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Hidden Handgun Licensing, Gun Registration Soar in Guam

6 March 2016

Pacific Daily News (Guam)

Almost 600 concealed firearms licenses were issued in Guam in 2014 — a dramatic jump from previous years, when the numbers hovered around 100, according to Guam Police Department data. In 2015, more than 800 licenses were issued. Sen. Tony Ada attributes the dramatic jump to a bill he authored in 2014, which became law that year. "P.L. 32-150 was enacted in May of 2014," Ada said. "It makes sense that any jump in the number of concealed (firearms licenses) issued... (

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Guam,United States,Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Gun Case

15 July 2015

Pacific Daily News (Guam)

The timing of a recent court ruling from the Commonwealth Court of Puerto Rico could not be better, and may well set in motion a significant ripple effect in other U.S. Island jurisdictions, namely Guam and Hawaii. The Puerto Rican court recently handed down a ruling on a class action lawsuit that was brought by the Ladies of the Second Amendment, or LSA, with 850 individual plaintiffs. The court ruling, confirmed by the Second Amendment Foundation, or SAF, was a... (

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Officials in Guam Pass Concealed Carry Law for Firearms

10 May 2014

Guam PDN

Residents could soon be able to get a concealed firearms permit if they meet certain qualifications, if the governor signs a bill that was passed into law by the Legislature yesterday. Bill 296 would align Guam's firearms law with other jurisdictions and require the police department to issue concealed firearms permits to residents who meet certain requirements. The bill was one of many that senators voted to pass during the last day of session yesterday. The bill... (

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Oceania,Guam,United States

Proposed Gun Reform Would Relax Concealed Carry Law in Guam

2 April 2014

ABC Radio Australia (Shortwave)

More residents in Guam may soon be able to carry concealed firearms if a bill introduced into its legislature is passed. The bill, which has bipartisan support, was introduced into Parliament by Senator Tony Ada. Co-sponsor of the bill, Senator Aline Yamashita, has told Pacific Beat that at present 50 per cent of residents in the US territory who apply for a permit to carry a concealed firearm are unsuccessful. She says the Second Amendment to the US Constitution... (

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Japanese Turn 'Gun Ho' in Guam but Prefer Own Gun Culture

17 February 2013

Japan Times

TAMUNING, Guam – Their well-equipped arsenals offer everything from tiny revolvers for ladies to Berettas, Glocks, semiautomatic pistols and M16 military assault rifles. If kids can see over the counter, they're welcome too. Forget the white sandy beaches, coral reefs and laid-back island culture. For many Japanese tourists, the biggest thrill on Guam is the chance to shoot a gun at one of its ubiquitous ranges, dozens of which are tucked between upscale shopping... (

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Ranger Kills 2 Women, Self with Government Gun in Guam Domestic Dispute

29 December 2011

Pacific Daily News (Guam)

A relative of two slain women is questioning if the government of Guam should harden the psychological scrutiny of armed law enforcement in the wake of a double murder-suicide. John Mamaligsa said yesterday that he is pushing local lawmakers to create a law establishing government-wide psychological evaluation standards for anyone who carries a gun in the name of GovGuam. The standards should require all law enforcement to be reviewed by a psychologist periodically to... (

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Stray Bullet Hits 6yr-old Girl in the Head in Guam Celebratory Gunfire

2 January 2009

Pacific Daily News (Guam)

A 6-year-old girl who was struck in the head by a stray bullet while watching fireworks about 1:30 yesterday morning is in stable condition at Guam Memorial Hospital, said Guam Police Department Sgt. Richard Cress. Emily Mae Caalim, daughter of Mamerto Caalim and Elmie Caalim, is scheduled for surgery to remove the bullet today. Cress said he suspected the bullet was fired upward as part of a New Year's Eve celebration and police will try to match unique grooves on the... (

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Guam Police Officer, SWAT Team Member Charged with Theft of Guns

15 October 2007

Pacific Daily News (Guam)

A Guam Police Department SWAT officer has been indicted in the Superior Court of Guam on numerous charges in connection with the theft of guns. According to court documents, Kenneth Castro allegedly sold a number of firearms that belonged to someone else and stored them in the police department's armory. GPD spokesman Officer Allan Guzman said that Castro is still with the department and back on the job after serving his administrative punishment. Guzman said that... (

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