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Solomon Islands,Australia

China, Australia Must Not Turn Solomon Islands Into a Gun State

5 November 2022

Guardian, Opinion

My country once lived in fear of the gun. Thousands of weapons, many stolen from police armouries, fuelled the years of violence known as "the tensions", and disarming the police and population took years. Now, it seems China and Australia want to turn Solomon Islands into a gun state again. This week Australia announced it would give the Royal Solomon Islands police force 13 vehicles and 60 MK-18 semi-automatic rifles – a move described as a "gamechanger" that... (

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Solomon Islands,Australia

Australia Donates 60 Rifles to Solomon Islands Police Force

2 November 2022


Australia has provided Solomon Islands police with MK18 rifles and vehicles. Photograph: Australian High Commission to Solomon Islands Australia has announced the donation of police vehicles and 60 MK18 rifles to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in a move described as a "game changer" for Australia's relationship with Solomon Islands police. The announcement comes after a turbulent year in the relationship between Australia and Solomon Islands,... (

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United States,Botswana,Cook Islands,Fiji,Iceland,Ireland,Kiribati,Malawi,Marshall Islands,Nauru,New Zealand,Niue,Norway,Samoa,Solomon Islands,Tonga,Tuvalu,United Kingdom,Vanuatu,Virgin Islands (US)

The 19 Countries That Do Not Arm Their Police Officers

19 July 2017


A woman who called 911 to report a nearby crime was killed by a US police officer last weekend. The circumstances surrounding her death are still unclear. The fatal shooting of Justine Ruszczyk, a dual Australian-US national who had settled in Minnesota in 2014, has made headlines in both her native Australia and her adopted home in Minneapolis – once again reigniting the all too familiar debate surrounding the role that firearms play in both law enforcement and in... (

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Caribbean,American Samoa,Niue,Palau,Northern Mariana Islands,Nauru,Cook Islands,Fiji,Micronesia,French Polynesia,Marshall Islands,Kiribati,Papua New Guinea,Samoa,Solomon Islands,Tonga,Tuvalu,Vanuatu,New Caledonia

Addressing Gun Violence in the Caribbean and the Pacific

15 July 2016

The Diplomat (Japan)

"The seas bring us together, they do not separate us." –Constitution of the Federated States of Micronesia The Caribbean and the Pacific each offer a unique and contrasting perspective toward addressing armed violence. Despite sharing similar challenges as Small Island Developing States (SIDS), each region faces very different circumstances on the ground. In light of this, each region has taken a different approach toward addressing armed violence. The Pacific stands... (

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Australia,New Zealand,Solomon Islands,Papua New Guinea

Why Australia is Gunning for the Illegal Trade in Weapons

2 June 2014

Australian (Sydney)

Canberra, A.C.T - Illegally traded conventional weapons claim more than half a million victims every year. These weapons kill, maim and disable, undermine economic prosperity and development, and keep millions of people, especially women and children, trapped in fear. Australia will this week ratify the first legally binding instrument ever negotiated in the UN to establish common standards for the international transfer of conventional arms, the Arms Trade Treaty. In... (

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Solomon Islands,Australia,Papua New Guinea,Timor-Leste

Spread of Guns a 'Disease at the Heart of Society,' says Australia

12 November 2013

ABC Radio Australia (Shortwave)

Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says the international humanitarian system must improve its efficiency, quality and reach. Ms Bishop told delegates at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent societies conference in Sydney that the system is being increasingly stretched by conflicts and crises. The new types of conflict are leading to more attacks targeting aid workers. Ms Bishop says the independent non-combatant status of the Red Cross and Red... (

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Solomon Islands

Authorisation to Carry Guns in Solomon Island's Police Force

25 October 2013

ABC News (Australia)

Planning has begun in Solomon Islands for parts of the local police force to again be issued with guns. It's a major shift in policy, 10 years after a gun amnesty was introduced as part of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands. RAMSI's Participating Police Force Commander Paul Osborne says only three sections of the force will carry the weapons. "That'll be airport policing," he told Pacific Beat. "The close personal protection (unit to protect) visiting... (

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Solomon Islands

Planning Underway for Re-Introduction of Firearms into Solomons Police

25 October 2013

ABC Radio Australia (Shortwave)

In Solomon Islands, planning is now underway for the local police force to AGAIN be issued with guns. Although the reintroduction of firearms would be limited, it's still a major shift in policy 10 years after a gun amnesty was part of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands or RAMSI. The intervention was a regional response to five years of ethnic tensions and there's no doubt some of the bloodshed was caused by the police's own guns which militants had... (

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Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Approves Limited Reintroduction of Firearms for Police

21 October 2013

Scoop (New Zealand), Media release

Cabinet has approved a limited reintroduction of firearms into the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force. Minister for Police, National Security and Corrections Chris Laore announced the Cabinet decision at the signing of the 5 year RAMSI Drawdown Strategy at the Rove Police Headquarters last Thursday. Minister Laore said the limited reintroduction of firearms is a capacity development program within the 2013-2017 RAMSI Drawdown Strategy for the Royal Solomon Islands... (

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Solomon Islands

Solomons Man Arrested After Threats with Modified 'High Powered' Gun

4 October 2012

Solomon Times Online (Solomon Islands)

A recent firearm incident in the Province of Makira, Solomon Islands had left police seriously concerned about the country's security. Deputy Police Commissioner, Walter Kola yesterday had announced the arrest of a person in Arosi in the possession of a 3-0-3 high powered weapon. Mr Kola says that the weapon also seem modified by homemade means. Police became aware of the matter when villagers reported the man to police, following an incident over a brawl over which... (

