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2 August 2022

Small Arms Review

Its society beset by civil wars in the last fifty years, Yemen is awash in small arms. Nearly every Yemeni male over the age of ten carries some form of weapon, from the traditional jambiya (curved dagger) to assault rifles, as personal apparel and icons of masculinity. In the remote mountains and wadis, open carry of an assault rifle is not only common and widely accepted, but is considered de rigueur. Even heavy weapons such as the DsHk 12.7 machine guns and RPG-7s... (

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2 March 2018

New York Times

Many Americans can buy a gun in less than an hour. The process takes months in some countries. Here are the basic steps for how most people buy a gun in 15 of them. Many countries have exceptions for specialized professions, and local laws vary. United States 1) Pass an instant background check that considers criminal convictions, domestic violence and immigration status. 2) Buy a gun. Many states have additional buying restrictions, including waiting periods and... (

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1 November 2016

Modern Tokyo Times

As the global economy continues its slow recovery from the 2008–2009 worldwide recession, armament sales appear to have been one of the few recession-proof export sectors. The greater Middle East has been main emporium for such purchases. While the United States and Russia remain the world's two leading armaments exporters, other countries have also rushed in to fill niche markets, such as small arms, training aircraft and light artillery. Notably, Finland has been... (

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Germany,France,Algeria,Saudi Arabia,Yemen,Iraq

26 October 2016

Les Echos (France)

[Translated summary: Germany's arms exports rose to 4.03 billion euros in the first six months of 2016, an increase of 15% in relation to the same period last year. Germany sells to Algeria and Saudi Arabia, a country that is in a controversial war with Yemen, but the Ministry of Economy explains that they have particularly restrictive rules.] Les crises internationales profitent aux industriels allemands de l'armement. Selon les chiffres publiés mercredi par le... (

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23 October 2016

New York Times, Opinion

RIO DE JANEIRO — As Brazil weathers the worst political and economic crises in living memory, Brazilians can hardly be blamed for being distracted. But there is a subject that the country's politicians — and citizens — are not discussing, even though it risks tarnishing Brazil's international reputation as an advocate of peacebuilding and diplomacy: an unchecked arms industry and its involvement in foreign conflicts around the globe. The fingerprints of Brazil's... (

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Yemen,Syria,Eastern Europe

30 September 2016

Jewish Business News

An investigation has found that countries in Eastern Europe discreetly approved the sale of weapons worth over €1 billion to countries in the Middle East. Those countries in turn ship weapons to war-ravaged Syria and Yemen. The hardware includes shells, anti-tank missiles, machine guns and thousands of Kalashnikov-style assault rifles. The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) conducted the... (

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6 September 2016


Brazilian prosecutors said on Tuesday they had charged Forjas Taurus SA, Latin America's largest gun maker, in May for dealing with a known Yemeni arms trafficker in violation of international sanctions, prompting the company's shares to plunge. Taurus confirmed on Monday a Reuters report that two former executives had been charged over a deal in 2013 that allegedly sent arms to Yemen's civil war, but the company said it was only a concerned party in the... (

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5 September 2016

Radio Formula (Mexico), Reuters

[Translated summary: Federal prosecutors in Brazil accused two former Forja Taurus executives of sending 8,000 handguns to an active Yemeni arms trafficker in 2013. Forja Taurus is a major gun manufacturer which supplies the Brazilian police and the Army, and is one of the five main gun suppliers to the American market, where it sells three-quarters of its production.] Fiscales federales en el sur de Brasil acusaron en mayo a dos ex ejecutivos de Forjas Taurus de... (

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5 September 2016

Sputnik News

[Translated summary: The United Kingdom is the second largest exporter of arms. Between 2010 and 2015, the UK has sold weapons worth 10 million pounds to Oman, Turkmenistan and the United Arab Emirates, countries that are classified as "Non-free" by the Freedom House NGO. Other countries that buy from the UK are Saudi Arabia and Israel.] Le Royaume-Uni est le deuxième plus grand exportateur d'armes du monde sur les 10 dernières années et devant des pays comme la... (

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5 September 2016


Brazil's Forjas Taurus SA, the largest weapons manufacturer in Latin America, sold guns to a known Yemeni arms trafficker who funneled them into his nation's civil war in violation of international sanctions, according to charges in court documents reviewed by Reuters. Federal prosecutors in southern Brazil charged two former executives of Forjas Taurus (FJTA4.SA) in May with shipping 8,000 handguns in 2013 to Fares Mohammed Hassan Mana'a, an arms smuggler active... (

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26 August 2016


[Translated summary: Many countries that have signed the Arms Trade Treaty continue to ignore the rules. Only Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden have been completely transparent about their trade. US, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France and Italy continue to sell arms to Egypt which translates into the torture and death of hundreds of people.] Disposer d'un traité sur le commerce des armes, c'est bien. Encore faut-il qu'il soit respecté. Pour Amnesty International, trop... (

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United Kingdom,Yemen,Saudi Arabia

24 August 2016

al Jazeera

An international aid organisation has accused British politicians of being in "denial and disarray" over the selling of arms to Saudi Arabia for potential use in the war in Yemen. Oxfam said on Tuesday that the UK was violating the International Arms Trade Treaty, which regulates the transfer of conventional arms to ensure there are no violations of international humanitarian law. "UK arms and military support are fuelling a brutal war in Yemen, harming the very... (

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23 August 2016

IPS Noticias

[Translated summary: Human Rights organisations and military analysts accuse the United States, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France and Italy of violating the Arms Trade Treaty by selling to countries in conflict. Experts say that effectively implementing the treaty could save millions of lives.] NACIONES UNIDAS - Los grandes proveedores de armamento violan el tratado que regula su comercio y que se propone frenar el flujo de armas pequeñas y ligeras hacia las zonas de... (

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United States,Saudi Arabia,France,United Kingdom,Yemen

23 August 2016

France 24

As a UN conference on the arms trade kicked off in Geneva on Monday, France, Britain and the United States came under fire from NGOs for selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, which is waging a controversial campaign against Houthi rebels in Yemen. The Swiss city is hosting the second conference on the UN-backed Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which came into force in 2014 to lay out new rules governing the international arms trade. Advocacy groups are urging signatories to keep... (

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22 August 2016

Amnesty International (London)

- States Parties [countries] still engaging in unscrupulous arms transfers, putting lives and human rights at risk - More than a quarter of States Parties are yet to meet the treaty's reporting obligations - Some States Parties opting to reject public scrutiny of their arms transfers States must ensure the global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) lives up to its promise to save lives and protect human rights from the devastating effects of the international arms trade by taking... (

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16 April 2016


The arsenal discovered in the apartment of Reda Kriket, a suspected terrorist arrested on March 24th near Paris, included explosives, Kalashnikov AK-47 rifles and a machine pistol from Croatia. The terrorists who staged the attacks last November in Paris employed AK-47s made by Zastava, a Serbian manufacturer. The Kouachi brothers, who attacked the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo the previous January, used Kalashnikov ammunition made in Bosnia. Whatever else these... (

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Asia,United States,Africa,Libya,Yemen,Iraq,Syria

6 April 2016

New York Times

A terrorist hoping to buy an antiaircraft weapon in recent years needed to look no further than Facebook, which has been hosting sprawling online arms bazaars, offering weapons ranging from handguns and grenades to heavy machine guns and guided missiles. The Facebook posts suggest evidence of large-scale efforts to sell military weapons coveted by terrorists and militants. The weapons include many distributed by the United States to security forces and their proxies in... (

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United States,Yemen,Switzerland,Finland,Serbia

23 August 2015

EurekAlert! The Global Source for the Science News (USA) - American Association for the Advancement of Science

Chicago - Despite having only about 5 percent of the world's population, the United States was the attack site for a disproportionate 31 percent of public mass shooters globally from 1966-2012, according to new research that will be presented at the 110th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA). "The United States, Yemen, Switzerland, Finland, and Serbia are ranked as the Top 5 countries in firearms owned per capita, according to the 2007 Small... (

