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Fake News Invokes Ammunition Sales to Fijians of Indian Descent

19 February 2020

Fiji Village

R. C. Manubhai and Company Pte Ltd has labelled fake news spread by Facebook trolls claiming that "Indo-Fijians are buying ammunition to go to war with the iTaukei", as a sick attempt to incite fear and hate. R.C. Manubhai has clarified that they import hunting grade ammunition which is provided to licensed farmers who hunt pigeons, wild pigs and wild dogs. Company Director, Bhavesh Kumar says it is quite sad that Facebook trolls have decided to spread this fake news... (

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The 19 Countries That Do Not Arm Their Police Officers

19 July 2017


A woman who called 911 to report a nearby crime was killed by a US police officer last weekend. The circumstances surrounding her death are still unclear. The fatal shooting of Justine Ruszczyk, a dual Australian-US national who had settled in Minnesota in 2014, has made headlines in both her native Australia and her adopted home in Minneapolis – once again reigniting the all too familiar debate surrounding the role that firearms play in both law enforcement and in... (

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Addressing Gun Violence in the Caribbean and the Pacific

15 July 2016

The Diplomat (Japan)

"The seas bring us together, they do not separate us." –Constitution of the Federated States of Micronesia The Caribbean and the Pacific each offer a unique and contrasting perspective toward addressing armed violence. Despite sharing similar challenges as Small Island Developing States (SIDS), each region faces very different circumstances on the ground. In light of this, each region has taken a different approach toward addressing armed violence. The Pacific stands... (

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The Suspect Behind the Fiji Arms Trafficking Case in 1988

23 June 2015

Fiji Times

He was said to have been born in Fiji on February 18, 1945 and was educated in Melbourne, Australia. Known as Mohammed Rafiq Khan, he also used names like Peter Khan, Dr Ralph Khan, Mohammed Rafiq Kahan and sometimes Mohammed Rafiq. According to a report in The Fiji Times on June 3, 1988, he was suspected to be the man behind the shipment of the illegal weapons to Fiji. It was reported that Khan came into prominence in Fiji when he established the Budget Marketing... (

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1988 Police Raids Discover Illegal Weapons in Fiji

16 June 2015

Fiji Times

Shockwaves were sent across the country when the first coup was carried out in 1987 by the military. But what was equally shocking one-year later was the discovery of arms and ammunitions that had been illegally shipped into the country for reasons yet to be known. Customs officers in Australia had intercepted a 12-tonne container filled with illegal arms that was destined for Fiji. Following the discovery, Australian police informed their Fijian counterparts that a... (

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1988 Discovery of Illegal Weapons in Fiji

9 June 2015

Fiji Times

He was a detective sergeant based at the Criminal Investigations Department headquarters in Suva when his boss called him. It was May 1988 and he was told by his boss that the Australian authorities had intercepted a container with arms and ammunition bound for Fiji. He was also told that the information from Australian police was that a container with arms and ammunition had already arrived in the country. With years of experience working as a police detective,... (

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Concern in Fiji for Growing Number of Weapon Holders

6 May 2015

Fiji Times

NUKU'ALOFA - There's a major concern from the Ministry of Police as the number of local weapon holders are increasing as the day goes by and they believe it is critical. Inspector Tevita Fiffita stated that most crime occurred regards weapons are weapons that was either brought in to the country illegally and was being concealed also unlicensed. "There is no approximate estimation as to how many holders there are but we do believe that there are many holders out there... (

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American Sentenced in Fiji Over Bribery, Gun Charges

31 May 2014

Fiji Times

An American national who attempted to bring in guns and ammunition into the country had his sentence changed after the High Court reviewed it. Sonny Blake was convicted of bribing a Customs officer and possession of firearms without a license by the Magistrates Court. He was given a 12-month jail term suspended for five years, fined $1000 and conviction not recorded. In his judgment Justice Paul Madigan said in this age where commercial intercourse was paramount and... (

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Fiji,United States

American Fined in Fiji for Unlicensed Gun Possession, Bribery

9 December 2013

Fiji Sun

An American national has been fined $1000 after pleading guilty to one count of bribery and one count of being in possession of firearms without a licence. Sonny David Bernard Blake appeared at the Nadi Magistrates Court yesterday and was sentenced to 24 months imprisonment suspended for five years. He was charged with one count of bribery of public official contrary to Section 134 (1)(a)(i) of Crimes Decree No.44 of 2009. Blake was also charged with one count of... (

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American-Tongan Held in Fiji on Illegal Gun Charges After Smuggling Attempt

19 November 2013

Matangi Tonga

NADI, Fiji - An American national of Tongan ethnicity has been charged for bribery of a public official and illegal possession of arms and ammunition after he attempted to smuggle firearms past security officials at Fiji's Nadi Airport last week. According to media reports, the accused Sonny David Bernard Blake (29) was arrested on Wednesday November 13 when he arrived at Nadi Airport from Los Angeles, and allegedly tried to bribe custom officers with USD $40 in an... (

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Boy Guilty of Manslaughter in Fiji After Shooting 6-Year-Old

17 July 2013

Stuff (New Zealand)

