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Papua New Guinea

Guns in High Demand in Papua New Guinea

19 October 2021

Post-Courier (Papua New Guinea)

As the 2022 National General Election looms, firearms are being smuggled into the Highlands region from various parts of the country, says an identified firearms dealer. According to the dealer who is from the Southern Highland's upper Mendi area who agreed to speak to the Post-Courier anonymously, the demand for firearms has increased significantly –– especially from intending candidates from the Highlands. The dealer said that most weapons are supplied from... (

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Papua New Guinea

Bougainville Secures Strong Independence in Referendum

11 December 2019

New York Times

SYDNEY, Australia — The region of Bougainville, a collection of islands in the South Pacific, has voted overwhelmingly to become independent from Papua New Guinea, aiming to become the world's newest nation. In a referendum linked to a peace agreement that ended a civil war between separatists and Papua New Guinea security forces nearly 20 years ago, nearly 98 percent of those who voted supported becoming an independent nation. Excited voters gathered in Buka to... (

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Papua New Guinea

PNG Gun Dealer's Licence Cancelled for False Declarations

22 November 2019

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

Acting Police Commissioner David Manning has cancelled a PNG dealer's license [sic] for making false declarations in the end user certificate. Documents held by the Royal PNG Constabulary indicated that the PNG firearms dealer had imported high powered firearms specifically for the exclusive use of the Royal PNG Constabulary and not for sale or transfer to a third party. However, a review recently carried out by the Royal PNG Constabulary and international partner... (

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Papua New Guinea

Firearm Disposal Issues in Bougainville

6 June 2018

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

The non-disposal of all weapons on Bougainville may be the only major obstacle in the 2019 Bougainville referendum. This means if all weapons are not completely destroyed or accounted for, which allegedly poses a threat, the referendum will not go ahead. This was highlighted during the Bougainville referendum three-day conference in Port Moresby yesterday. Serious issues confronting Bougainville's journey to referendum on independence also took precedence at the... (

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South Korea,Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Seizes Undeclared Guns Intended for Police

13 October 2016

Pacific Islands Report

PORT MORESBY – Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari, pictured, says a shipment of police firearms sent from South Korea to Port Moresby was impounded in Lae by Customs because they were not properly declared. Lupari, the National Security Advisory Council chairman, was commenting yesterday on the 280 semi-automatic guns seized by Customs in Lae and locked up at the Defence Force's Igam Barracks. "Those were ordered by police through the private sector," Lupari told The... (

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Addressing Gun Violence in the Caribbean and the Pacific

15 July 2016

The Diplomat (Japan)

"The seas bring us together, they do not separate us." –Constitution of the Federated States of Micronesia The Caribbean and the Pacific each offer a unique and contrasting perspective toward addressing armed violence. Despite sharing similar challenges as Small Island Developing States (SIDS), each region faces very different circumstances on the ground. In light of this, each region has taken a different approach toward addressing armed violence. The Pacific stands... (

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Papua New Guinea

Hired Mercenary Shoots, Kills 3 at Papua New Guinea Funeral

4 March 2016

Pacific Islands Report, Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea – Southern Highlands police yesterday appealed to businesses and the better educated to stop financing, supplying and smuggling high-powered weapons to villages for tribal warfare. Provincial police commander Sibrom Papoto made the call from Mendi after a tribe engaged a mercenary to kill three men at a funeral ceremony this week. The three were gunned down at point-blank range in what police described as "barbaric, cruel and... (

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Papua New Guinea

The Costs of Crime and Violence in Papua New Guinea

15 August 2014

World Bank News

Reports in both the national and international media and anecdotal evidence indicate that the prevalence of crime and violence is high in Papua New Guinea (PNG). It has become an important obstacle to long-term development. At the request of the Government of PNG, the World Bank conducted a study to better understand the social and economic costs of crime and violence to households, business, government and civil society, and to inform policy directions in managing... (

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Australia,New Zealand,Solomon Islands,Papua New Guinea

Why Australia is Gunning for the Illegal Trade in Weapons

2 June 2014

Australian (Sydney)

Canberra, A.C.T - Illegally traded conventional weapons claim more than half a million victims every year. These weapons kill, maim and disable, undermine economic prosperity and development, and keep millions of people, especially women and children, trapped in fear. Australia will this week ratify the first legally binding instrument ever negotiated in the UN to establish common standards for the international transfer of conventional arms, the Arms Trade Treaty. In... (

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Papua New Guinea

Firearms Traded for Drugs in Papua New Guinea

9 May 2014

West Papua Daily

Jayapura, (Jubi) – The Papua Police said a marijuana syndicate from Papua New Guinea often exchanged their products with the firearms from Ambon for a transaction around six hundred thousand rupiah. "This inter-state syndicate often used the route of Jayapura, Serui, Sorong to Ambon and Makassar," the Director of Narcotics Crime and Investigation Department, the Commissionaire Senior Police Tornagogo Sihombing told in the press conference on Thursday (8/5). In the... (

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Spread of Guns a 'Disease at the Heart of Society,' says Australia

12 November 2013

ABC Radio Australia (Shortwave)

Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says the international humanitarian system must improve its efficiency, quality and reach. Ms Bishop told delegates at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent societies conference in Sydney that the system is being increasingly stretched by conflicts and crises. The new types of conflict are leading to more attacks targeting aid workers. Ms Bishop says the independent non-combatant status of the Red Cross and Red... (

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Australia,Papua New Guinea

PNG Authorities Worried About Arms Smuggling

18 April 2013

Pacific Islands News Association (Fiji)

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC), Australian Federal Police and PNG Customs are very concerned about the high number of illegal firearms entering the country. Former senior police officer Chief Superintendent Donald Yamasombi made this comment following a joint Police and Customs bust of a huge quantity of firearms, gun powder and accessories late last year. Yamasombi said despite the bust involving a large quantity of illegal firearms, prominent... (

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Papua New Guinea

All Guns Recovered After Break-In at PNG Police Headquarters

18 April 2013

ABC News (Australia)

PORT MORESBY - Papua New Guinea police have recovered a number of weapons stolen from the force's national headquarters in Port Moresby. Papua New Guinea police have recovered a number of weapons stolen from the force's national headquarters in Port Moresby. A total of fifteen handguns or pistols, a .22 rifle shot gun and 150 rounds of ammunitions were stolen from the firearms registry office in the PNG Police Headquarters. Police say most of the guns were recovered... (

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Papua New Guinea

PNG Government Buys 32 'High-Powered' Guns, for Guards

25 January 2013

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

Papua New Guinea's acting Clerk of Parliament Simon Ila has purchased 32 high-powered guns and about 10,000 ammunition for Parliament security guards at a cost of K556,000. This is on top of side-arms for some Ministers and Members of Parliament who also have armed personnel from the Special VIP protection Unit. Among the purchase was a very high-powered weapon only issued to the military and for special forces – the HK MP7 A1 which cost K38,500 for one, with its 30... (

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Papua New Guinea

PNG Parliament Denies Buying Guns After Alleged Security Threat

25 January 2013

Business Spectator / Australian Associated Press

Papua New Guinea's parliamentary speaker has denied reports the acting clerk has bought $A250,000 of machine guns for parliamentary security. The Post-Courier on Friday carried a front-page story citing a letter by acting clerk Simon Ila to police officials advising of the purchase despite the objections of police commissioner Tom Kulunga. PNG's parliamentary speaker, whose office denied knowledge of the purchase on Thursday night according to the paper, cancelled a... (

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Papua New Guinea

Marijuana Found at Airport, PNG Police Suggest Gun Running Plot

5 December 2012

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

PORT MORESBY – In Papua New Guinea, a major drugs-for-guns trade syndicate operating between Tari in the new Hela province and Daru in the Western province involving the use of light aircrafts was uncovered last Tuesday in Tari, Hela province. Third level airliner Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) workers in Tari become suspicious when two youths fronted up in the morning with their bags to travel to Balimo in Western province. Tari MAF port manager Mr. David... (

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Papua New Guinea

PNG Govt to Address Illegal Gun Issue, Assault Weapon Ban Considered

24 October 2012

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has assured the people of Papua New Guinea that the government will act on recommendations of a public inquiry to outlaw firearms in the country. Mr O'Neill said this when responding to questions during Question Time in Parliament yesterday by Enga Governor Peter Ipatas about law and order problems and the use of illegal firearms. Governor Ipatas said law and order had become a serious problem in the country and asked why Parliament should... (

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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Finds Success with Restorative Justice After War

28 September 2012

Science Magazine

Papua New Guinea has a fearsome reputation for violent conflict. Between 1991 and 2010, about 500 clan wars killed about 1% of the Enga, the nation's largest linguistic group. But on page 1651 of this issue, researchers document an astonishing turn toward peace among the Enga. Starting around 2005, the people began to rely on compensation in village courts to resolve offenses that once might have triggered war, and by 2011, few Enga waged war. "Now people don't want... (

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Singapore,Indonesia,Australia,Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Police Arrest Man Over Alleged Gun Smuggling

14 September 2012

Pacific Islands News Association (Fiji) / Post Courier

A substantial amount of gun powder, live bullets, firearms and accessories were seized by the National Criminal Intelligence Unit (NCIU) of Lae police and Border Security officers in Lae recently. The weapons and gun powder were confiscated following a police intelligence report of alleged gun smuggling into the country, and especially through the Lae port. On Tuesday this week, police arrested an Indonesian man and charged him with four counts of unlawfully dealings... (

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Melanesia,Papua New Guinea,Australia,Solomon Islands,New Caledonia,Oceania

Concern in Papua New Guinea Over Gun-Related Crime, Trafficking

3 September 2012

Inter Press Service News Agency

BRISBANE - In Papua New Guinea, the largest island nation in Melanesia in the southwest Pacific, where more than 60 percent of major crimes involve guns, a burgeoning illegal arms trade is associated with lack of employment growth and low human security, with vulnerable communities suffering the consequences. This is the case in the autonomous region of Bougainville in the east of the country, where disarmament remains elusive more than ten years after a civil war... (

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