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1 April 2014

Yemen Times (Sana'a)

Facebook increasingly used to sell arms Sitting among friends inside the arms shop he owns in the well-known Jahana arms market, Ali Awla busily posts photos of newly-arrived arms on his Facebook page. Several types of weapons are carefully hung inside the shop to attract customers. The Jahana arms market, which is located about 25 kilometers from Sana'a, is home to over 40 stores selling an impossibly wide range of weapons and body armor, including rocket-propelled... (

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27 March 2014

Gulf Times (Qatar) / Media Line

At the centre of the country, it's difficult to find a bottle of water to buy while you can effortlessly purchase a firearm. UN aid worker Khalid Abdu told The Media Line that during a recent visit to Sawadia District of the central province of Baydha, he found most of the shops were closed except for those selling firearms. He later learned there were tribal feuds taking place in the area. "Owners here usually close their shops before sunset, because they are afraid... (

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Saudi Arabia,Yemen

17 January 2014

Arab News (Jeddah)

JEDDAH - Border Guards in the Addayer area of Jazan foiled an attempt to smuggle firearms and ammunition through Saudi-Yemeni borders, but were unable to catch the smugglers, who fled toward Yemen's borders. "They left what they were carrying and fled back to where they came from," said Gen. Abdulaziz Al-Subhi, Jazan's Border Guard commander. He said the smugglers were spotted by a patrol that prevented the smuggling of 118 pistols and 235 magazines. Meanwhile,... (

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16 December 2013

Deutsche Welle

For a long time, arms exports to regions in conflict were taboo for the German government. However, the growing number of arms deals with Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia or Qatar, or with Asian countries like India and Indonesia suggests that these could soon become a pillar of German foreign and security policy. This, at least, is the warning expressed in this year's weapons exports report published in Berlin on Monday (16.12.2013) by the Joint Church and... (

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15 December 2013

National Yemen

Yemeni authorities offered 32 million YR and 100 guns as compensation to victims' families as a result of Air raid that took place in Qaifah in the al-Baida governorate, leaving 25 killed and wounded last Thursday. The announcement came hours after a source's announcement of High Security Committee that the air raid was aimed at a car belonging to one of al-Qaeda's leaders with a number of al-Qaeda's members inside it. Those members are considered among the most... (

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24 November 2013


A Yemeni wedding ended in disaster after a guest firing celebratory shots in the air with his AK-47 accidentally killed two men while they were dancing to pop hit "Gangnam Style", according to a police source and a video posted online. The police source said the guest at the wedding in the southern city of Taiz lost control of his rifle, leading to the deaths. Two other people were being treated in hospital. A video circulating on the web purportedly shows the... (

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9 November 2013

Christian Science Monitor

SANAA, Yemen - Like most Yemeni men, Mahmoud Shahra owns a gun and has known how to use it since childhood, although the 25-year-old activist used to leave his weapons at home. But since the politically motivated kidnapping of one of his close friends earlier this year, Shahra has carried a gun at nearly all times. He seems at ease with his AK-47, but his demeanor hides internal disquiet. "Even if I feel safer and more confident, I feel like I'm betraying my values... (

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United Arab Emirates,Syria,Yemen,Turkey

3 September 2013

Today's Zaman (Istanbul)

Turkish police have stormed an illegal arms manufacturing factory in the central Anatolian province of Konya, seizing 4,500 guns and detaining two dozen suspects believed to be involved in the production and shipment of the arms to Middle Eastern countries. Last fall, Yemeni authorities confiscated boxes of ammunition originating from Turkey in the southern Yemeni city of Aden. Officials seized 3,000 pistols found in biscuit boxes inside a container that came from... (

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11 July 2013

Fox News (USA)

MUSCAT, Oman – Oman police say they have seized more than 30,000 pistols aboard a tanker, which a newspaper reports was bound for neighboring Yemen. The seizure comes two years after an Abu Dhabi court sentenced six people for a foiled plot to smuggle 16,000 pistols from Turkey to Shiite rebels in northern Yemen. The official Oman News Agency quoted a police colonel as saying nine Omanis were arrested in connection with the alleged shipment of 30,393 pistols... (

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26 June 2013

International Committee of the Red Cross (Geneva), Media release

Geneva – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the World Medical Association (WMA) signed a memorandum of understanding in Geneva today, in which the two organizations agree to join forces in a worldwide effort to combat violence against patients and health-care workers. The memorandum of understanding brings the WMA on board as a partner in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement's "Heath Care in Danger" project, a four-year... (

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20 June 2013

Yemen Times (Sana'a)

In Taiz Governorate, on the southwestern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, around 40,000 illegal weapons have been seized since May. The guns were likely smuggled into the country through Mocha Port. The four largest seizures happened during the weekend, Ali Mosed, the Military Commander of Taiz, noted as this is when smugglers expect security measures will be more lax. Mosed said that there is an ongoing campaign curb the flow of illegal weapons coming from Mocha... (

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29 April 2013

Folha de Sao Paulo

BRASILIA - The U.S., currently discussing restrictions on the sale of firearms, purchased 7.9 million guns from Brazil in the past 40 years, and 59% of those were exported during the Lula administration (2003-2010). That is the result of a new study by the Army Command to which Folha had access through the Access to Information Act, with a detailed record of the sellers and buyers of 9.9 million revolvers, pistols, rifles and shotguns, among other weapons, exported... (

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10 April 2013

Washington Post

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — The wars from 1991 to 1999 as Yugoslavia broke up took up to 200,000 lives, turned millions into refugees and left much of the region's people traumatized and heavily armed. It was the bloodiest conflict in Europe since World War II. The millions of weapons that remained in possession of civilians after the fighting have caused fatalities every week, as traumatized former soldiers either shoot family members or commit suicide or... (

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18 March 2013

al Jazeera

Diplomats from around the world have gathered at the UN for talks on an international arms trade treaty, in an effort to stop the sale of illegal conventional arms. Similar talks held last July failed, mainly due to the objections of the US and Russia, the world's two largest arms exporters. Al Jazeera has compiled a list of facts related to the global production and trading of small arms. 1. Authorised international transfers of small arms, light weapons, their... (

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12 March 2013


Bangalore: "Force and mind are opposites; morality ends where a gun begins," said novelist Ayn Rand. In an era where the misuse of guns and ammunitions are leading to massacres, it is no more a place of nonviolence. Arms and ammunitions leave bitter memories and scar the human race for ages to come. Here are the 10 countries with highest gun ownership, as listed by USA: USA tops the list of countries with highest gun ownership and this no surprise! The... (

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5 March 2013

Al Bawaba (Jordan)

The Interior Ministry ordered security authorities to enforce a public weapons carrying ban in the capital city on Saturday. The ban is actually a part of a 1992 firearms organizational law that has been loosely enforced. The law stipulates a ban on carrying firearms unless permitted by concerned authorities. Following a year of increased assassinations, officials say the plan to implement the ban is in line with a larger security campaign that has been beefed up... (

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12 February 2013

Atlantic (USA)

SANA'A, Yemen - With shops lining the main road and hard bargaining merchants abounding, Jihana appears to be your average Yemeni market. But instead of shopping for food or clothes, customers peruse a vast assortment of glocks, pistols, AK47s, M16s, anti-aircraft artillery, bazookas, and nearly any other weapon short of an actual tank. "In Yemen, no matter if you're rich or poor, you must have guns. Even if it's just one piece," insists Abdul Wahab al-Ammari, a tribal... (

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Iran,Yemen,North Korea,Libya,Somalia,Africa

10 February 2013


As the United States pushes for an end to the U.N. arms embargo on Somalia, U.N. monitors are reporting that Islamist militants in the Horn of Africa nation are receiving arms from distribution networks linked to Yemen and Iran, diplomats told Reuters. The U.N. Security Council's sanctions monitoring team's concerns about Iranian and Yemeni links to arms supplies for al Shabaab militants come as Yemen is asking Tehran to stop backing armed groups on Yemeni soil. Last... (

