report released Wednesday. The pilot didn't tell air traffic control about the shooting or say the bullet had punctured the cockpit until after the plane landed safely at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport on Saturday, the report said. Photos obtained by The Associated Press show a small exit... (

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United States

26 March 2008

Seattle Times / AP

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — The pilot of a US Airways plane may have been mishandling a firearm when it went off in flight, piercing the cockpit wall before the jet landed safely, a federal air marshal said Tuesday. Airline officials said the accidental discharge did not endanger the 124 passengers and five crew members on the Airbus A319 over the weekend. But air-safety experts said the hole could have caused the plane to rapidly depressurize had it been in a window... (

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10 March 2008

Guardian (Lagos), Opinion

On New Year's Day 2008, 18 people died in a shooting scene in the Nigerian city of Port Harcourt, amongst them civilians who were caught up in the crossfire. Just like in Kenya — where massacres were raging at the same time — there was a German weapon at the centre of the violence: according to Nigerian press reports, the police confiscated one Heckler & Koch (H&K) G3 assault rifle from the attackers. However, German media only reported about this incident in the... (

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Germany,United States,Iraq,Afghanistan

19 February 2008

Deutsche Welle (Germany)

Weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch said it would end its relationship with Blackwater after German media reported that the controversial US-run military firm was using its guns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Blackwater, a private security company which has been contracted to protect high-profile US officials and foreign dignitaries in Iraq, had been using Heckler & Koch machine guns in both Iraq and Afghanistan, German broadcaster ARD's "Report Mainz" program reported... (

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1 February 2008

African Executive (Nairobi)

Hundreds of people have been killed during the recent post-election unrest in Kenya, many of them from bullet wounds. The UN-news-agency IRIN reported that in Kisumu alone, 44 people were shot dead, some of them apparently in the back on escaping. Many pictures from the fighting scenes carry the G3 assault-rifle of Heckler & Koch (H&K), the standard weapon of the Kenyan army and police for more than thirty years. According to the well-informed Jane's Intelligence, those... (

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Singapore,United States,Germany

20 January 2008

Electric New Paper (Singapore)

It's no joke to say that the arms race between gun manufacturers is deadly serious. After all, a successful deal could translate into millions of dollars, especially when the weapon for an entire army force is replaced. This is where the Heckler & Koch 416 comes in. Talk is rife that this state-of-the-art assault rifle is touted as the possible weapon that may replace the ubiquitous M16 rifle — some 8 million have been produced and used by many armed forces around... (

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5 January 2008

Times (UK)

BEIRUT — Wearing tatty green Israeli army webbing over his black leather jacket, Walid shoulders an M16 rifle and squints down the barrel. "How much is this one?" he asks. "It's worth $1,200," replies Abu Rida, a tough, barrel-chested arms dealer. Arrayed on a bed in Abu Rida's home in southern Beirut were more weapons for sale — an automatic pistol, two AK47 rifles and a Heckler & Koch G3 rifle, altogether worth about $3,000 (£1,500), more than double the price... (

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United Kingdom,Iran,Kuwait

26 November 2007

Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (UK Govt), Web Page

Arms dealer John Knight was jailed for four years on Friday 23 November 2007 after pleading guilty to the illegal sale of 130 MPT 9 machine guns in the Middle East. In a hearing at Blackfriars Crown Court in September 2007, Mr Knight admitted illegally moving the weapons contrary to Article 9(2) of The Trade in Goods (Control) Order 2003. Mr Knight was also made subject to a confiscation order of £53,389.51 to be paid within six months or face an 18 month prison... (

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Canada,United States

24 November 2007

Vancouver Sun (British Columbia)

PORT COQUITLAM — A 19-year-old man who allegedly ordered three fully automatic weapons from a U.S. firearms dealer over the Internet was arrested Friday as he waited for his shipment to arrive. Octavian Emilian Olaru, 19, of Port Coquitlam has been charged with importing a prohibited firearm. More charges are pending. He remained in custody and was to reappear in Surrey Provincial Court next week. Olaru, a Canadian citizen, was not previously known to police. Cpl.... (

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United Kingdom,United Nations

12 November 2007

BBC News

The global trade in small arms is big business — 1,250 companies in at least 92 countries produce weapons, parts or ammunition. But who are the big players? ARMALITE Makers of the M4 and M16 assault rifles, which are popular with the US armed forces and soldiers from many other nations. The design was quickly bought by Colt. Armalite weapons were also popular with the IRA, hence the republicans' long-time policy of the "Armalite and the ballot box", meaning... (

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United States

21 October 2007

Daily Camera (Boulder)

Whether tucked inside waistbands, slipped in jacket pockets or holstered around ankles, chances are most handguns being carried around Boulder County go unnoticed. "You wouldn't know I'm carrying," said 46-year-old Longmont resident Rod Brandenburg, who occasionally packs a fully loaded .45-caliber Heckler & Koch pistol. Brandenburg owns Grandpa's Pawn & Gun on Longmont's Main Street — the fourth-highest-volume gun dealer in Colorado — and is among the 1,462... (

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United States

20 October 2007

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia)

Randy Powell has a .50-caliber machine gun he would like to sell you — but he can't afford to. The monster, sitting in a cage in back of his gun store and shooting range in Lawrenceville, can cut down a tree — and could easily fetch $30,000 in a perfectly legal sale. But for Powell, the sale would be the equivalent of hawking a Picasso or vintage wine. The gun increases in value exponentially each year. "I bought that gun for $10,000 about 10 years ago," he said.... (

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United States

16 October 2007

Army Times (USA)

Once postponed until December, the Army dust chamber test, designed to test the M4 carbine's performance against a handful of other carbines, should now be finished by Thanksgiving. Testers at the Army Test and Evaluation Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., began testing the M4 against the Heckler & Koch 416, the H&K XM8 and FNH USA's Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle on Sept. 24, said Army Col. Carl Lipsit, project manager for Soldier Weapons. The... (

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United Kingdom,Scotland

30 June 2007

Sunday Mail (Scotland)

With his black body armour and bearing a deadly assault rifle and handgun, this menacing officer looks better suited to the set of Judge Dredd than patrolling Scots streets. But this armed and dangerous supercop is one of hundreds of new Bobbies on the beat cracking down on our spiralling gun crime rates. The officers are equipped with superstrength Kevlar body armour and helmets and carry Heckler & Koch 53 Carbine assault rifles and Glock 17 handguns. They are... (

