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Sierra Leone,West Africa

72 Small Arms Destroyed by Rural Communities in Sierra Leone

1 November 2020

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

On the 28th October 2020, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with Sierra Leone National Commission on Small Arms (SLeNCSA) and communities in the border districts of Falaba and Kailahun destroyed 72 weapons collected from these communities under the Weapons for Development initiative of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)-European Union (EU) Organized Crime West African Response to Trafficking (OCWAR-T) project. The... (

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West Africa,Ghana,Côte d'Ivoire,Nigeria,Mali,Burkina Faso,Sierra Leone

Homemade Firearms Fuel Conflict in West Africa

18 October 2017

ENACT Observer

The trafficking and illicit circulation of small arms and light weapons (SALW) is often discussed in the context of fuelling instability and insecurity in West Africa. Rarely, however, do these conversations give appropriate attention to the issue of locally manufactured weapons. The production of firearms by local artisans is not new to the region. It has existed in many countries (e.g. Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal,... (

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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Destroys 5,000 Firearms [FR]

29 March 2016

Voice of America (Africa), Agence France Presse

[Translated summary: Sierra Leone destroyed around 5,000 firearms on Saturday, including AK-47s, M16s, hunting shotguns and home-made firearms, some of which were seized starting from 2002 at the end of the civil war.] La Sierra Leone a entamé samedi la destruction de quelque 5.000 armes, une opération menée pour améliorer la sécurité dans ce pays qui a connu une guerre civile meurtrière entre 1991 et 2002. L'opération a débuté dans deux dépôts militaires... (

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Liberia,Sierra Leone,New Zealand,United Kingdom

Hospital-Based Research in Liberia on Armed Violence

19 February 2016

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War / IPPNW (USA)

Results of hospital-based research in Liberia on armed violence spearheaded by members of IPPNW was published recently by the Small Arms Survey in Switzerland. A main finding of The Value of Hospital Data - Understanding and Preventing Intentional Injury in Liberia (1) was that the Liberian Armed Violence Observatory (LAVO) is not receiving all the data it needs to most effectively inform intervention strategies on armed violence prevention. "Our analysis of hospital... (

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Sierra Leone

Amnesty for Sierra Leone Gun Owners

26 January 2016

Politico SL

The Sierra Leone National Commission on Small Arms (SLNCSA) has announced a 90-day amnesty to allow people with unregistered guns hand them over or have them licensed. The amnesty runs from between 1, January and 31, March 2016, said (Rtd) Colonel Saa Anthony Sinah, Deputy Commissioner, SLNCSA, adding that it covered non-military weapons allowed to be used only for gaming and security purposes. He told Politico that only non-military weapons like hunting guns, which... (

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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Gunsmiths Become Blacksmiths, Mark Firearms for Officials

2 April 2014

Awoko (Sierra Leone)

In a bid to provide alternative livelihood for local manufacturers of light weapons such as shotguns, Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) has registered some 1,500 Blacksmiths in the Mano River Basin as pilot beneficiaries aimed at achieving that objective. The exercise, also aimed at reducing the impact of armed violence in the four-member country sub regional organization, was recently announced by the Programme Manager of AOAV, Francis Owane-Addo at the launch of the... (

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Germany,South Africa,Saudi Arabia,Sierra Leone

German Arms Go Into Child Soldiers' Hands

15 February 2014

Turkish Weekly / Deutsche Welle / Voice of Russia (Moscow)

With Germany being one of the largest arms exporters, many of the resources are going to the countries where children are used as exploiters in the military. Michael D, one of the former soldiers, who is currently living in Berlin states: "We were mostly deployed for attacks. We were often the first to be sent into combat and had to dodge the flurry of bullets." Since he was a young boy, he was forced to become a soldier in his native country, Sierra Leone, where he... (

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Nigeria,Sierra Leone

Two Nigerian Men Held in Sierra Leone for Unlicensed Guns

10 February 2014

Concord Times (Freetown)

Two Nigerians - Paul Ekechukwu and Prince Duru - were last Friday remanded at the maximum security prison at Pademba Road for allegedly being in possession of firearms without license. The accused are being tried at the Freetown Magistrates' Court No. 2, presided over by Magistrate Komba Kamanda, on two counts of unlawful possession of small arms without license, contrary to section 19(2) of the Arms and Ammunition Act No.14 of 1955, as repealed and replaced by section... (

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Greece,Sierra Leone,Libya,Ukraine

Ukraine Confirms Permit Issued for Guns Seized En Route to Libya

12 November 2013

Ukrainian Journal

KIEV – The State Service of Export Controls of Ukraine has confirmed the issuing of a one-time permit to Ukrspecexport subsidiary Ukrinmash State Enterprise for the supply of small arms ammunition to Libya, noting however that they have no information about the specific content of the military cargo on board of the Sierra Leone-flagged Nour M ship, which was detained in Greece. "In 2013, after inter-agency coordination, the State Service of Export Control of Ukraine... (

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Sierra Leone,Greece,Ukraine,Syria,Libya,Turkey

Greek Coastguard Halts Ship Carrying 20,000 Kalashnikovs

8 November 2013

Greek Reporter

According to sources, the cargo ship "nourm" flagged with Sierra Leone, transferred a large amount of weapons. It was identified yesterday evening near Imia and was escorted to the port of Symi this morning. After an investigation, the cargo ship had troubled the authorities in the past for drug trafficking and when the port board appeared, changed its direction. Eventually, the ship stopped and was led to the port of Symi, under the port escort. The ship had started... (