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Switzerland,United States,France,Yemen

8 February 2013

Washington Post

DAILLON, Switzerland — On Jan. 3, the day Sandy Hook Elementary students returned to school in Newtown, Conn., Florian Berthouzoz leaned out his window and opened fire on this tranquil Swiss village with an old military carbine and a 12-gauge shotgun. By the time he finished shooting, three women were killed, apparently at random, and two men were wounded. Berthouzoz was brought down by a police officer's bullet in the chest. The shooting in Daillon, on a steep... (

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Yemen,Saudi Arabia

26 January 2013

Yahoo! Maktoob News

Saudi Border Guards in Jazan province foiled numerous attempts to smuggle weapons and ammunition in addition to liquor and narcotics into the Kingdom from Yemen over the last two months, spokesman of the Border Guards in Jazan Col. Abdullah Mahfouz said in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency on Friday. "The Border Guards seized 308 weapons of various types, 13,051 rounds of live ammunition, 19 bottles of liquor and 78 narcotic tablets, 403,562 kg of hashish and 1,775... (

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England & Wales,Djibouti,Sri Lanka,Yemen,Somalia,European Union

10 January 2013

Guardian (UK)

Private security companies guarding ships against Somali pirates are increasingly storing their weapons on so-called "floating armouries" in international waters, to avoid arms smuggling laws when they dock in ports. About 20 ships stocked with assault rifles and other small arms as well as ammunition, body armour and night vision goggles are scattered around the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, the EU naval force has confirmed. The legal status of... (

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Somalia,United States,Ethiopia,Yemen,Libya,Israel,European Union,East Africa,Kenya,Ukraine,Russia

9 January 2013

Star (Kenya)

Whether looking after his herd of cattle or taking them to the watering point, Boru hardly leaves his AK47 behind. He lives in the outskirts of Gambella village, a few kilometres from Isiolo town. "It has become like a stick for me. I carry it around and my enemies fear me. It gives me more power than I had before I acquired it," Boru said. Taking cover from the scorching sun under the shade of an old acacia tree, Boru, a father of three, told the Star he bought his... (

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7 January 2013

Al Arabiya News (Dubai) / Agence France Presse

SANAA, Yemen - Yemeni authorities impounded 500 illegal motorbikes in a three-day campaign to put an end to hit-and-run shootings which killed dozens of security officers last year, officials said on Monday. "The campaign has succeeded in stopping 500 unlicensed motorbikes and 72 cars without number plates, some of which are suspected to have been used in assassinations," an interior ministry report said, adding that 50 weapons such as Kalashnikovs and other firearms... (

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United Kingdom,Finland,Colombia,Mexico,Western Europe,Australia,Yemen,Canada,New Zealand,United States

20 December 2012

Huffington Post (USA)

How freely do guns flow in the United States compared with the world's other industrialized countries? According to, run by Philip Alpers, a firearms analyst at The University of Sydney, the United States is unusual with what Alpers described as the "two pillars" of gun control: licensing gun owners and registering weapons. "You are basically the only country in the developed world that doesn't license gun owners across the board and you are almost alone... (

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Yemen,Norway,Switzerland,Canada,Germany,Spain,Finland,United States,United Kingdom,Australia

19 December 2012

Los Angeles Times

Twelve days after the worst mass murder in Australian history, when 35 people were shot to death at Tasmania state's Port Arthur tourist mecca in 1996, the government issued sweeping reforms of the country's gun laws. There hasn't been a mass shooting since, and suicides, deaths by firearms and robberies at gunpoint have plummeted. The results of toughened gun rules in Britain after the massacre in the Scottish town of Dunblane that same year weren't so immediate or... (

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Tunisia,Egypt,Qatar,United Arab Emirates,Kuwait,Bahrain,Oman,Iraq,Saudi Arabia,Yemen,Iran,United States

19 December 2012

Al Arabiya (Dubai)

The fatal Dec. 14 shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut which claimed the lives of 28 people, including 20 innocent children under 10 once again brought to light the dilemma of gun ownership in the United States and despite the fact that it received no response from the gun rights advocates but a deafening silence, laid emphasis on the necessity for the United States to revise its gun policies. The shooting rampage, in which a mentally... (

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United Kingdom,Yemen,Egypt

9 September 2012

Press TV (Egypt)

Officials at Cairo International Airport have surprisingly allowed a British man carrying four bags full of weapons to get on an airliner bound for the Yemeni capital Sana'a. Metal detectors and X-ray scanners at the airport showed that the Briton had a large quantity of armaments, ranging from sniper rifles to ammunition, in his luggage, the Aden Press news website reported. Although the security forces were immediately notified about the contents of the bags, the... (

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2 August 2012

Yemen Observer

Abdulkhaleq, 8-year-old child, was killed last Wednesday when he was tampering with Russian-made pistol in his district of al-Qaflah, Amran governorate. According to the police, the bullet lodged in his head and died on the spot. In another accident, an 8-year-old child killed his father during his tampering with a machine gun in his home in Sabwah governorate. According to the Ministry of Interior, the bullet launched from his fathers' gun that the child was playing... (

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United States,Yemen,Africa,Americas,Asia,Europe,Oceania

27 July 2012

CNN, Blog

It has now been just over a week since a lone gunman opened fire on moviegoers in Aurora, Colorado. The airwaves have been dominated by soul searching. Most of the pundits have concluded that the main cause of this calamity is the dark, strange behavior of the gunman. Talking about anything else, they say, is silly. The New York Times' usually extremely wise columnist, David Brooks, explains that this is a problem of psychology, not sociology. At one level, this makes... (

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Tunisia,Yemen,United States,Japan

23 July 2012

Atlantic (USA)

I've heard it said that, if you take a walk around Waikiki, it's only a matter of time until someone hands you a flyer of scantily clad women clutching handguns, overlaid with English and maybe Japanese text advertising one of the many local shooting ranges. The city's largest, the Royal Hawaiian Shooting Club, advertises instructors fluent in Japanese, which is also the default language of its website. For years, this peculiar Hawaiian industry has explicitly targeted... (

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Sierra Leone,Yemen,Syria,Algeria,Iran,Somalia,China,Belarus,Italy,Germany,Bulgaria,Austria,Russia,Tunisia,United Kingdom,United States,Qatar,Sudan,Africa,Libya,Egypt,France

9 June 2012

Eurasia Review (EU/Asia)

The Libyan civil war of early 2011 was one of the bloodiest conflicts in recent history, with an estimated 30,000 killed and 50,000 injured. While Muammar Gaddafi's death marked a watershed moment in Libyan history, the months of frenzied violence that preceded it saw a massive buildup of arms and munitions in the country. In the months leading up to and after his fall, Gaddafi's arms warehouses all across the country became unsecured; such was the level of... (

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3 April 2012

United Press International

SANAA, Yemen (UPI) -- Yemen's Interior Ministry says more than 4,000 Yemenis have been killed by drastically increased gun violence in the last two years. In a statement posted to the Ministry's website in February, the ministry warned armed violence was holding Yemen back, reported. "Widespread weapons in the country as we have seen threaten security and stability in the society…increasing the crimes within the country such as killing, kidnapping,... (

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Panama,Liberia,Oman,Yemen,Egypt,Saudi Arabia,Mauritius,Seychelles,Mongolia,Djibouti,Madagascar,United Arab Emirates,United Kingdom,Somalia,Kenya

22 March 2012

Associated Press

NAIROBI, Kenya — Private security firms are storing their guns aboard floating armories in international waters so ships that want armed anti-piracy guards for East Africa's pirate-infested waters can cut costs and circumvent laws limiting the import and export of weapons, industry officials say. Companies and legal experts say the operation of the armories is a "legal gray area" because few, if any, governments have laws governing the practice. Some security... (