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United Kingdom

6 May 2007

Evening Standard (London)

The best friends of a man who gunned down hero police officer Richard Gray have told how he was on the verge of a nervous break down. Pest controller Pete Medlicott had started to hear voices in his head but was too terrified to let doctors know because he feared he would lose his gun license, pals said. Rob Hillman and Martin Lane, who have known Medlicott for the last 10 years, denied he was evil or a crazed gunman. They believe he had started to "crack-up" amid... (

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12 March 2007

Manila Standard

Eight police generals will leave for Japan today for a four-day meeting on gun control in Tokyo in the wake of the Japanese' growing concerns over rising gun smuggling cases in the Asia-Pacific region. The Philippine National Police and the Japan Police will also discuss initiatives on crime scene investigations and compare notes on new strategies, techniques and equipment in dealing with criminals. Those given authority to attend the Japan conference were the... (

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5 March 2007

Manila Standard

Some police officers appear to be conniving with gun dealers in smuggling guns to Taiwan and other countries in Asia, documents show. Investigators have recorded two cases of gun smuggling into Taiwan — one on Oct. 5, 2000, and another on July 13, 2006 — of 214 high-powered firearms from the Philippines. In both cases, police were able to track down five of 150 units of the British-made Heckler & Koch MP5A sub-machine guns, which were delivered to the National... (

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United States

21 February 2007

Defense News (USA)

Faced with troubles using the M4 rifle in combat, members of Delta Force worked with a gun maker to come up with a better weapon. The 416 is now considered in many circles to be the best carbine in the world — a weapon that combines the solid handling, accuracy and familiarity of the M4 with the famed dependability of the rugged AK47. But the Army is sticking with the M4 and M16 for regular forces. March 4, 2002. An RPG tore into the right engine of an MH-47 Chinook... (

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16 February 2007

Vancouver Sun

More than 2,300 firearms have been stolen from legal-gun owners in B.C. in the past eight years — including military-style assault rifles such as the AK-47, according to records obtained by CanWest News Service. And only 99 of those missing firearms have been recovered by police — meaning hundreds of weapons are still unaccounted for. Gun-registry data obtained by the Ottawa Citizen through the Access to Information Act show that 2,349 guns have been stolen and... (

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14 February 2007

Ottawa Citizen (Ontario), Series

The list reads like a SWAT team's inventory or a catalogue for a military museum: Uzis, AK-47s, vintage Tommy guns, German assault rifles and a compact submachine-gun capable of firing 900 rounds a minute. They are some of the most efficient combat firearms ever made and many of them are in the hands of Canadian criminals. More than 1,200 of these prohibited-class firearms have been reported stolen in the past six years and only a fraction of them have been... (

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13 February 2007

Ottawa Citizen (Ontario), Series

Dave Tomlinson belongs to one of the most exclusive clubs in the country. It hasn't accepted a new member since 1978 and is unlikely to do so again. If you don't already belong, owning the one thing you would need to join could get you arrested. Mr. Tomlinson, a firearms advocate and proud Uzi owner, is one of a shrinking group of Canadians permitted to keep fully automatic weapons — machine-guns, submachine-guns and other firearms that can shoot a stream of bullets... (

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12 February 2007

Ottawa Citizen (Ontario), Series

Its name alone evokes images of guerrilla resistance fighters or Iron Curtain military might. With its wooden pistol grip and distinctive banana-shaped magazine, the AK-47 is the world's most recognizable assault rifle. From the jungles of Africa to the streets of Baghdad, the low cost, deadliness and reliability of Mikhail Kalashnikov's rifle have made it a favourite of conventional armies and insurgents alike. Although the AK is prohibited in Canada, inexpensive... (

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United States

11 February 2007

Sun-Sentinel (Florida)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida — Five years after the Sept. 11 attacks, a growing number of U.S. airline pilots are armed, prepared to use lethal force to protect the cockpit. Soon, they will carry badges, bringing them even closer to being bona fide law enforcement officers. "Every cop has that metal badge to flash," said John Mazor, spokesman for the Air Line Pilots Assn. "It is a valid recognition signal between law enforcement officers." About 8,000 pilots carry... (

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United States

11 February 2007

Sunday Herald (Glasgow)

Richard Parker has a problem with his 50-calibre sniper's rifle, but firepower isn't it. Made by Hampshire-based company Accuracy International, the rifle's cigar-sized bullet reputedly slams into distant targets with more force than Dirty Harry's famous .44 Magnum at point-blank range. "With the right ammunition," muses Parker, an amiable 57-year-old marketing executive from Indiana, "you can take out a tank." Accuracy isn't the problem either: Parker can hit a... (

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United States

8 February 2007

Seattle Times

A federal grand jury has added another firearms-related felony charge against a Bellevue gun dealer once arrested as a material witness in the 2001 slaying of Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Wales. Albert Kwok-Leung Kwan was charged Wednesday with unlawful possession of a short-barreled rifle, which carries a potential prison term of up to 10 years. Kwan earlier had been charged with possession of a machine gun. Kwan has been scrutinized by the FBI and federal... (

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United States

23 December 2006

Olympian (Washington state)

SEATTLE — Federal prosecutors say they intend to bring another weapons charge against a Bellevue gun collector once arrested as a material witness in the 2001 slaying of Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Wales. Albert Kwan has been a person of interest in the killing because sales records indicate he purchased two Makarov gun barrels in the mid-1990s that were like the one used to kill Wales. Kwan has turned over one such barrel, but insists he does not remember... (

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New Zealand

22 December 2006

New Zealand Herald

It looks and sounds like a seriously high-powered firearm — the Saiga AK47 semi-automatic listed for sale on Trade Me. Hundreds of dollars have been bid for the Russian hunting rifle, described by local gunshops as a military-style rifle, which fires off five rounds at the squeeze of the trigger. The seller says the new owner will need just a standard firearms licence to secure the deal. The state of the country's privately held armoury is under the spotlight with... (

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New Zealand

21 December 2006

New Zealand Herald

Police have seized hundreds of military-style firearms in raids on gun dealers and collectors. They believe the powerful automatic and semi-automatic weapons were destined for gangs and other criminals. Fifty-five gun dealers and collectors were raided in Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch. More than 500 weapons were confiscated. Six people have been arrested on firearms charges and more arrests are expected.... (

