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5,000 to 6,000 Lawful Firearm Owners in Guadeloupe [FR]

22 March 2016

France Info, Agence France Presse

[Translated summary: Prefect of Guadeloupe calls for another gun amnesty. In January, Pointe-à-Pitre's Attorney said that there were 5,000 to 6,000 lawful firearm owners.] Le préfet de la Guadeloupe, Jacques Billant, a lancé mardi une nouvelle campagne appelant la population à rendre les armes dont elle serait détentrice, même illégalement, sans crainte de poursuites judiciaires, alors que depuis le début de l'année le département a déjà enregistré huit... (

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Guadeloupe Needs More Police to Curb Armed Violence [FR]

17 March 2016


[Translated summary: Guadeloupe police ask for reinforcement, claiming homicide and gun violence are without real control. Murders by any method reached a peak in 2015, with seven more so far this year.] Les élus de Guadeloupe viennent de tirer la « sonnette d'alarme » sur la violence dans leur département, réclamant, dans une lettre ouverte au Premier ministre, des renforts de forces de l'ordre après le septième homicide depuis le début de l'année et une... (

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Gun Buybacks Could Reduce Violence in Guadeloupe [FR]

19 January 2016


[Translated summary: 328 guns were recovered during the last three government-sponsored 'Deposit the Guns' operations in Guadeloupe. However, thousands of firearms are still in circulation and violent attacks are on the rise. One possible solution would be to repeat the buybacks: for example a budget of 4 million euros could buy 16,000 guns.] Déposez vos armes! L'opération menée par les services de l'État en Guadeloupe pour inciter les Guadeloupéens à rendre... (

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Firearms Amnesty in Martinique Recovers Over 300 Guns [FR]

1 April 2014

Europe 1 (France)

[Translated summary: 307 long guns and 161 handguns were recovered during a two-month amnesty in Martinique. Crime has increased in Martinique. Two similar campaign in Guadeloupe recovered over 200 firearms.] Violence - En deux mois, l'opération a permis de récolter plus de 307 armes. La Martinique a connu de nombreux crimes sanglants en 2013. 307 armes récupérées. En Martinique, la campagne "Déposez les armes" joue les prolongations. L'opération de deux mois... (

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8 Dead, 12 Injured After Day of Gun Violence in Guatemala

16 February 2014

Latin American Herald Tribune (Venezuela)

GUATEMALA CITY – At least eight people died and about a dozen were wounded, including four children, in violence around Guatemala over the past 12 hours, authorities and emergency services personnel reported Sunday. A spokesman with the National Civil Police, or PNC, told reporters that the eight victims were shot in several incidents in the Guatemalan capital and vicinity. In Villa Nueva, one of the capital's southern suburbs, the bodies of two men were found, both... (

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Firearm Amnesty Begins in Martinique, 138 Guns Seized in 2013 [FR]

2 February 2014

La Croix (France)

[Translated summary: Martinique authorities have begun a two-month firearms amnesty. The campaign hopes to prevent crime and officials say 138 firearms were seized in Martinique in 2013, including some which were illegally imported or stolen. A similar campaign in Guadeloupe last year was very successful.] Comme les Guadeloupéens l'an denier, les Martiniquais sont invités par l'autorité préfectorale à remettre les armes à feu en leur possession dans le cadre... (

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346 Guns Destroyed in Guadeloupe [FR]

13 December 2013


[Translated summary: 346 firearms were destroyed by authorities in Guadeloupe this week, as part of the 'Drop your weapons' campaign. In addition, 892 more weapons were seized this year and it is hoped this will reduce the risk of crime.] Cut into small pieces. This is the fate that was booked, Friday noon, 346 firearms recovered over months by the gendarmerie and the police. The massacre at the crocodile shears was held in the new Recovery Company (SNR) in... (

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