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Germany,Chad,Yemen,Egypt,Libya,France,United Kingdom,United States,Sudan,Belarus,Oceania,Europe,Asia,Americas,Africa,Syria,Russia

19 February 2012

Le Monde (France)

[Translated summary: As negotiations were launched this week in New York on the Arms Trade Treaty, Amnesty International, CCFD-Terre Solidaire and Oxfam France are concerned about the risk of a "Treaty at a discount ".] La vente d'armes à un régime qui réprime sa population, comme le fait aujourd'hui la Russie à l'Etat syrien, sera-t-elle bientôt illégale ? C'est l'enjeu des négociations qui devraient aboutir, en juillet, à New York, à la signature d'un... (

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Thailand,Malaysia,Indonesia,Kuwait,Qatar,Mexico,Peru,Venezuela,Colombia,Bolivia,Somalia,Nepal,Oman,Latvia,Mauritius,Guyana,Congo (DRC),Bosnia & Herzegovina,Saudi Arabia,Liberia,Kazakhstan,Singapore,Dominican Republic,Jordan,Trinidad & Tobago,United Arab Emirates,Guatemala,Honduras,Chile,Ecuador,Argentina,Zimbabwe,Zambia,Uganda,Tanzania,Senegal,Congo (ROC),Nigeria,Niger,Namibia,Morocco,Mauritania,Malawi,Côte d'Ivoire,Egypt,Burkina Faso,Brazil,Tunisia,Sri Lanka,Pakistan,Philippines,Yemen,United States,Italy,Germany,Israel,Austria,Russia,Africa,Americas,Asia,Europe,South Africa,Algeria,Angola,Botswana,Ghana,Guinea,Madagascar

27 January 2012

Publica (Brazil)

[Translated summary: With the support of the Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, Brazilian gun manufacturers seek new markets in countries with a history of human rights violations: Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines and Yemen. Brazil is among the six countries in the world with annual exports exceeding $ 100 million, according to recent research from Small Arms Survey. According to the Army, responsible for supervising and controlling exports from 2005 to... (

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United States,Russia,Europe,North Africa,West Asia,Bahrain,Egypt,Libya,Syria,Yemen,Austria,Belgium,Bulgaria,Czech Republic,France,Germany,Italy,United Kingdom,Spain,India

24 October 2011

al Jazeera

According to an Amnesty International report, the US, Russia and a number of European countries supplied large quantities of weapons to repressive governments in the Middle East and North Africa before this year's uprisings. The report says that these arms deals were signed despite evidence of a substantial risk that they could be used to commit serious human rights violations. The human rights group reports that in the five years preceding the Arab spring $2.4bn... (

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19 October 2011

al Jazeera

Earlier this year, as mass popular uprisings spread through the Middle East and audiences across the world sat transfixed by images of unarmed citizens confronting iron-fisted security forces in the streets of Arab capitals, powerful governments from Russia to the United States were forced to begin accounting for the weapons they had for decades sold to the very rulers they now found themselves abandoning. In Egypt and Bahrain, protesters held up tear gas canisters... (

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Germany,France,Czech Republic,Bulgaria,United Kingdom,Belgium,Austria,Yemen,Syria,Libya,Egypt,Bahrain,North America,West Asia,North Africa,Europe,United States,Russia,Italy,Spain

18 October 2011

Reuters (Africa)

LONDON - Russia, the United States and European countries ignored fears over human rights abuses and sold large numbers of weapons to governments in the Middle East and North Africa in recent years, Amnesty International said in a report on Wednesday. Rights group Amnesty said the failings showed the need for a meaningful international arms trade treaty to choke off the supply of weapons to countries seen at risk of turning them on their own people. "The Arab Spring... (

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16 October 2011

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

Small arms are increasingly in demand inside volatile Syria, particularly among the country's Alawite minority, who fear they may face retaliation over the revolt against their co-religionist, President Bashar Assad. Most of the weapons are being smuggled in from Lebanon, once an end user of small arms during the country's 15-year civil war that ended in 1990. Today, Lebanon is overflowing with automatic weapons, grenades and hunting rifles, all of which are in demand... (

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11 August 2011

Africa Review

Arms are still being smuggled into Somalia despite a United Nations embargo, a report released by an international security think tank yesterday indicates. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) arms continue to be illegally brought in from Yemen into Somalia as imports which end up with Somali opposition and criminal groups. "Arms purchases by opposition groups have reportedly been facilitated by financing from Eritrea, private... (

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Morocco,Algeria,Syria,Tunisia,Egypt,Yemen,Bahrain,Libya,United Kingdom

5 April 2011

Associated Press

LONDON, United Kingdom - British lawmakers issued a critical report Tuesday showing that Britain approved sales of shotguns and tear gas to Libya, machine guns and sniper rifles to Bahrain and military technology to Yemen over the last three years. Parliament's foreign affairs, defense, international development and business committees said in a joint report that ministers failed to consider the implications of weapons sales to the Middle East and elsewhere. "Both the... (

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West Asia,United Arab Emirates,Egypt,Yemen,Turkey

25 March 2011

Associated Press

ANKARA, Turkey - Turkey says it is investigating a shipment of thousands of Turkish-made small arms bound for Yemen that were seized by Dubai police. A statement from Turkey's Foreign Ministry on Friday insisted that no such shipment had been authorized by Turkish officials. Dubai's police found 16,000 pistols concealed in a cargo shipping container. It says the shipment originated in Turkey and passed through an Egyptian port before reaching the Gulf Emirate. The... (

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United States,Yemen,Finland,Switzerland,United Kingdom,Japan,Pakistan,Saudi Arabia

15 December 2010

Times of India

The 'Gun Debate' has engaged many parts of the world for decades and both public opinion and lawmakers in different countries differ considerably on this question. Interestingly, 74% of all firearms globally are owned by civilians. The right to own a firearm is a major issue in US politics and many Americans consider the possession of firearms a time-honoured custom. Strong gun-supporting lobbies like the National Rifle Association spend millions of dollars to fight... (

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8 December 2010


Business has been booming this past week at Jihana, one of Yemen's biggest weapons markets. A deadly feud has erupted between two local tribes, and fighters from both sides have been rushing to stock up on weapons. "We stayed open until midnight yesterday to cope with the demand," said arms trader Muhammed Qubban. Trade is brisk and when a pick-up carrying four masked men arrives, Qubban and other traders are on their feet to sell guns and ammunition. "They're from... (

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25 October 2010

Yemen Post (Sana'a)

Yemen's Interior Ministry announced on Monday all previous gun carry permits are invalid, except those personally signed by its minister. An official at the ministry said the announcement had been circulated to all security offices in all governorates, and the ministry had urged to tighten gun-control measures inside capitals and main cities. The announcement also called for security patrols and checkpoints to apply strict gun-control measures and consider all gun... (

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31 August 2010

IRIN (UN News)

DHAMAR, Yemen - Many Yemeni children who accidentally killed their loved ones while playing with guns kept at home, flee immediately after the incident fearing punishment from their fathers. They become separated from their families and drop out of school. Aref Qied, 15, from Zubaid Uzla village in Ans District, in the central governorate of Dhamar, has not returned home since he shot dead his mother in mid-November 2009 while playing with his family's AK-47 assault... (

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19 April 2010

Yemen Post (Sana'a)

Seeking to contribute to the efforts exerted to shed some light on the different social, economic and political challenges as well as the risks posed by the phenomenon of arms bearing in Yemen, the Yemen Polling Center (YPC) conducted a survey in seven Yemeni governorates, which sought to gauge Yemeni citizens' attitudes towards the carrying and possessing of small arms and light weapons (SALW). Although there is no reliable data about the exact number of arms in... (

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14 February 2010

IRIN (UN News)