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16 August 2006

RIA Novosti (Russia), Opinion

MOSCOW — News that Russia's Interior Ministry has decided to use some foreign small arms, including Glock, Walther, and Heckler & Koch pistols, has been unpleasant for Russian designers. "Why?" they say, "Our police generals are acting like boys. They have seen too many Hollywood thrillers and spend public money on foreign toys. Our pistols are in no way worse. Some of the foreign makes don't hold a candle to them." That is, of course, a bit much. But Russian-made... (

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5 July 2006

Sydney Morning Herald / AAP

DILI — East Timor's ruling Fretilin party has called for an immediate audit of arms looted from the police armoury, saying it fears many weapons are in the hands of police who deserted their posts. Stanislau da Silva, a senior member of Fretilin's central committee and the Minister for Agriculture, told the Herald the party was "very, very worried about the number of high-powered weapons" taken by police when the 3000-strong force disintegrated during the violence in... (

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United States

24 June 2006

Detroit News

A Monroe County deputy has joined an expanding — and embarrassed — law enforcement fraternity struggling to answer the question: Where's my gun? When the unnamed, eight-year deputy noticed that his submachine gun, $3,500 police radio, uniform and 20 rounds of ammunition had been swiped from his unlocked pickup truck on Thursday morning, he joined two other officers in just over a week whose powerful firearms were stolen or missing. Last week, a 9 mm Colt... (

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United States

23 June 2006

Toledo Blade (Ohio)

MONROE — A submachine gun and other police gear were stolen early yesterday from the parked vehicle of a sheriff's deputy, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. The theft occurred between midnight and 6 a.m. in the 100 block of Lavender Street, the sheriff's office said. The deputy whose gear was stolen had attended a training session Wednesday night. The items included a Heckler & Koch .40-caliber UMP submachine gun in a black nylon case, with one... (

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South Africa,China

16 June 2006

Mail & Guardian (Johannesburg)

A recently released report by Amnesty International (AI) says Norinco 9mm pistols, which are cheaply manufactured in China, are commonly used in cases of robbery, rape and other crimes in South Africa. The report notes that, despite South Africa's stringent Firearms Control Act of 2000, firearms are filtering into the underworld after being lost or stolen. Although the United Nations Comtrade database recorded the sale of only 10 079 pistols and revolvers in 1998, AI... (

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6 June 2006

Australian (Sydney)

Almost all the ammunition and more than half the firearms of East Timor's national police force are missing. Unaccounted for, according to a security analyst, are more than half the 3000 Glock 9mm pistols issued to the 3400-member police force (PNTL), whose authority has ceased to exist in Dili. More than half the PNTL's 400 Steyr assault rifles and Heckler & Koch HK-33 sub-machineguns, 160 of 200 FNC assault rifles and all F-2000 machine pistols issued to police... (

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Indonesia,United States

27 April 2006

Australian Financial Review

JAKARTA — A small group of mainly Indonesians flew to Hawaii earlier this month but they weren't planning to bring back the usual souvenirs. They went to Honolulu to buy 245 air-to-air Sidewinder missiles, 882 Heckler & Koch MP5 guns, 880 HK 9mm handguns, 16 HK sniper rifles, 5000 rounds of ammunition and an aviation radar system. But on April 9 their plans came unstuck. The group, including known arms dealers for the Indonesian military and two Indonesian Air Force... (

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United States

30 January 2006

Ledger-Enquirer (Georgia)

When German gunmaker Heckler & Koch showed up in Columbus more than two years ago, it had big plans for becoming one of the city's major local companies. On the drawing board was a 100,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, a $25 million capital investment and at least 200 high-paying jobs — maybe more. Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue even visited Columbus to attend a groundbreaking at Muscogee Technology Park, the industrial area off Macon Road where H&K was supposed to... (

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27 January 2006

La Repubblica (Italy)

[Translated summary: Licensed handgun owner Michelangelo Rizzi, who fired 13 shots at home intruders, killing one of them, has been charged with first degree murder. Under recently revised Italian law, the shooting could have been legal]. Tentativo di furto nella notte, in un'abitazione di Castelnuovo del Garda. "Cercavano di forzare una finestra, ho preso la pistola." Accusato di omicidio volontario, 13 i colpi sparati Ministro Castelli: "Si è difeso". Nuove norme... (

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27 December 2005

Kommersant (Russia)

Estonian army is retiring pistols of Makarov known as PM. The local ministry of defense signed an agreement with company Heckler&Koch about purchase on new 9mm pistols USP, which will replace Russian PMs. This information was reported by RIA Novosti, which quoted press-service of Estonian Defense Ministry. The replacement of light weapons is going according to "Program of development and structural changes of Armed Forces of Estonia before the year of 2010." New... (

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17 December 2005

Globe and Mail (Ontario)

MONTREAL — The man accused of killing a 25-year-old policewoman had not one, but two rifles stashed illegally in his bachelor apartment, police say. Despite being banned from having guns since 1999, François Pépin had managed to keep both weapons. Neither rifle, The Globe and Mail has learned, was among the weapons he was given an exemption to carry during hunting season. "We're trying to find out how he came into possession of these weapons," Sergeant François... (

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United States

13 December 2005

Hollister Free Lance (California)

HOLLISTER — A retired Monterey County Sheriff's deputy faces up to 19 years in prison if convicted of a felony firearm charge and will be the first person prosecuted under the district attorney's new zero-tolerance policy. Hilton Dyar, 64, of Seaside, was charged with felony assault with a firearm and misdemeanor exhibiting a firearm after allegedly pointing a loaded pistol at a female driver in a fit of road rage. Dyar won't have a chance to plea bargain his way to... (

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United States

28 November 2005

Denver Post (Colorado)

A Denver firefighter was arrested early Tuesday by federal agents and charged with selling illegal, fully automatic machine guns. Firefighter first-grade Stan T. Ford, 34, was arrested without incident at his home in southwest Denver by FBI agents at 4:45 a.m. He appeared Tuesday afternoon before a U.S. magistrate, who ordered him held in custody until a preliminary hearing Monday. Ford is charged with two counts of selling illegal machine guns to FBI informants, one... (