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China,Algeria,Sierra Leone,Russia,United States

US Law Reforms 'Open Floodgates' on Arms Exports, Say Critics

17 October 2013

Inter Press Service News Agency

WASHINGTON - On Tuesday, the largest deregulation in the history of U.S. arms exports took place as part of the Barack Obama administration's export reform initiative. But a day after the new reforms came into effect, former government officials and critics from the human rights community are warning of the serious human rights consequences and of the negative long-term impact for U.S. foreign policy. The reforms are part of the Export Control Reform Initiative (ECRI)... (

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Italy,Sierra Leone,United States,India

US Security Firm's Arms Shipment Detained in India Over Lack of Papers

13 October 2013

Guardian (UK) / Reuters

India has detained an armed ship operated by a US maritime security company, including the 35 people on board, for failing to produce papers authorizing it to carry weapons and ammunition in Indian waters, the coast guard said on Sunday. Coast Guard Commandant Anand Kumar said the ship was stopped on Friday and was being held in the southern port of Tuticorin along with its 10 crew and 25 armed guards, until required documentation is submitted. The crew and security... (

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Sierra Leone,West Africa

Sierra Leone Gets Weapon Marking Machine

5 September 2013

Awoko (Sierra Leone)

The Sierra Leone National Commission on Small Arms (SLeNCSA) yesterday received two Electric Marking Machines through its partnership with the Action on Armed Violence (AOAV). The Marking Machines if effectively utilized, will aid the Sierra Leone National Commission on Small Arms and the Government in general, to trace weapons in the possession of primary forces and civilians in Sierra Leone. According to the Commissioner of the Sierra Leone National Commission on... (

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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Needs to Implement Law to Reduce Gun Injuries, Deaths

12 July 2013

Concord Times (Sierra Leone)

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV), an international non-governmental organization working in partnership with the Sierra Leone Action Network on Small Arms (SLANSA), has in a baseline survey report on Armed Violence in Sierra Leone, recommended that government urgently implement the Arms and Ammunition Act of 2012, in order to track and trace firearms throughout the country. "While the use of firearms is less common, these incidents resulted in injury or death for 100%... (

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Sierra Leone

Survey Shows Sierra Leone Citizens at High Risk from Armed Violence

11 July 2013

Awoko (Sierra Leone)

A baseline Survey conducted on armed violence in Sierra Leone report that the urban areas, especially Freetown experience the highest rates of armed violence. The survey was conducted by Sierra Leone Action Network on Small Arms (SLANSA) and Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) across the country for the period of six month. It was aimed at improving citizens' understanding on the impact of armed violence, and formulating measures to reduce its impacts on... (

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Sierra Leone,Liberia,Guinea,Côte d'Ivoire,West Africa

West African Countries Tackle Cross-Border Arms

30 June 2013

Voice of America

Countries of the Mano River basin in West Africa are trying to forge a joint strategy to counter the cross-border movement of armed groups and the illegal trafficking of weapons in their region. Representatives of the United Nations and regional organizations joined the talks on Saturday. Decades of armed conflict and political strife, including civil wars in Sierra Leone and Liberia, have caused lasting issues of insecurity in the Mano River region, particularly in... (

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South Africa,Haiti,South Sudan,Sierra Leone,Liberia,Europe,Asia,Americas,Africa,Oceania,Southern Africa,Central America,East Asia,Southern Europe,Western Europe,North Africa,East Africa,South Asia,South America

Some 437,000 People Murdered Worldwide in 2012 - UNODC Study

10 April 2013

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Media release

VIENNA - Almost half a million people (437,000) across the world lost their lives in 2012 as a result of intentional homicide, according to a new study by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Launching the Global Study on Homicide 2013 in London today, Jean-Luc Lemahieu, Director for Policy Analysis and Public Affairs, said: "Too many lives are being tragically cut short, too many families and communities left shattered. There is an urgent need to... (

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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Govt, Civil Society Promote New Gun Law

31 October 2012

Awoko (Sierra Leone)

The Sierra Leone Action on Small Arms [SLANSA] in collaboration with Sierra Leone Commission on Small Arms [SLeNCSA] with support from Action on Armed Violence [AOAV] has held an open forum on the popularization of the Arms and Ammunition Acts 2012. Addressing his audience, the key note speaker retired LT. Col. Mbaday Bangura said the government has officially passed the Acts on Small Arms into law and that the people of the country need to know about it. He said owners... (

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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Men in Court Over Gun Theft from Military Training Centre

15 August 2012

Concord Times (Sierra Leone)

After the witness SLA 1812372 Kabineh of Block No. 2 at Benguema Barracks gave evidence in court yesterday, three accused persons were denied bail by Magistrate Komba Kamanda of Court No. 2 after making their fourth appearance before him for allegedly stealing guns at the Benguema training school in April. It could be recalled that the accused persons were arraigned before the court on seven counts ranging from conspiracy, unlawful possession of small arms, larceny and... (

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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Lifts Ban on Guns, Plans to Regulate Ownership

2 August 2012

News24 (Cape Town)

Freetown - Sierra Leone lawmakers have lifted a ban on small arms in new legislation which seeks to regulate ownership of weapons in a country ravaged by a decade-long civil war, an official said on Wednesday. "The act will regulate the private ownership of guns and other weapons in the country to control the proliferation nationwide," said deputy Internal Affairs Minister Raymond Kabia, who piloted the bill. "The act will also ensure that stockpiles of small arms and... (

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