SANAA - The government has started imposing tough new restrictions on arms dealers in local markets, but this is merely pushing the trade underground, say local NGO activists and military officials. "In the past, various types of small and medium-sized weapons were sold openly in arms markets inside or outside main cities," Tawfiq Haddash, a Defence Ministry official, told IRIN. "Nowadays, arms dealers in the main cities open their shops with no weapons on display,... (

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Yemen,United States

22 January 2010

Associated Press

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas - A prosecutor said Friday he won't waive the death penalty in the slaying of a soldier outside an Arkansas military recruiting center after the suspect asked to change his plea and claimed ties to al-Qaida. Pulaski County Prosecutor Larry Jegley said he still planned to move forward with the June trial of Abdulhakim Muhammad, who faces capital murder and attempted capital murder charges. Pvt. William Long of Conway was killed in the June 1... (

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Vietnam,Yemen,United States

7 January 2010

Associated Press

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia - A Virginia company run by a would-be arms merchant pleaded guilty Thursday to trying to sell guns, night vision goggles and other military equipment to people in Yemen, Libya and other foreign countries. Ioannis "John" Papathanassiou, 51, of Vienna, Va., entered the guilty plea on behalf of his company, Taipan Enterprises Ltd., at a hearing Thursday in U.S. District Court, admitting that his company sought to broker arms deals without a... (

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United Nations,United States,Yemen

1 January 2010

Inter Press Service News Agency

UNITED NATIONS - When Yemen refused to vote in support of a U.S.-sponsored Security Council resolution against Iraq during the 1990-1991 Gulf War, a visibly angry U.S. delegate turned to the Yemeni diplomat and said: "That will be the last time you will ever vote against a U.S. resolution." Washington's subsequent retaliation, in the aftermath of that negative vote, was predictable. The United States not only downgraded its relationship with Yemen but also cut off all... (

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14 August 2009

National (Dubai)

SANA'A — Yahia al Umaisi, a flagstones worker, considers guns and jambiya, the traditional curved daggers worn by nearly all Yemeni men, symbols of status, power, manhood and responsibility. "Once my boy becomes a grown-up, I will buy him a jambiya and a gun. They are part of our tradition, which we have to cling to and respect. It is a tradition we inherited from our ancestors," Mr al Umaisi said. But with 35 people having died in June this year because of the... (

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10 August 2009

BBC Worldwide Monitoring, Transcript

SANA'A — In Yemen, weapons are considered the main cause of murder and acts of terrorism. However, the heavy weapons that used to be on offer in markets are no longer available due to the government's tough stand on this matter, which arms dealers in the country have resisted. However, you still can buy what you want from black market traders: Anti-aircraft missiles, cannons, offensive weapons, as well as artillery ammunition boxes. In the regions of the north that... (

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5 August 2009

United Press International

SANAA, Yemen — A two-year government ban on firearms in Yemen claimed only modest success as locals prefer customs over formal judicial measures, the U.N. reports. The Interior Ministry in 2007 imposed a ban on firearms to control the spread of weapons in major cities. The government says nearly 293,000 unregistered weapons have been seized since the ban was instituted. The measure comes as Yemen attempts to control al-Qaida affiliates attempting to establish... (

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5 August 2009

IRIN (UN News)

SANAA — The Yemeni government is struggling to control the spread of small arms in major cities, despite the two-year-old ban on firearms. The Interior Ministry's July 2007 ban "somewhat resulted in the disappearance of guns in the capital [Sanaa] and other main cities like Taiz, Ibb and Dhamar only", Khalid al-Ansi, a lawyer at the National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms, told IRIN in Sanaa. The move, however, does not help in disarming people as... (

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27 July 2009


SANAA — Yemen's government urged parliament Monday to pass tougher security and gun-control laws, saying unrest and kidnappings of Westerners were straining the economy of the poor Arab state. Yemen, a mountainous Arabian Peninsula country of 23 million, has been battling a wave of kidnappings and al Qaeda attacks, as well as a Shi'ite Muslim rebellion in its north and rising secessionist sentiment in the south over marginalization. The violence has raised Western... (

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Somalia,Ethiopia,Eritrea,Yemen,United Arab Emirates,Saudi Arabia,West Asia

18 June 2009

Jamestown Foundation (USA) / Terrorism Monitor Volume 7, Issue 17, Web page

In the Hobbesian anarchy that has been the norm in Somalia since the late 1980s, the proliferation of weapons has been associated not only with the pursuit of political power but also with international terrorism and the protection and furtherance of economic objectives in the region. Somalia lies at the heart of regional arms trafficking networks that include governments and private traders in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Developed over many years, this... (

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9 June 2009


MOGADISHU — Sitting on a mat at home between taking orders for arms on his two mobile phones, Osman Bare gives thanks for the riches flowing from Somalia's war. "I have only been in the weapon business five years, but I have erected three villas. I have also opened shops for my two wives," said the 40-year-old, one of about 400 Somali men operating in Mogadishu's main weapons market. "Peace means bankruptcy for us." Despite a U.N. arms embargo on Somalia, the Horn... (

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9 June 2009


In Mogadishu, prices of guns and ammunition have fallen in recent months due to plentiful supplies from Eritrea and Uganda and the weapons Ethiopian troops left behind when they withdrew, arms dealers say. Here is a price list for some popular weapons: Mortars 120 mm - $700 ($55 per mortar bomb) 82 mm - $300 ($25 per bomb) 60 mm - $200 ($18 per bomb) Anti-aircraft guns (truck mounted) 23 mm - $20,000 ($2.50 per round) 37 mm version also available, but there is... (

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25 October 2008

Yemen Observer

The Ministry of the Interior's anti-weapons carrying campaign in major cities resulted in the seizure of over a thousand weapons, stated a recent report. Despite the minister's statement about the seizure of over a thousand weapons, the Yemen Observer has discovered weapons shops on the outskirt's of Sana'a that have resumed selling, particularly at Arhab market (50 kilometers northwest of Sana'a,), al-Hatarish (30 kilometers northeast of Sana'a) and Jahana (30... (

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Finland,Yemen,Switzerland,United States,United Nations

23 October 2008

Chicago Public Radio, Audio

Last month, a 22-year-old student walked into his trade school in Finland and opened fire. He killed 10 people before shooting himself. The school massacre was the second Finland experienced in less than a year. Keith Krause is the Program Director of the Small Arms Survey, an independent research project located at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Switzerland. The Small Arms Survey puts out an annual study on the production,... (

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23 September 2008

Yemen News Agency / SABA

SANA'A — Interior Minister Mutahar Rashad al-Masri said on Tuesday that Yemen will never allow weapons trade to be back after it was prohibited since June 2008. Al-Masri was quoted by the state-run as warning that the Ministry would crack down any arms merchants who sell secretly or in public any pieces of weapons. "The Ministry don't allow the death trade to appear again after we took an unprecedented step enabled to shut down the arm trade markets", he... (

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28 July 2008

Yemen Times / Media Line (New York)

SANA'A — Until recently guns in Yemen were almost as common as water. But bearing arms in the streets was banned a year ago. The Media Line reports on whether the legislation has made any difference. Muhammad never thought that the pistol he kept for self-defense would one evening kill his own child, when the boy took his father's gun to play with. In Yemen there are many such tragic stories about gun victims. It is not unusual to read a newspaper report about a... (

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30 June 2008

Yemen Post

Two weeks ago, Yemen took its biggest step yet in fighting the existence of weapons as a nationwide campaign begun with a goal to close down all weapon shops throughout the country. Until today, 209 weapon shops have been closed down. The government's policy in its campaign was to close down the shops and reimburse weapons dealers by buying their weapons from them, therefore causing the dealers no losses. However, over 148 shop owners refused to hand in their weapons to... (

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19 June 2008

National (Abu Dhabi)