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United States

24 November 2005

New York Times

HIGHLAND LAKES, New Jersey — This past summer, members of a Manhattan law firm went on a field trip to Danbury, Conn., where they spent an entire day at a range without swinging bats or golf clubs. The members of Kobre & Kim LLP were there not to hit and hack, but to lock and load, and to experience the thrill of firing pistols, rifles and even submachine guns. While golf courses have long been the backdrop for many a company outing, some firms have discovered the... (

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United States

13 October 2005

Hampton Roads Daily Press (Virginia)

YORK, Virginia — When Chet Szymecki does anything — goes to the store, pumps gas at the local Wawa, mows his lawn — he wears his handgun on his hip. So last month, when the 38-year-old father of three decided to attend the York County School Board meeting to voice concerns about a cell phone tower proposed at Dare Elementary School, he called the Sheriff's Office to find out if he could take the gun with him. He could. So, he holstered his .45-caliber Heckler &... (

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United Kingdom

25 July 2005

Ottawa Citizen (Ontario)

LONDON — The most elite members of London's finest call it "the shot of excellence." It's a single gunshot through the mouth that snaps the spinal cord and instantly kills a suspected suicide bomber. And it is the essence of Scotland Yard's controversial shoot-to-kill policy, known as Operation Kratos, so-named for the Greek god of strength. The guidelines also call for up to four more shots — five in total and all to the head — to immediately immobilize a... (

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United Kingdom

22 July 2005

Associated Press

LONDON — Police shoot and kill a suspect on a London subway train, and officers with machine-guns guard Parliament. What happened to the traditional British bobby armed with little more than a whistle and truncheon? Heavily armed officers patrolled the British capital Friday with clear instructions to stop suicide bombers — if necessary, with a shot to the head. "If you are dealing with someone who might be a suicide bomber, if they remain conscious, they could... (

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7 July 2005

Australian (Sydney)

East Timor is Asia's poorest country. Its President, former guerilla fighter and national resistance hero Xanana Gusmao, says money is urgently needed to build hospitals, schools and stamp out endemic poverty. It raises questions about why the need for so many guns and who is paying for them. Since its founding in 2000, the national police force (PNTL) has obtained a wide variety of weaponry, including 2700 Glock 9mm pistols, for its ordinary police officers. Under... (

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United States

21 April 2005

Houston Press (Texas)

The Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun is the darling of the Navy SEALs and of special forces around the world. It fires up to 600 rounds a minute, attacking human flesh like it's hurling a chain saw. Regular citizens can't buy it because it's too dangerous. Eight-year-old Judah Matthews can't reach it atop a gun rack because he's too short. So his brother Micah hands it down. Judah wraps his small arms around the buttstock and flips the switch from safety to full auto.... (

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United States

31 March 2005

Canadian Press

EDMONTON — Alberta farmer James Roszko hadn't converted his assault rifle to fully automatic mode before slaying four Mounties in Mayerthorpe, Alta., last month, RCMP said Thursday. RCMP Cpl. Wayne Oakes said forensic tests have now determined that the rifle hadn't been converted to fire multiple rounds with one squeeze of the trigger. "There's been a lot of speculation," he said. "The bottom line is the only manner in which this firearm could be fired was in a... (

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23 March 2005

Australian (Sydney)

A machine gun has gone missing from a police storage shed in Far North Queensland. A Heckler and Koch MP5 9mm sub-machine gun, as well as a secure radio handset, went missing from the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) storage facility in Cairns late last week, police said. The weapon is capable of firing single shots or being used in fully automatic mode. Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said today he was confident the storage facility was secure and... (

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8 March 2005

Windsor Star (Ontario), Opinion

The shooting deaths of four RCMP officers in Mayerthorpe, Alberta is tragic, but has absolutely nothing to do with marijuana or marijuana grow-ops. And the rush by some police, politicians and media pundits to link the two detracts from an important debate this country is having about its marijuana laws. Jim Roszko, the troubled and unstable 46-year-old Albertan who lay in ambush and shot and killed four Mounties on his rural property last week, had 20 marijuana plants... (

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8 March 2005

National Post (Toronto), Opinion

OTTAWA — It's being raised around a lot of water coolers, but it's still too hot for the Commons. Talk of the four Mounties murdered by a deranged gunman raises obvious questions about the federal firearms registry's effectiveness as a law enforcement tripwire. Jim Roszko should be the registry's Exhibit A bad guy: The shabby violent sort who would be flagged early and often by any warning system. Instead, he seems set to become a poster boy for the folly of... (

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United Kingdom

3 March 2005

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

A £3 million order for a gun that can penetrate sophisticated body armour has been placed by the MoD police, it was announced yesterday. The force will be the first in the country to get the Heckler & Koch MP7 carbine after rigorous tests to find the most suitable weapon for its armed-guarding duties, a spokesman said. It will replace most of the three weapons now used by officers — the Browning pistol, the SA80 assault rifle and the Heckler & Koch MP5. It will... (

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United States

2 March 2005


Charlotte, North Carolina — Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are actively searching for a suspect who stole a fully automatic submachine gun from a gun show at the Metrolina Expo last weekend. The weapon is used by SWAT teams throughout the world. It was stolen from Altamont Tactical Outfitters' booth at the Metrolina Expo on Statesville Road Saturday. The weapon, a Heckler & Koch HKMP5/10 MM, is valued at $4,000. According to the Heckler & Koch Web site, "Firing from... (

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17 January 2005

Indian Express

SRINAGAR — Guns of all makes and sorts may be booming in militancy-hit Kashmir, but the Valley's traditional gun-making industry is struggling for survival. A ban on civilian licences since the rise of militancy in the early 1990s and the Centre's curb on production quotas — as a security measure — have crippled any hope of growth, say those who run the Zaroo and Subhana gun factories, the two remaining units here. The only hope, they say, is the J&K Government's... (

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United Nations,Russia

14 November 2004

Newsweek (22 Nov International edition)

If he had designed an athletic shoe, Lt. Gen. Mikhail Kalashnikov wouldn't have to be hustling so hard at his age. Kalashnikov's gift for guns made him a hero of the Soviet Union many times over, and his 85th birthday was feted by nostalgic Russians last week. But his legendary AK-47 is so sturdy that old models have created a permanent glut, contributing to a worldwide decline in the sale of new small arms. That, in turn, is forcing gun makers into new lines.... (