A Fiji court has found a 10-year-old boy guilty of the manslaughter of a 6-year-old New Zealand child killed in a shooting last year. The 10-year-old's father has been ordered to pay F$2500 (NZ$1680) court costs and to ensure the good behaviour of the child for seven years until he becomes an adult. Mohammed Khubeb Khan, 6, of Auckland, and a 14-year-old cousin, Mohammed Nabil Khan, were hit by a bullet as they were playing at a new house on the outskirts of Lautoka... (

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Canadian Man Jailed After Flouting Lifetime Weapons Ban for Third Time

30 April 2013

Metro Canada

A Vancouver criminal who had already received two lifetime weapons bans was caught again with three illegal guns. Police executed a search warrant on June 20 last year on a home where Victor Sharma lived with his late mother. Police found a fairly large marijuana grow-op of 659 marijuana plants, worth an estimated $220,000, and a hydroelectric bypass. Officers also found an illegal Ruger semi-automatic pistol with 13 live rounds loaded in a clip. The gun had its... (

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New Zealand,Fiji

Fijian in Court on Charges of Neglecting Gun Safety After Death

30 January 2013

Fiji Times

Pilot Mohammed Rizwan Khan has been refused bail by the Lautoka Magistrates Court for offences relating to the death of six-year old Mohammed Khubayb Salman Khan last weekend. Appearing before Magistrate Sujeewa Nishanka, Mr Khan was charged with one count of failure to maintain arms in a safe and secure custody and one count of manslaughter by negligence or breach of duty. While ruling on Mr Khan's bail application by his lawyer Vishal Pillay, Magistrate Nishanka... (

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Pacific Nations Push for Global Arms Trade Treaty to Curb Gun Trade

19 March 2012

ABC News (Australia), Transcript

Every year illicit trade in small arms results in thousands of deaths. Most of them in developing countries, including the Pacific, where the impact of gun violence has been devastating. Now the international community is to meet at the United Nations to finalise the first ever global arms trade treaty. HELEN HAKENA, WOMEN'S RIGHTS CAMPAIGNER: I was seven months pregnant when gunmen came into our village terrorising the entire village community. My house was burnt to... (

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The Fact That Guns Are Banned in Fiji, a Factor Contributing to Peace

8 September 2011

Fiji Times

Keep Fiji gun-free, stated High Court judge Justice Sithambarampillai Thurairaja as he presided over a matter involving possession of firearms yesterday. The firearm belonging to Sahid Hassan, from whom the gun was stolen, was told the court would seek clarification from the Ministry of Defence on the gun before deciding whether to release it or not. Justice Thurairaja said he had been in Fiji for almost 18 months and the fact that guns were not allowed was a factor... (

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Porous Border Saw Use of Foreign Firearms During Armed Violence in Fiji

27 June 2011

Radio Fiji

The porous nature of Fiji's borders saw the use of foreign firearms in past coups says Fiji Ministry of Defence senior officer Joji Washington. Washington made the comments at the Asia Pacific Consultation on Arms Trade Treaty held in in Bali, Indonesia earlier this month. He told the Forum Fiji has been subjected to several coups where conventional weapons were used and resulted in bloodshed. Washington says authorities have confirmed that some of these arms were of... (

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United Nations Gun Chief Says Pacific Has Illicit Small Arms Problem

25 June 2009

ABC Radio Australia (Shortwave), Audio

The United Nations is working to halt the daily toll of one-thousand people around the world killed by small arms. The job of halting the toll taken by small illegal weapons has now been placed in the hands of United Nations Ambassador, Pablo Macedo. Ambassador Macedo is Chair Designate for next year's United Nations Biennial Meeting of States on Illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons. Speaker: United Nations Ambassador, Pablo Macedo Windows media (audio... (

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Guns Threaten Pacific Stability, Ammunition Controls on Way, UN Told

24 June 2009

ABC Radio Australia (Shortwave)

Guns in the Pacific region have the potential to create chaos, economic damage and social disruption, a conference has been told. The meeting of Pacific Island officials in Sydney was sponsored by the United Nations Disarmament Office and the Australian Government. The two-day event, which has just wound up, looked at the scale of the problem and initiatives to tackle it. It was chaired by Mexico's Pablo Macedo, at his first meeting in charge of steering UN... (

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Fiji Police Try to Trace Illegal Ruger Handgun Sold to Businessman

29 December 2008

Fiji Times

Police are waiting on a report from the military to determine if the gun that was sold to a businessman belongs to the army. The businessman bought a Ruger Mark 2 Pistol on the street from a youth for close to $200 and last week dropped it with police. Assistant director operations, SSP Erami Raibe confirmed the military have possession of the gun. SSP Raibe said two people were been questioned in relation to the matter but declined to say if they were suspected... (

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Police in Fiji Hunting Seller of Illegal Ruger Handgun

28 December 2008

Radio New Zealand International (Shortwave)

Police in Fiji say they are are following some strong leads in the hunt for a man who allegedly sold a gun to the owner of Lokia Shopping Centre in Suva. A police spokesperson Atunaisa Sokomuri said they have interviewed and released the businessman and are now working on information to apprehend the man who sold the gun. He added the gun is now in the custody of the police armory. Mr Sokomuri said the gun was brought in by the shopkeeper after he bought it on the... (

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