SANA'A — The ministry of interior announced this week that it has closed 124 shops across the country that were selling firearms, arrested 188 weapons dealers and seized vehicles carrying weapons for al Houthi rebels. The closures and arrests came as the government stepped up a campaign it launched in Aug 2007 to close shops selling guns and reduce the number of firearms on the country's streets. "We have closed these shops and will continue to do so for security... (

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16 June 2008

Deutsche Presse-Agentur

SANA'A, Yemen — Yemen's Interior Ministry has embarked on a campaign to close weapons markets across the Arab state to curb the spread of unlicensed weapons, a ministry source said on Monday. 'All weapons shops and markets will be closed and their dealers will be arrested,' the source said in remarks carried by the official media. He said the crackdown would affect 12 main weapons markets and nearly 300 light weapon shops that operate openly throughout the... (

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29 April 2008

Deutsche Presse-Agentur

SANAA — Four military police officers and two civilians were injured in a clash between security forces and unidentified armed men in a southern Yemeni city Monday, police sources said. According to the sources, the gunbattle broke out after police forces tried to disarm the men armed with AK-47 rifles in a marketplace in Ja'ar in the southern province of Abyan. Police forces were acting as part of a campaign to enforce a ban on carrying weapons in main cities. One... (

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8 April 2008

Yemen Observer

The Taiz Governor has confirmed in a debate at Taiz University that the government's weapons carrying ban is universal, from which no citizens are exempt. The governor confirmed that the campaign will continue because it is in the best interests of people who respect the law, and he called on all officials to set a model for the public. Brigadier general Yahiya al-Hisami, the Taiz security commander, disclosed that the government campaign has corresponded with... (

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31 March 2008

Agence France Presse

SANAA — Lawlessness, corruption and an inadequate judiciary combined with age-old customs fuel Yemen's "gun culture" despite government efforts to curb the use of firearms, politicians say. Carrying weapons is so entrenched in the traditions of the Arabian peninsula republic that one resident of the eastern tribal province of Marib was ostracised by his kinsfolk when he decided to ditch his machine-gun. "After graduating from university (in Iraq), I felt that my... (

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3 March 2008

Deutsche Presse-Agentur

SANA'A, Yemen — Yemeni police have confiscated more than 88,000 firearms since a nationwide campaign to enforce a ban on carrying weapons in cities began in last August, the interior ministry said on Monday. It said in a statement that more than 3,000 weapons have been seized in major cities across the Arab country, and over 85,000 pieces were confiscated at checkpoints outside the capital Sana'a and other cities since August 23, 2007. The ban, that includes... (

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2 March 2008

Yemen Times

SANA'A — Two men, Abdi Othman Soli, 28, a Danish citizen of Somali origin, and Abdullah Awadh Al-Masri, 37, a Yemeni national, were found not guilty this week of smuggling weapons to Somalia in 2006. However, the court gave Al-Masri a three-year prison sentence for other charges such as working with and providing shelter for Al-Qaeda operatives and illegal weapons trading. Among other accusations, the two suspects were tried for smuggling anti-aircraft weapons and... (

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7 January 2008

Yeman Times (Sana'a)

According to recent statistics, incidents of crime have decreased by an average of 43% in Yemen's urban areas. The decrease is explained as a result of implementing a government ban on carrying weapons. Mohammed Abudulah Al-Qowsi, the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, confirmed that, "As a result of disarmament, cities are safer for people to live in, especially encouraging and opening better opportunities for investment in Yemen." According to Ahmed Hae'l,... (

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5 January 2008

Yemen Observer

The campaign to ban carrying weapons has achieved positive results in the governorate of Marib, whose officials seized 40,845 weapons at security checkpoints. Those caught with weapons were prevented from entering the city, said the security director of the Marib governorate, Colonel Mohammad al-Ghadra. "The total number of crimes declined during the implementation of the campaign, from 160 reported crimes compared with 183 crimes during the four months preceding the... (

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20 November 2007

Yeman Observer (Sana'a)

Mohammed killed his little sister when he was 20 years-old. "One day, when I was cleaning my gun, my sister was cooking. I knew that she was afraid of guns, so I went to the kitchen to frighten her." He said that he was certain that the gun was locked. "When she saw the gun, she pleaded with me to stop joking with her. But I was so happy that she was afraid. I pointed the gun at her and saw the fear in her eyes. But I was still enjoying her fear." Mohammed did not care... (

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20 September 2007

Reuters AlertNet / IRIN

SANAA — "Guns have caused us to suffer and lead a miserable life," said Ashwaq Mohammed, 27, remembering her husband who was killed four years ago in a shooting incident. "My husband was waiting for lunch in our yard when his close friend jokingly pointed a pistol at his head. A bullet was fired and ended his life." Ashwaq, from Sanaa Province, is a mother of five, has no job and depends on her family to survive, but her plight is not uncommon. A recently... (

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3 September 2007

PressTV (Tehran) / AGB / KB

SANA'A, Yemen — Police in Yemen have seized more than 2,500 firearms in the first week of a campaign to implement a ban on carrying weapons in cities. The Interior ministry said in a statement that weapons have been confiscated at checkpoints outside the capital Sana'a and other major cities since August 23. The campaign was aimed at reducing the visibility of arms that discourage tourism and investments in the country. The ban includes bodyguards of... (

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30 August 2007

News Yemen

GENEVA — The Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies said in a new Small Arms Survey 2007 released last Tuesday that "Yemen is the second after the United States in the number of armed people". It said that Yemen has 61 guns per 100 people after U.S whose citizens own 270 million of the world's 875 million known firearms and about 4.5 million of the 8 million new guns manufactured worldwide each year are purchased in the United States. India had... (

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2 August 2007

Yemen Times (Sana'a)

SANA'A — A security expedition was undertaken, last week, to collect heavy and medium arms, which are considered to pose one of the biggest threats to Yemen's security. Based on the strategy that aimed to collect arms and compensate their owners, Jihana souk of arms, 40 km from Sana'a, was closed during this expedition, according to 26 September newspaper. A source in the Ministry of Interior indicated that the strategic arms limitation is applied by the Ministry so... (

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8 July 2007

IRIN (UN News)

SANAA — Following a 2 July suicide car bombing that killed seven Spanish tourists and two Yemenis in Marib, the government and activists are stepping up efforts to rid the country of weapons. But doing this, they say, is a difficult and complicated process that requires awareness efforts at all levels to prevent tribal violence and revenge killings. Abdul-Rahman al-Marwani, chairman of local NGO Dar al-Salaam Organisation to Combat Revenge and Violence, told IRIN... (

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12 June 2007

Yemen Times

SANA'A — Within the framework of the week of global action against small arms and violence, Al-Salam Organization for Combating Revenge and Spreading Tolerance Culture and International Peace, over the period of June 11 to 17, launches a number of activities aiming to raise awareness among society members as to the risks posed by small arms and violence. Themed "Society Participation for Developing a Cooperation Strategy to Control Arms", the week activities include... (

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29 May 2007

Inter Press Service News Agency

SANA'A — Government plans to disarm large swaths of the population are running into difficulties, with some lawmakers reticent to pass new legislation, calling for enforcement of existing law instead, and tribal leaders demanding the right to protect themselves. The government is trying to arm itself with new legislation for the task. The new law states that weapons must be licensed, and bans possession of heavy weapons. "Within weeks, field committees formed for... (

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27 May 2007

al Jazeera

Yemen has spent millions of dollars in recent months buying up bombs, artillery and even anti-aircraft guns from ordinary civilians as part of a crackdown in a country where arms are openly carried. The country's cabinet launched a campaign last month to shut down shops selling weapons without a license and confiscate unlicensed weapons. It also said that millions of dollars would be spent buying up weapons from heavily-armed tribesmen, in a country where tribes remain... (

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28 April 2007

Yemen Observer

The new Cabinet's decree for confiscating medium and heavy sized weapons from individuals and controlling personal weapons is to be implemented within two weeks, announced Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Dr. Rashad al-Alimi on Thursday. Over the coming days, we'll be implementing the system of protecting senior officials, and treating the issue of personal weapons and collecting the medium and heavy sized weapons from all over the country, the Minister... (