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20 October 2004

Actuel / RTBF TV (Belgium), Transcript

In spring 1998, the Government of Jordan ordered 100 P90 submachine guns (including 20 equipped with laser scopes) from FN Herstal in Belgium. Officially, they are meant to equip Jordanian Special Forces charged with assuring the close protection of the royal family. The 20 laser-equipped guns were delivered on 17 June 1998 and the 80 classical guns on 2 August; transport was assured by a Royal Jordanian airliner. It subsequently emerged that Jordan did not order the... (

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United Kingdom

30 April 2004

Press Association (UK)

Scotland Yard is to beef up its firearms unit and arm more police following a series of US-style gun attacks on officers. Senior officers are considering establishing a new team of 50 officers armed with MP5 Heckler and Koch rifles who will be used as a "strategic reserve". Instructions to Met staff say the group of officers would only be deployed "in extremis" on the authority of the force's Security Review Committee for the protection of unarmed officers, Police... (

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United Kingdom,Nigeria

14 March 2004

Sunday Mirror (UK)

AS the saga surrounding the capture of 67 terrorists at the Harare International Airport on Sunday evening dramatically unravels, a UK-based research institute has established that the British government is abetting the trafficking of small arms into conflict zones in Africa. The institute, Africa Strategy, says about 142 mercenary companies based in Britain — including Sandline International, which succeeded the notorious Executive Outcomes that employed some... (

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United Kingdom

20 January 2004

Yorkshire Post (UK)

Firearms officers in West Yorkshire have successfully lobbied for the right to carry handguns while on routine patrol. Firearms Support Unit members — about 110 officers in six teams — have been given authority to carry their Glock handguns in hip-mounted holsters, whether attending an incident or not. The new policy regarding handguns was brought in on December 22, just four days before traffic officer PC Ian Broadhurst was shot dead in Leeds amid fears over... (

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United States

15 December 2003

Detroit News

When police Officer Randall Smith was accidentally shot in the head by a fellow officer with a Glock semiautomatic pistol in 1995, he sued the gun maker, claiming the weapon was defectively designed and unnecessarily dangerous. Glock settled the lawsuit. But for the rest of his life, Smith, whose injuries left him permanently brain damaged and cost him his police job in Birmingham, Ala., is barred from talking about the case or revealing any details he learned about... (

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United States

22 October 2003

Government Executive Magazine (USA)

The Transportation Security Administration has reaffirmed its decision to have German firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch supply as many as 9,600 .40-caliber handguns to U.S. commercial airline pilots who complete federal law enforcement training under the agency's guns-in-cockpits program. A contract of three one-year options to supply H&K USP40 Compact Law Enforcement Model semiautomatic handguns was signed after the agency, under pressure from House Small Business... (

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Sri Lanka

14 October 2003

Hindustan Times (Delhi)

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Despite the freezing of an estimated $4 billion of its funds and the curbs put by the US and UK, where it is banned, the LTTE is managing to collect a lot of money for its war chest. Reports say that the global collections from Sri Lankan Tamil expatriates averages $1 million a month. The LTTE is also able to buy the kind of weapons it needs with the vast expansion of sources since the end of the Cold War. With its eleven freighters, it is able... (

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United States

7 September 2003

Washington Post

Kenneth V. Blanchard is a firearms instructor and home safety expert who caters to a mostly African American clientele. He lives in Prince George's County and believes that he has a solution to the area's crime problems. His Web site,, shows him posing in front of a U.S. flag with the solution in his hands: a gun — in this case, an H&K 9mm submachine gun. "We can't make our neighborhoods safer with our heads in the sand and waiting for the... (

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United States

21 August 2003

New Haven Register (Connecticut)

BRANFORD — Police Chief Robert W. Gill will undergo voluntary firearms training after he accidentally fired his gun inside police headquarters Friday. The bullet struck the door jam of a vacant lunchroom. No one was in the room, and no one was injured. "I am submitting myself to the time and disposal of the senior firearms instructor for any necessary training," Gill, 70, said Wednesday. On Friday evening, the department's other firearms instructor, Jeffery... (

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United States

18 August 2003

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (Ohio)

COLUMBUS, Gorgia — German gun manufacturer Heckler & Koch is planning to build a $20 million plant in Columbus. The 50,000-square-foot plant, which will be developed in the new Muscogee Technology Park, will initially employ about 200 people. Heckler & Koch will receive local and state tax incentives to locate in Columbus and will be eligible for local property tax breaks. The company also received $300,000 in state... (

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United States,United Nations

12 August 2003

Washington Times

NEW YORK — The United Nations, under pressure from the Bush administration, has decided to move a stash of submachine guns out of the organization's New York City headquarters. The MP5s, made by Heckler and Koch of Germany, are to be moved to U.N. peacekeeping operations overseas, State Department sources said. The United Nations purchased the restricted weapons for the personal protection of Secretary-General Kofi Annan in his travels around the New York... (

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United States

7 August 2003

Baltimore Sun

A Carroll County man who helped police break up an unrealized murder plot by purported cultists in 2001 now faces charges, after state investigators said they found 17 unregistered machine guns at his home — including two loaded machine guns found next to a sleeping 12-year-old girl. State police announced yesterday that Amir H. Tabassi, 55, of the 5400 block of Ridge Road in Mount Airy was arrested on three misdemeanor charges: possession of an unregistered machine... (

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24 January 2003

Radio Netherlands

Patrons of the Dynamik snackbar, take note: "No firearms in this restaurant." But that does not apply to Dynamik owner and arms dealer Ricardo Teixeira. Two .44 Magnums are in full view on the bar and Ricardo totes a Czech CZ pistol and a 9 mm Heckler & Koch in side holsters. Outside, the shooting range reverberates with the staccato of small-arms fire. A Hollywood film stage in Texas? Not exactly. Dynamik is a canteen-plus-armoury in the Geneva countryside, and there... (

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United Kingdom

5 January 2003

Observer (UK)

Just after 4am the four girls were doing what thousands of others of revellers were doing all over Britain. After five hours of hectic partying Charlene Ellis, 18, her twin sister Sophie and their two cousins Latisha Shakespear, 17, and Cheryl Shaw, 17, had gone outside to get some air. So far their night had been in no way extraordinary. The party, in the Unisevens Studios hairdressers on Birmingham's Birchfield Road, had got going around 9pm. Midnight had gone. A... (

