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Uganda Destroys 6,000 Illegal Guns

21 November 2016

K FM (Uganda)

In an effort to reduce the amount of illicit arms, the government has today destroyed 6000 small arms and weapons collected by police in a nationwide exercise. In his speech during the exercise in Bukasa, Wakiso District, the state minister for internal affairs Mario Obigo Kania said such arms pose a major security threat if poorly managed and stored. He also added that improving human security shouldn't be a responsibility of only the security agencies but also... (

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Armed Violence and Illegal Guns in East Africa - Recent Study

26 July 2016

New Times (Rwanda)

East African Community (EAC) member countries are meeting in Kigali for a validation workshop on the study by the Regional Centre on Small Arms (RECSA) on the status of armed crimes in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The report dubbed 'Analysis of Armed Crime Rates' released yesterday, in Kigali was conducted between 2010 and March 2016 with the support of African Development Bank (AfDB). According to the report, Rwanda registered 421 cases related to... (

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Kenya's Private Gun Ownership the Largest in East Africa

11 July 2016

East African (Nairobi)

Kenya has the largest number of guns in civilian hands in eastern Africa amid rising gun attacks while Rwanda has the least, a global survey shows. Data from Sidney-based, a website backed by the United Nations, puts the estimated number of guns possessed by Kenyan civilians at about 680,000, comprising licit and illicit firearms. Tanzania has 550,000 guns in private hands, Uganda (400,000), Ethiopia (320,000), Burundi (100,000) and 58,000 for... (

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Uganda Govt Swoop: Gun Owners Must Register All Firearms

15 April 2016

Observer (Kampala)

By April 30, all firearms in civilians possession must have been registered, the ministry of Internal Affairs said in its latest attempt to crack down on illegal small arms. Unregistered firearms will be declared illegal, the minister of state for Internal Affairs James Baba said on Monday. Firearm registration, the minister said, is meant to control small arms and light weapons owned by civilians and maintain proper national control over government stockpiles of all... (

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Uganda: Surrender Illegal Guns or We Send You to Heaven

30 March 2016

Monitor (Kampala)

LIRA — Lira Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Mr Emmanuel Mwaka Lutukumoi, has issued a directive for those in possession of illegal firearms to surrender them or face the full force of the law. The directive follows concerns over a high percentage of firearms that are currently believed to be in the hands of wrong people in the district, once a war-torn area. In a statement on Monday, Lutukumoi, who also chairs the district security committee, said a major... (

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Gun-Related Homicides Rising in Uganda - Report

9 April 2014

Observer (Kampala)

The number of cases of murder by shooting in Uganda rose by 14 per cent last year, the annual police report has shown. The 2013 Crime, Traffic and Road Safety report, which was released in Kampala on Monday, shows that the police investigated 131 cases of gun-shot murder, compared to 115 the year before. Some 192 people were shot dead last year, the report said. Of these, 163 were men, 20 were women, six were boys and three were girls. Releasing the report, Inspector... (

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How Disarmament in Africa Got More Complicated

5 November 2013

IPI Global Observatory

Africa is ground zero in the international debate on controlling the small arms and light weapons trade. For more than a decade, diplomatic activity to contain arms and ammunition transfers has been animated by a concern with instability and contagion generated by the continent's many wars. Leading think tanks, research groups, and advocacy organizations have repeatedly drawn attention to the way the burden of armed violence in Africa is a product of low-tech assault... (

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Interpol Chief Suggests Armed Citizenry to Counter Terrorism

21 October 2013

ABC News (USA)

Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said today the U.S. and the rest of the democratic world is at a security crossroads in the wake of last month's deadly al-Shabab attack at a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya – and suggested an answer could be in arming civilians. In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Noble said there are really only two choices for protecting open societies from attacks like the one on Westgate mall where so-called "soft targets" are hit:... (

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One Dead, Six Injured in Uganda Bar Shooting

7 October 2013

New Vision (Kampala)

One person was shot dead and six others injured and admitted in critical condition at Mulago national referral hospital when an unidentified man opened fire following a disagreement with his girlfriend in a city pub on Sunday. The 5.00am incident, the Police said, happened at Top pub a popular hangout on William street- the second such incident at the place in four years. Four people are so far in police custody over the incident. The man armed with a pistol is said... (

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Uganda Police Recover Over 100 Guns in Disarmament Campaign

9 September 2013

New Vision (Kampala)

At least 124 guns have been recovered from the districts of Napak, Amudat, Nakapiripirit, Moroto as well as parts of Teso, Bugisu and Sebei. Also recovered were 1,600 bullets and military gear. UPDF 3rd Division spokesperson Lt. Jimmy Omara said they were recovering fewer guns than in the past when over 400 guns would be recovered within a month in just four districts. He said there had been tremendous improvement in security, adding that the rampant killings that... (

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Kenya Police Out to Stop Guns From Uganda