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21 January 2007

Attieg Am Horn, Blog

Why are multi-sectoral gunshot reduction interventions needed? The 2003 Small Arms Survey reported that Yemen has one of the most armed societies in the world. There were varying figures for the exact numbers of firearms owned by Yemeni citizens, but unofficial estimates suggested that there are almost 7 million weapons circulation in the country, which according to the latest census in March 2004 has a population of 19.7 million. Guns, ranging from pistols to large... (

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9 January 2007

Asharq Alawsat (Yemen)

SANAA, Asharq Al-Awsat — Yemeni authorities are currently seeking to restrict the spread of arms in the country, in fear of weapons falling into the hands of terrorist networks such as Al Qaeda for example. Last year, Yemeni authorities discovered that weapons belonging to the Yemeni Ministry of Defense had reached members of Al Qaeda who attacked the American consulate in Jeddah in 2005. However there are many obstacles in the way of controlling the arms trade in... (

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2 December 2006

Yemen Observer

A new law regulating gun possession and the carrying of weapons was first submitted to Parliament in 1995. But in just a few months, it will finally be approved, and should take effect during the first half of next year. So said Sultan al-Barakani, assistant secretary general of the ruling General People's Congress party, in remarks about pending anti-gun and anti-corruption legislations, and about Yemen's development plans. "It's very urgent, because we cannot create... (

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30 October 2006

Australian (Sydney)

At least three Australian converts to Islam have been arrested in Yemen for alleged arms smuggling and accused of links to al-Qa'ida. The trio are among a group of eight foreigners rounded up late last week by Yemeni authorities who had been tracking weapons-smuggling to nearby Somalia. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed last night it had been advised that three Australian citizens were under arrest in the capital, Sanaa. A Yemeni Interior... (

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29 October 2006

al Jazeera / AP

Eight foreigners with alleged links to al-Qaeda have been arrested in Yemen on suspicion of trying to smuggle weapons to Somalia, the interior ministry says. An official said the alleged smugglers included three Australians, one Danish national, a Briton and a German, but gave no details on the identities of the two others. "The eight foreigners were arrested because they smuggled weapons to Somalia from Yemen," the official said in a statement posted on the state-run... (

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8 October 2006

New York Times

SANA, Yemen — With his mobile phone buzzing incessantly, the radio blaring and a band of young men standing by the phones for any word of trouble, Abdelrahman al-Marwani waited nervously as the polls closed in Yemen's presidential elections on Sept. 20, eager to see the results of his decade-long campaign. Success, however, had nothing to do with voting or who might win and everything to do with whether election day remained peaceful. "People are usually riled up... (

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18 September 2006

Reuters / IRIN (UN News)

SANAA — At Yemen's first ever celebration of the United Nations' International Day of Peace, delegates discussed ways to prevent small arms violence through outreach programmes and dialogue. "We hope in future the citizens of Yemen will stop going around with arms, but rather go around armed with the knowledge that their human rights are protected," said Flavia Pansieri, UN Resident Coordinator in Yemen, at the peace event in Sana'a Cultural Centre. The... (

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14 August 2006

Yemen Times (Sana'a)

In an exclusive interview with the Yemen Times, Abdul-Rahman Al-Marwani, Chairman of Dar Al-Salaam Organization to Combat Revenge and Violence, stated that absence of confidence in the judiciary and security and absence of awareness are the main reasons for armed fighting and revenge among Yemenis. How do arms enter the country? There are known local arms dealers. There also are local markets that sell arms openly. Perhaps every city contains a weapons market; if not,... (

Read More: Yemen Times (Sana'a)



8 July 2006

Yemen Observer (Sana'a)

The carrying of small and light weapons in Yemen has been decreasing due to efforts made by leading Sheikhs in various rural areas, according to al-Marwani, head of the Dar al-Salam organization for combating revenge, violence and spreading a culture of tolerance. The accompanying decrease in the small arms trade comes as a result of the many functions that the organization and its supporters have undertaken all over Yemen. The functions revealed suffering in many... (

Read More: Yemen Observer (Sana'a)



10 June 2006

IRIN (UN News)

SANAA — "I have cannons, missiles, Kalashnikovs, anti-aircraft guns and hand grenades," said community leader Mohammad Naji, sitting cross-legged in his house in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa. "This is a part of our culture, and a tribesman can give up everything except his gun." Though not everyone in Yemen has an arms cache the size of Naji's, almost every household has at least one gun. Arms possession is particularly common in the north and northwest of the country.... (

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21 May 2006

IRIN (UN News) / Reuters

SANAA — "I have cannons, missiles, Kalashnikovs, anti-aircraft guns and hand grenades," said community leader Mohammed Naji, sitting cross-legged in his house in the Yemeni capital, Sana'a. "This is a part of our culture, and a tribesman can give up everything except his gun." Though not everyone in Yemen has an arms cache the size of Naji's, almost every household has at least one gun. Arms possession is particularly common in the north and northwest of the... (

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6 May 2006

Terrorism Monitor; Vol. 3, Issue 9

The November 28 2002 attack on an Israeli airliner in Mombassa, Kenya, focused attention on Yemen and it arms markets. A UN report tasked with assessing arms trafficking to Somalia found that the shoulder fired missiles used in that attack likely originated from Yemen. Furthermore, follow-up reports cite Yemen's weapons availability as a significant risk factor for al-Qaeda's procurement of arms. Yemen's efforts at internal control started after 9/11 with the new... (

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Yemen,United States

12 October 2005

Associated Press

SAN'A, Yemen — Two AK-47 assault rifles used in a deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Saudi Arabia have been traced to Yemen's Defense Ministry, according to Western and Yemeni officials, raising new fears that the country isn't doing enough to fight terrorism. The revelation comes five years after al-Qaida-linked militants bombed the U.S. destroyer Cole on Oct. 12, 2000, at the port in San'a, the capital, killing 17 sailors. In other developments, Yemeni... (

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10 October 2005

Khaleej Times (Dubai)

SANAA — The Yemeni government admitted on Monday that it sent weapons to Somalia earlier this year to help the country's interim government consolidate its grip on power and restore stability. "Yemen has supplied the legitimate government in Somalia with personal arms in support of police forces that are being prepared and equipped to strengthen the elected government's capacities to boost the security and stability of the country," a Yemeni official source said in a... (

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27 September 2005

Yemen Times, Opinion

Last week, the capital Sana'a saw the protest against the firearms, demanding their ban in the main cities and the issuance of the firearms carrying and possession control that has been collecting dust in the parliament for several years. It is good that the firearms law turns into a public issue. Of course, public participation in all the issues is very much needed and I have been really happy when I heard that some NGOs were going to run a protest against firearms... (

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21 September 2005

Yemen Observer (Sana'a)

SANA'A — The Yemeni parliament is set to approve a new law banning the carrying of weapons in cities, after hundreds of Yemenis gathered outside parliament on Monday. The gathering was organized, AKI reports, to protest against the widespread use of weapons and urge parliament to ratify the draft law. The law was approved by the cabinet four years ago, but has yet to be passed by Parliament, which is largely made up of MPs with tribal backgrounds. The Yemeni... (

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20 September 2005

IRIN (UN News)

SANA — Hundreds of protestors on Monday took to the streets of the Yemeni capital, Sana, to demand that the country's parliament debate a stalled draft law controlling the ownership and use of firearms. They demanded the banning of firearms in the major cities, saying gun-related crime in the country had soared to unacceptable levels. Led by the mayor of Sana, Ahmed al-Kuhlani, the protestors marched from al-Tahrir square to the parliament where they delivered a... (

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20 September 2005

Arab News (Jeddah)