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United Nations

1 December 2002

Atlantic (USA); Vol 290, Issue 5, pp. 46-47

The number of guns worldwide is difficult to gauge precisely: guns move quickly from place to place, and are often held by people who have reason to hide them. The best current estimate — from the 2002 Small Arms Survey, undertaken by the Graduate Institute of International Studies, in Geneva — indicates that about 640 million small arms, ranging from handguns to rocket launchers, exist worldwide. That amounts to one gun for every ten people on earth. Although gun... (

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New Zealand

24 November 2002

St Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri)

Weapons dealers who use letters from law enforcement agencies to get their hands on machine guns are going to be facing closer scrutiny from the federal government. A series of cases that uncovered caches of illegal machine guns helped spur the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to take steps that it hopes will halt the use of phony letters. When the agency broke up an illegal machine gun distribution business in Lincoln County, it found about 800 weapons, most of... (

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United States

24 November 2002

Hattiesburg American (Mississippi)

Strapped for cash, many area law enforcement agencies routinely auction confiscated weapons to supplement their budgets. The practice helps departments buy new weapons, pay officers' salaries and buy bullet-resistant vests. But the sell-offs have come under sharp criticism in Hattiesburg and other U.S. cities as those opposed to the sales argue that destroying the weapons does more to fight crime than selling them to dealers who could return them to criminals. Forrest... (

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4 November 2002

Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

More than 2000 legally-owned firearms have been stolen across NSW in the past three years — flooding the black market. Figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph show handguns are the fastest-growing firearm of choice for thieves, as NSW handgun thefts leapt by almost 40 per cent in one year. Organised crime syndicates are believed to be responsible for a string of raids on gun shops, pistol clubs and gun owners' homes this year. As many as 28 guns have been netted in... (

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United States

26 October 2002

Telegraph (UK)

MOYIE SPRINGS, Idaho — Gun control is back on the political agenda in the suburbs terrorised by the Washington area sniper but "out West" in Idaho, perhaps America's most remote and rugged state, politicians are falling over themselves to champion the right to bear arms. One of the sniper's 10 murder victims was Lori Ann Lewis-Rivera, who grew up in Idaho, and the state is next to Washington state, where the two suspects being held are alleged to have practised with... (

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25 September 2002

Independent (Dhaka)

Since the end of the so-called cold war, from East Timor in the east, to Balkan in the west, from Mindanao, Philippines to Michigan, USA, throughout Africa and parts of the Asian continent, the world was and is witnessing the outbreak of ethnic, religious and sectarian conflicts. These conflicts are characterized by massacre of unarmed civilians. Rather most of these casualties happened because of the use of small arms such as pistol, rifle, machine gun and grenade. The... (

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Kenya,United Kingdom

14 August 2002

Daily Nation (Nairobi)

In this final instalment of a two-part series comparing British and Kenya's police, Chief Crime Reporter STEPHEN MUIRURI, examines the way crime can be controlled without using force. Police shootings have become a normal occurrence in Kenya and there is no end in sight. Perhaps, that is why the dust settled so quickly after a recent case, where police allegedly shot dead a university student. Nobody can hide the fact that our police are trigger-happy and lack the... (

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United States

19 June 2002

San Francisco Chronicle

A fully automatic assault rifle was one of two high-power weapons stolen last month from the truck of an off-duty Sonoma County SWAT member. The Sonoma County Sheriff's Office is hunting for leads in the Memorial Day theft. Lt. Bruce Rochester said that in addition to the .223-caliber Colt AR-15, which is the civilian version of the military's M-16, the thieves took a Heckler and Koch .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun and 500 rounds of ammunition. The weapons and... (

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United Kingdom

5 May 2002

Independent (UK)

Armed police are routinely patrolling London streets for the first time amid fears officers could find themselves "outgunned" by criminals. Officers in the patrols will be equipped with Heckler and Koch semi-automatic weapons, baton rounds and Glock handguns. The first patrols will be deployed in south London boroughs which have become notorious for shootings between rival drug dealers. The scheme, under which firearms officers in patrol cars and vans monitor gun... (

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1 May 2002

Guardian (UK)

The satirist Mark Thomas has revealed how easy it is to evade the arms embargo on Zimbabwe by setting up a deal to sell 200 British machine guns, armed only with a mobile phone and the name of a false company. The comedian claims that his stunt — to be broadcast tonight on Channel 4 — has made a mockery of the government's system for controlling arms exports and embarrassed BAE, Britain's biggest arms company. The ruse worked so well that an arms manufacturer... (

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United States

29 March 2002

Business Journal

Is there really a store where you can walk in and buy a machine gun? Yes, there is, and Fairly Honest Don's Machine Gun Parlor in Hillsboro is the place. Look for the Hummer parked out front. Oregon allows citizens to possess machine guns. California and Washington do not. These fully automatic weapons deliver multiple rounds (from 500 to 1,200 per minute) with a single pull of the trigger. But federal law only permits the public to own machine guns manufactured and... (

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United States

9 January 2002

Fox News (USA)

In the James Bond movie The Man With the Golden Gun, the handgun in question killed noiselessly with a single bullet. In Aliens, Sigourney Weaver fended off xenomorphs with the rugged megaguns of the Marines of the future. And in 2005, real-life U.S. Army soldiers will be battling the enemy not with a regular rifle but with an assault weapon that could have leapt out of the special-effects department of a movie. It's the difference between a bow and arrow and a... (

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United States

20 August 2001

Forbes (USA)

Branding: Facing a graying market, gunmakers tried to target young people with soft videogames. It was a long shot. No matter how hard they try, gunmakers can't seem to please. Three years ago firearms brands Colt, Remington Arms, Browning and arms retailer Cabela hooked up with gamemakers to create kid-friendly computer games. Wary of being accused of enticing children, the sponsors ordered up sanitized games: no beheadings or splattered body parts. Surprise-many of... (

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United Kingdom,United Nations

11 July 2001

Guardian (UK), Series

Britain's role as one of the world's largest weapons exporters places a special responsibility on the government to take the lead in pressing for tough controls on trade in small arms, campaigners say. Britain is particularly well placed to take on the task, they argue, since it is now a relatively insignificant producer of small arms yet home to many dealers and traffickers. Total arms exports account for less than 1.2% of Britain's overseas earnings and less than... (