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Melanesia,Papua New Guinea,Australia,Solomon Islands,New Caledonia,Oceania

Concern in Papua New Guinea Over Gun-Related Crime, Trafficking

3 September 2012

Inter Press Service News Agency

BRISBANE - In Papua New Guinea, the largest island nation in Melanesia in the southwest Pacific, where more than 60 percent of major crimes involve guns, a burgeoning illegal arms trade is associated with lack of employment growth and low human security, with vulnerable communities suffering the consequences. This is the case in the autonomous region of Bougainville in the east of the country, where disarmament remains elusive more than ten years after a civil war... (

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Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Inputs in Negotiations on the International Arms Trade Treaty

31 May 2011

Solomon Star (Solomon Star)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must get whole of government support and develop a comprehensive policy framework to ensure that the planned international arms trade treaty (ATT) has the most benefit to the Solomon Islands. These were some of the recommendations emerging from a national consultation held in Honiara last Thursday on the treaty, which aims to create a legally binding international framework to regulate the trade in conventional weapons. If successful... (

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Oceania,United Nations,Australia,New Zealand,Fiji,Solomon Islands,Papua New Guinea

United Nations Gun Chief Says Pacific Has Illicit Small Arms Problem

25 June 2009

ABC Radio Australia (Shortwave), Audio

The United Nations is working to halt the daily toll of one-thousand people around the world killed by small arms. The job of halting the toll taken by small illegal weapons has now been placed in the hands of United Nations Ambassador, Pablo Macedo. Ambassador Macedo is Chair Designate for next year's United Nations Biennial Meeting of States on Illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons. Speaker: United Nations Ambassador, Pablo Macedo Windows media (audio... (

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Oceania,Australia,Solomon Islands,Papua New Guinea,Fiji,United Nations

Guns Threaten Pacific Stability, Ammunition Controls on Way, UN Told

24 June 2009

ABC Radio Australia (Shortwave)

Guns in the Pacific region have the potential to create chaos, economic damage and social disruption, a conference has been told. The meeting of Pacific Island officials in Sydney was sponsored by the United Nations Disarmament Office and the Australian Government. The two-day event, which has just wound up, looked at the scale of the problem and initiatives to tackle it. It was chaired by Mexico's Pablo Macedo, at his first meeting in charge of steering UN... (

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Solomon Islands,Australia,United Nations

UN Gun Control Meeting Draws Delegates from 17 Nations of the Pacific

22 June 2009

Solomon Star (Honiara)

Solomon Islands is among countries taking part in the regional meeting on small arms in Sydney, Australia, starting today. The United Nations meeting on the Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All its Aspects for States of the Pacific region will be held today and tomorrow. The United Nations Office organizes the meeting for Disarmament Affairs, including its Regional Centre for Peace and... (

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Solomon Islands

Total Gun Ban, Weapon Destruction Brings Peace to Troubled Pacific Nation

23 February 2009

BBC News

HONIARA, Solomon Islands — A parliamentary panel in the Solomon Islands, in the South Pacific, is debating the future of an Australian-led peacekeeping force. The UN has praised it as a model of regional intervention — but is its work now done? The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) is not one of the world's best-known peacekeeping forces. But the story of how peace has been built here, in this former British protectorate, is largely a story... (

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Solomon Islands

Crocodiles Now Seen as More of a Problem in Gun-free Solomon Islands

11 November 2008

Fairfax Media

Peace in the once troubled Solomon Islands is having a tragic side-effect as crocodiles are attacking unarmed villagers. As a result the international police force in the Pacific nation has gone crocodile hunting and in the last couple of days has killed 11. The country suffered ethnic conflict in the late 1990s on its main island of Guadalcanal which only ended in 2003 with the military Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) and the Participating... (

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Solomon Islands,Australia

Compensation Paid for Solomon Islands Gun Buyback

7 November 2008

Radio New Zealand International (Shortwave)

The Solomon Islands Police Minister says the team paying compensation to members of the public who handed in their guns after the ethnic tensions will go out to the provinces involved. Licensed Solomon Islands gun holders who surrendered their weapons in 2003 to RAMSI have started receiving their compensation from the Police Ministry this week in Honiara. Government has allocated half a million US dollars for the payments with 1,726 people reportedly eligible for... (

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Solomon Islands

Gun Owners Receive Payout for 2003 Confiscation in Solomon Islands

7 November 2008

Radio New Zealand International (Pacific shortwave)

The Solomon Islands Police Minister says the team paying compensation to members of the public who handed in their guns after the ethnic tensions will go out to the provinces involved. Licensed Solomon Islands gun holders who surrendered their weapons in 2003 to RAMSI have started receiving their compensation from the Police Ministry this week in Honiara. Government has allocated half a million US dollars for the payments with 1,726 people reportedly eligible for... (

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Solomon Islands

Six Dead in 18 Months as Crocodiles Enjoy Gun-free Solomon Islands

19 September 2008

ABC Radio Australia (Shortwave)

Attempts to turn Solomon Islands into a gun-free society has had an unintended deadly side effect. It's lead in part, to an increase in the number of fatal crocodile attacks. Guns were banned on Solomon Islands following racial tensions and the arrival in 2003 of the Australian lead Regional Assistance Mission, RAMSI. Solomon Islands Acting Police Commissioner, Peter Marshall, has told Radio Australia at least six people have been killed by crocodiles in the past 18... (

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