SANAA — Hundreds of people demonstrated outside the Yemeni Parliament yesterday calling on MPs to ratify a draft law banning the carrying of firearms in cities. The demonstrators, mostly rights activists, held placards denouncing the practice of carrying firearms in main city streets across Yemen. The legislation was approved by the Cabinet four years ago and has yet to be ratified by the Parliament controlled mainly by MPs of tribal backgrounds. Yemeni authorities... (

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20 September 2005

Gulf News (Dubai) / AP

SANAA — Yemeni nurses hold an anti-firearms poster as they join a demonstration in Sanaa yesterday against the alleged rising crime rate in Yemen. [Photo] The banner claims that firearms are a problem for security, investment and a reason behind the rising crime rate. In tribal gun markets outside the main cities, such as Sawadia, both light and heavy weapons are... (

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Yemen,West Asia

9 February 2005

Yemen Times

Yemen is chosen as regional co-ordinator of a workshop on small arms issues. Organized by the Permanent Peace Movement Society in Lebanon and the Regional Network for Controlling the Misuse of Small Arms, the workshop will concentrate on the importance of the research for following up the spread of small arms spreading. It was related to the UN special program for following up on arms studies. Discussion carried out in a recent meeting in Beriut focused on the... (

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1 November 2004

Yemen Times

DAR AL-SALAAM — The House of Peace has been working hard to fight against Yemen being awash with weapons since it was established in 1997. According to Abdul Rahman Al-Marwani, Head and Founder of Dar Al-Salaam, the organization aims at reducing the availability and use of weapons. "We are working on peace and tolerance and how to spread it," said Al-Marwani. "Our most important activities are to spread peace and tolerance, and it has started with social awareness."... (

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Ukraine,Cuba,Venezuela,Peru,Sierra Leone,Afghanistan,Iraq,Yemen,Pakistan,Malaysia,Sri Lanka

19 September 2004

Jane's Defence News, Web Page

Ukraine's arms exports last year stood at US$530-550m, an increase on the year before when they were officially recorded at $440m. JID's regional analyst looks at the implications of Kiev's weapons policy. Ukrainian experts analysing this highly secretive sector of Ukraine's foreign trade believe that the volume of military exports could rise to an annual maximum of $700m. Of course, these figures do not include the large volume of unofficial trade in weapons. Since... (

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9 February 2004

Associated Press

CAIRO, Egypt — In a bid to stop arms smuggling and terror attacks, Saudi and Yemeni officials will meet soon to review plans to build a fence along their frontier, a pan-Arab newspaper reported Monday. Lt. Gen. Talal Anqawi, head of the Saudi border police, told the London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat that the concrete fence would be effective in preventing smuggling and infiltration, especially by car. The newspaper said the meeting was being held to avoid an... (

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19 January 2004

Yemen Times

According to a recent report released by the Ministry of Interior, carrying arms and tampering with them during 2003 continued to be one of the most prevalent problems in Yemen, especially as many victims were reported last year because of the misuse or criminal use of weapons. Many of the victims were women and children. The competent security bodies have observed last year sad incidents due to fiddling with small arms in various parts of the country. In some... (

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17 October 2003

Associated Press

SA'DAH — In a grimy arms market in this border town, a salesman with a dagger tucked in his belt surveys firearms, grenades and launchers littering his shop. For $2,500, an 85mm surface-to-surface missile can be had that would destroy a car or blow through a building, arms dealers say. Under U.S. pressure to keep illegal weapons out of terrorist hands, Yemen and Saudi Arabia have joined forces to stem the flow of weapons and explosives across their porous desert... (

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25 May 2002

Associated Press

SANA'A, Yemen — Five people were killed and seven wounded in tribal clashes involving heave machine gun fire Saturday in central Yemen, a police official said. Fighting between the al-Absi and Bani Wahab tribes in the central al-Baydah province killed four people. The fifth, a woman, died later in hospital, the official said on condition of anonymity. People living in the area said the clashes continued for hours and badly damaged five al-Absi tribes people... (

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19 March 2002

New York Times, Opinion

SUQ AL-TALH, Yemen — Want to buy a submachine gun? This little market town in the wild, wild north of Yemen has more than 50 shops selling all kinds of toys for boys. A used Uzi goes for $170, a machine pistol with silencer is $350, and a brand-new AK-47 assault rifle goes for nearly $400. Grenades are $4 each. An antitank mine is $22. A rocket-propelled grenade launcher is $500. An arms merchant I met here might even be able to find you an antiaircraft gun or a... (

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5 February 2002

Associated Press

SAN'A, Yemen — The government banned Yemenis on Tuesday from carrying guns on city streets, and urged security officials to do all they can to enforce the prohibition. Guns, ammunition and explosives are sold freely in Yemen, a largely tribal society where weapons are carried openly and people often settle feuds with guns. The problem grew during the 1994 civil war when many arms were smuggled into the country. The government did not say why it issued the ban, but... (

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22 January 2002

BBC News

On any given Friday, dozens of Yemeni men gather around the edges of a deep, rocky canyon outside of the nation's capital Sanaa to celebrate the weddings of fellow tribesmen. They dance in circles to the beat of drums, all brandishing the curved daggers Yemeni men wear around their waists. Many are also carrying AK-47 assault rifles, hunting rifles and pistols. They proudly display the firearms, holding them above their heads and firing bursts in the air. Yemen's... (

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16 June 2001

Telegraph (UK)

He is a Yemeni and studied engineering for five years in Germany, but Faraj swore in English. "Shit. Oh, shit," my driver breathed softly as we crested a rise on the main road north from Sana'a, the Yemeni capital. About 50 yards away a battered oil drum stood in the centre of the road, with two figures beside it. We were motioned to pull up. The taller of the two was in his twenties, with an AK-47 over his shoulder. His sidekick was too young to shave but considered... (

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22 March 2000

Associated Press

SAN'A, Yemen — "Let me tell you about my arsenal," tribal leader Ahmed Abbad Sherif says, sitting cross-legged at his home in the Yemeni capital. "I have cannons, missiles, mortars, anti-aircraft guns," he says, ticking them off on his fingers. "I have machine guns, rocket launchers and grenades." Though not everyone in Yemen has an arms cache the size of Sherif's, almost every home in the country of 17 million has at least one firearm, many smuggled in during the... (

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6 September 1999


SANAA, Yemen — Yemen's interior minister said on Monday authorities had confiscated 3,732 weapons since the Arab state banned the carrying of weapons in its cities six days ago. Interior Minister Hussein Mohammad Arab told a news conference that authorities had confiscated 3,338 automatic weapons, 386 guns and eight grenades during searches. The ban also applies to licensed weapons. Unlicensed guns, including assault rifles, are openly carried in Yemen. Unofficial... (

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20 June 1999


SANAA — Yemen on Saturday started a campaign to take weapons away from its heavily armed population, residents and local media reported. Witnesses in the capital said security forces patrolled the streets and set up check points in search of weapons. The official newspaper Al-Thawra said the government campaign, the third in less than two years, followed 10 shooting incidents last week in which three people, including a six-year-old child, were killed. A security... (

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27 November 1998

Philadelphia Inquirer

SAN'A, Yemen — In the life of the Yemeni male, there are three inescapable and arguably paramount concerns. There is Islam, the religion that has formed the basis of this society for more than a thousand years. There is khat, the bitter and mildly uplifting plant whose buying, selling and consumption has been, also for centuries, the centerpiece of the nation's social life. And there are guns, which arrived in profusion much more recently than the Koran or khat,... (

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25 April 1998


SANAA — Yemen on Saturday launched a campaign to disarm citizens after a grenade blast at a mosque in the capital Sanaa on Friday killed two people and wounded 27. Witnesses in the capital said security forces patrolled the streets and set up checkpoints in search of illegal weapons. The campaign was confirmed by a security official. Yemen launched two similar campaigns in 1997. Illicit guns, mainly Kalashnikov automatic rifles, are openly carried in Yemen, one of... (

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