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Somalia,Africa,United Nations

9 July 2001

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia)

MOGADISHU, Somalia — Like most small business owners, Ali Shalia counts and cleans his inventory before opening his shop each morning. Standing under a corrugated tin roof that provides shade for his wooden kiosk, he grabs a rag and a can of oil and rubs down the nozzles and carbines of a dozen or so assault rifles. Next, he builds displays of ammunition in neat stacks by caliber. "I'm a businessman. I sell whatever I can move, and guns are something that's always in... (

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United Kingdom

17 June 2001

Sunday Times (UK)

Police forces have quietly armed their officers with a new high-powered armour-piercing assault rifle in an attempt to retain the upper hand in an arms race with criminals. Faced with highly equipped criminals, specialist police teams are adopting the Heckler & Koch G36K, a high-velocity military assault rifle used by German special forces. The gun will allow police to pierce body armour with bullets which are narrower and longer than the standard 9mm ones and which... (

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4 June 2001

Press (Christchurch)

The Crown Prince of Nepal, at the centre of Saturday's shooting massacre of his family, was gun mad and liked to draw his hand-gun like "a cowboy", a former Nepal embassy official living in Wellington says. Early reports from Kathmandu suggested that Crown Prince Dipendra, 29, shot and killed his parents, King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya, and other family members at a weekly dinner. But the palace said last night the gun had "exploded", accidentally killing up to... (

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United Kingdom

23 May 2001

Guardian (UK)

If a man with two guns and 60 rounds of ammunition barges his way into a bedroom in the middle of the night, confronts the naked and defenceless occupant and then shoots him dead, he has surely committed a criminal offence — a murder which must land the gunman in prison for life. However, the uncomfortable reality is that if the man with the gun is a police officer, it is not that simple. Sussex PC Chris Sherwood is the latest in a lengthening line of "authorised... (

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United Kingdom

6 May 2001

Sydney Morning Herald

Jill Dando, one of Britain's most popular TV presenters, was murdered by a jobless 41-year-old man who had an obsession with the BBC and "an exaggerated fascination" with the military, an Old Bailey jury was told yesterday. Barry George, who denies shooting Dando, 37, in April 1999, emerged from the Crown's opening of the case against him as a born-again Christian who adopted the names of celebrities or military figures. Orlando Pownall, for the Crown, said no-one saw... (

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United Kingdom

4 December 2000

Guardian (UK)

Britain's police are famed for walking the streets armed with nothing more lethal than a truncheon. But now, for the first time, bobbies on the beat in two violent districts of Nottingham are carrying guns. John Kampfner asks, is this the shape of things to come? Special report: policing crime From deep inside Sherwood forest, a revolution in British policing has begun. But its leaders deny it is any such thing. "There is nothing exceptional in what we're doing," says... (

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United States

21 November 2000

Associated Press

The state Supreme Court has agreed to review a lawsuit filed against a gun maker by a police officer wounded in the 1997 North Hollywood shootout. The lawsuit by former officer Martin Whitfield claims negligence by Heckler & Koch Inc., which made the gun used by assailant Emil Matasareanu, attorney John P. McNicholas said Monday. Matasareanu and Larry Eugene Phillips Jr. robbed a Bank of America and then died in one of the most dramatic shootouts in city history.... (

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United States

30 October 2000

Toronto Star (Ontario)

COLORADO SPRINGS — Try as I might, I just can't seem able to rack this damn Sig Sauer semi-automatic. Not in one fluid motion, anyway. Not the way the gun salesman at Specialty Sports and Supply has demonstrated. Not in a fashion whereby I might be able to blow off an intruder's head, Charlie's Angels-style, before he subjects me to a fate worse than death. I exchange abashed expressions with the young woman standing next to me at the counter, the one with the... (

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United States

18 August 2000

Washington Post

Mario Guzman worked as a manager at Heckler & Koch in Sterling for about five years, handling high-powered weapons sold to police, gun dealers and Navy SEALs. But when some of the guns disappeared from the warehouse this spring, so did he. Now, Guzman, 27, who moved to New Jersey after his unexpected April resignation, is accused of taking 120 guns with him, federal law enforcement officials say. Already, 10 of the weapons have surfaced in northern New Jersey. A few... (

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United States,Ireland

14 June 2000

Telegraph (UK)

Three Irishmen, including two Sinn Fein members, were convicted in a Florida court yesterday of illegally shipping at least 122 handguns to the Provisional IRA last year as Tony Blair was attempting to persuade Gerry Adams to agree to the decommissioning of terrorist weapons. Conor Claxton, 27, Anthony Smyth, 43, both from Belfast, and Martin Mullan, 30, from Dunloy, Co Antrim, face up to 10 years in jail. They were all aquitted of the more serious charge of conspiring... (

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United States

24 April 2000

Washington Post

It is one of the most disturbing images of the year: a burly federal officer, helmeted, goggled, wearing a flak jacket, battle fatigues and shooter's gloves designed to protect the hand but permit the prehensility of the trigger finger, confronting a screaming child and the man who protects him. And, of course, he has a gun. The officer, wearing a Border Patrol patch on his vest, is holding it one-handed by the pistol grip, his naked shooting finger indexed over the... (

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19 January 2000

Wall Street Journal

LAS VEGAS — Another well-known firearms manufacturer said it hopes to leave the U.S. handgun market. Switzerland's SIG Swiss Industrial Co. Holding Ltd. Said at the industry's annual trade show here that as part of a larger restructuring, it will seek to sell its firearms businesses in Europe and the U.S. Asked if the costs and risks related to pending municipal litigation against the gun industry in the U.S. played a role in the decision to exit from the American... (

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United States

3 January 2000

Orlando Sentinel (Florida)

TAMPA — It's a Wednesday night, and once again the parking lot at B&B Gun Shop and Indoor Shooting Range is almost full. A dozen people linger inside the Hudson business, fingering their sleek, black automatic weapons, chatting over staccato bursts of gunfire and waiting to take on their next target. This is machine-gun paradise. Here, for $45 or less, gun collectors and sportsmen come together to hone their shooting skills with some of the most high-powered... (