4 September 2013

Star (Kenya)

Police in Bungoma have moved to curb the influx of illegal firearms from the neigbouring Uganda. Speaking to the Star yesterday, county commissioner Mohamed Maalim said the firearms from the Uganda are the main cause of insecurity in the [county]. "We have instituted measures that will ensure thorough checks at our border points of Malaba and Lwakhakha to ensure that firearms are not sneaked from Uganda,"he said. Guns are easily available in Uganda with security... (

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Kenya Police say Crime Guns from Uganda

13 June 2013

Star (Kenya)

KITALE - Kitale deputy police boss Duncan Nguthu has said two guns and 150 rounds of ammunition recovered from three criminal suspects killed at Kiminini recently came from Uganda. Addressing mourners at Kamukuywa during the burial ceremony of a security officer, Nguthu said the equipment had not been used. Last week, three suspected criminals were lynched and their bodies burnt beyond recognition by the public. Nguthu asked leaders and chiefs to revive community... (

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Kenya Authorities Plan Crackdown on Illegal Guns

10 May 2013

Star (Kenya)

Western PC James Serian has said the regional security team is profiling people with illegal arms. "There are illegal firearms in Western particularly in Mt Elgon, Malaba, Teso, Busia, along the Kenya and even Kakamega. Currently we are profiling all persons we suspect have fire arms," said Serian. He said the provincial security team will start an operation to recover all guns in wrong hands in the area. Serian said the porous Kenya-Uganda border could be blamed for... (

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Armed Violence Provokes Ban on Gun Licensing in Uganda

27 March 2013

Monitor (Kampala)

Kampala - Police have said they have stopped licensing of guns to people and ordered private security organisations to deploy more than one security guard at business premises. The measure comes at the backdrop of increased armed robberies in the city and its suburbs that have claimed lives of more than four prominent businessmen since the year started. "We are calling upon private security agencies to deploy about two or more security guards at every station as this... (

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Uganda Gangs Stealing Weapons from Police, Terrorising Citizens

22 March 2013

New Vision (Kampala)

The Police have listed over a dozen criminal gangs that are terrorising residents in and around Kampala. The media has recently been awash with reports of daring thugs raiding police stations and making off with weapons, killing or injuring security personnel and civilians in addition to rampant robberies of money and property. Recently thugs raided Mpala police station on Entebbe road and stole a gun and ammunition. Last week a gang raided the suburb of Bweyogerere... (

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Strict Gun Control Is Long Overdue in Uganda

14 March 2013

Observer (Kampala), Editorial

The minister of Defence, Dr Crispus Kiyonga, has promised stricter gun control in the aftermath of a shooting incident in Bombo town council in which 10 people were killed. Kiyonga told Parliament on Wednesday that security organs are to review their discipline and gun control measures in a bid to achieve institutional tight control on firearms. This is long overdue as there have been far too many shooting incidents in Uganda involving armed security officers over the... (

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East Africa Civil Society Calls for Tougher Laws to Curb Illegal Gun Trade

27 January 2013

New Vision (Kampala)

The East Africa Action Network on small arms (EAANSA) has called for tougher laws and increased vigilance among member states of the East African community (EAC) to curb illegal movement of small arms and light weapons. According to the executive secretary EAANSA, Richard Mugisha, considering that the dynamics and movement of small arms and light weapons (SALWs) transcend the political boarders that divide state parties within East Africa, there is need for increased... (

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Trail of Bullet Casings Leads from Africa's Wars Back to Iran

11 January 2013

New York Times

The first clues appeared in Kenya, Uganda and what is now South Sudan. A British arms researcher surveying ammunition used by government forces and civilian militias in 2006 found Kalashnikov rifle cartridges he had not seen before. The ammunition bore no factory code, suggesting that its manufacturer hoped to avoid detection. Within two years other researchers were finding identical cartridges circulating through the ethnic violence in Darfur. Similar ammunition then... (

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Special Investigation: How Smugglers are Flooding Kenya with Guns

8 January 2013

Star (Kenya), Series

There are estimated 530,000-680,000 firearms in the wrong hands in Kenya. The number of illegal arms has grown over the years and is said to fuel the conflicts witnessed within Kenya and the region. In an investigation that took close to a year, our correspondent Kassim Mohamed tracked down some of the people who smuggle small arms and light weapons into Kenya and unveils a dangerous trend that can affect the current peace if nothing is done by not just the Kenyan... (

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East Africa States to Work Together to Reduce Gun Trafficking

16 October 2012

New Vision (Kampala)

Directors of Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Directorates (CIID) in the East African region on Monday resolved to support Somalia to neutralise gun trafficking across the region. The directors said arms traffickers were taking advantage of Somalia's instability and location next to the sea. The Inspector General of Police, Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura, said Somalia, which is now a reconstructed state, is ready to halt and thrash all culprits in gun trafficking... (

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