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United States

2 January 2000


LONDON — British-based "guns-to-buns" conglomerate Tomkins Plc has decided to sell its U.S. handgun maker Smith & Wesson, the Financial Mail on Sunday newspaper reported. Smith & Wesson, one of the oldest and most well-known small arms makers in the world, is the "guns" part of a conglomerate that includes a car parts manufacturer and a bread maker. The newspaper, citing sources close to the company, said the sale could raise as much as 100 million pounds ($161.6... (

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United States

29 December 1999


LONDON — U.S. Colt's Manufacturing Co has signed a letter of intent to buy one of the other famous names in small-arms, Germany's Heckler & Koch GmbH, a producer of high quality weapons favoured by elite military and police units. The move, confirmed by Heckler & Koch owner BAE SYSTEMS Plc on Wednesday, would take Colt's further away from the U.S. consumer market, which it began to withdraw from in October as municipalities sued handgun makers for costs they had... (

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United States

29 December 1999

Wall Street Journal

Continuing its shift to the military market and away from civilian handguns, Colt's Manufacturing Co. said it has agreed to acquire a well-known European maker of small arms. The deal, if completed, is expected to have the side effect of further consolidating the besieged U.S. civilian handgun industry. That is because after Colt's buys Germany's Heckler & Koch GmbH, the American company intends to phase out much or all of Heckler & Koch's modest pistol sales in the... (

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United States

26 October 1999

Wall Street Journal

Michael Maul doesn't have anything against guns; he owns six. But the Houston radio-station engineer hasn't hunted for eight years, and he doubts that he will ever buy another gun. When he wants to shoot animals these days, Mr. Maul, 40 years old, uses a camera. "It's a lot easier in the city to go to a nature trail or an arboretum," he says. The gun business is losing customers. Hunters and target shooters-the industry's core market-are gradually walking away from... (

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United States

12 October 1999

Times (UK)

The historic decision by the American manufacturers of the Colt .45 to stop selling their famous handgun for private use will have huge implications for the company's two biggest rivals, one of which is British-owned. Smith & Wesson, which was bought by the British company Tomkins, in 1987, makes the .44 Magnum revolver, described by Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry series of films as "the most powerful handgun in the world". The third of the "big three" handgun... (

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United Kingdom,United Nations

24 September 1999

Guardian (UK)

The vast majority of people who have been killed in violent conflict since the second world war — about two million over the past decade alone — have been the victims of small arms, handguns and rifles, not weapons of mass destruction. Yet while international negotiations and intelligence agencies have concentrated on the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, the devastating effect of assault rifles and sub-machine guns in killing and maiming,... (

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United States,Ireland

28 July 1999

Miami Herald

Three Irish natives were arrested Monday and charged with attempting to mail dozens of high-powered, concealable weapons from South Florida to their war-torn homeland. Belfast native Anthony Smyth, 42, was arrested about 6 a.m. at his apartment at 16240 Laurel Dr., Weston, along with his live-in girlfriend, Cork native Siobhan Browne, 34, formerly of Boca Raton. Agents with the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force simultaneously stormed the $725-a-month, furnished... (

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United States

10 May 1999

Associated Press

NEW YORK — As two high school gunmen fired on their classmates in Littleton, Colo., Dennis Henigan was honing his arguments in a lawsuit against the maker of the pistol used in their assault. His case is the latest in a spate of largely unsuccessful efforts to hold Miami-based Navegar responsible for killings committed with the TEC-9, a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun. The TEC-9 is well known to authorities. Federal agents say it is more likely to be used in a crime than... (

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United States

29 January 1999

Baltimore Sun

In the 1971 movie "Dirty Harry," Clint Eastwood pointed a huge revolver at a scruffy hoodlum and uttered 12 words that would leave an indelible mark on the gun industry. "This is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world." Until the release of "Dirty Harry," the Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum revolver was relatively unknown outside the gun world. Smith & Wesson had begun manufacturing the firearm in 1955 to be able to make the very claim Eastwood did.... (

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23 January 1999

Sydney Morning Herald

Only two of 21 handguns allegedly put onto Sydney streets by an invalid pensioner had been recovered by police, a court heard yesterday. And one of the weapons located, a Sig Sauer nine-millimetre, was allegedly found at the Rushcutters Bay sports ground where a policeman was shot while chasing three men. William Francis Watson, 58, of Haberfield, appeared in Burwood Local Court yesterday charged with illegally possessing firearms, purchasing firearms without... (

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United States

1 January 1999

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Jan/Feb 1999; Vol. 55, No. 1

Smith & Wesson, a Connecticut-based handgun manufacturer, used an exhibit of its wares at an April 1867 Paris exhibition to jump-start its sales in Europe. When the Russian government ordered 20,000 Model-3 .44 revolvers (which could be loaded and unloaded more rapidly than earlier guns), it spurred additional orders from rival nations. These European purchases helped Smith & Wesson weather the severe downturn in U.S. demand following the Civil War boom.At least since... (

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1 January 1999

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Jan/Feb 1999; Vol. 55, No. 1

I nestled into my side corner seat in the cockpit, comfortably assured that I was not far from the evidence of illicit weapons in the back of the aircraft. As the plane-an old Britannia, a precursor to the modern jet-took off from the lakeside town of Kalemie in eastern Zaire, the French-speaking co-pilot and the British engineer were confident that our Belgian captain would safely navigate the short runway. I was an investigator on my way to a weapons depot near... (

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United Kingdom

8 April 1998

Telegraph (UK)

Police sirens and flashing blue lights shattered the peace of a village after a gun was seen being fired from a cottage window. More than 30 armed officers surrounded the cottage and the village was sealed for two hours as police waited for the suspect to emerge. Marksmen trained Heckler and Koch automatic rifles on the terraced home and a negotiator crouched behind a car shouting through a loud hailer: "We have you surrounded. Come out with your hands in the... (

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United Kingdom

3 February 1998

US News & World Report

LONDON — A total ban on private ownership of handguns went into effect in Britain last week, the result of a public outcry over the 1996 massacre of 16 schoolchildren and their teacher by a crazed loner in Dunblane, Scotland. But it is not just the citizenry that wants a gun-free zone here. The police are equally anxious to keep firearms off the streets and, for the most part, see no way to do it except by leaving their guns at the station. According to a survey by... (

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