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Cayman Islands

Cayman Police Stretched by Gun Crime Spike, Homicides

15 October 2013

Cayman News Service

The three murders in Grand Cayman as well as a string of violent robberies in less than a month have stretched resources but Chief Superintendent Kurt Walton said the RCIPS is working hard to continue policing the regular day to day issues as well as dealing with the need to restore peace and normalcy to the community. The senior RCIPS officer said the public could expect to see armed officers overtly patrolling with long firearms and road blocks in a proactive response... (

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Jamaica,Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Fighting Rise of Gangs and Guns

7 October 2013 (Cayman Islands)

The Cayman Islands can fight a rising tide of violent crime with a combination of the "big stick and the olive branch," according to the man behind one of Jamaica's more successful crime-fighting schemes. William Shagoury, the keynote speaker at a Crime Prevention Seminar in Grand Cayman last week, said the Cayman Islands needed to deal swiftly and strongly with its gang and gun problems before it escalated any further. A coordinated community effort involving youth... (

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Cayman Islands,United States

Man Jailed for Gun Smuggling Between US and Caymans

1 May 2013 (Cayman Islands)

A Caymanian man accused in a gun smuggling ring that operated between Grand Cayman and south Florida between 2008 and 2009 has been sentenced to nearly four years in United States federal prison. Mikkyle Brandon Leslie was sentenced before Judge Robin Rosenbaum Monday in Fort Lauderdale following a plea deal his attorneys reached with federal prosecutors earlier this year. Leslie could have faced between 20 to 30 years in prison if he had gone to trial and been... (

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Cayman Islands,United States,Caribbean

Witnesses in Fear as Caymans, US Gun Smuggling Case Heads to Court

9 August 2012 (Cayman Islands)

US prosecutors have declined to release names and addresses of the witnesses and co-conspirators involved in a gun-running operation between south Florida and Grand Cayman after attorneys for one of the suspects in the case requested those records earlier this year. "The disclosure of the names and addresses of government witnesses is likely to endanger the safety of the witnesses and the viability of the prosecution," prosecutors noted in a 26 July court filing.... (

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United States,Cayman Islands

US Federal Police Investigate Florida-Cayman Islands Gun Smuggling Ring

12 December 2011 (Cayman Islands)

United States federal law enforcement authorities are investigating a firearms smuggling operation between south Florida and Grand Cayman that's been ongoing since at least 2008, according to US District Court records obtained by the Caymanian Compass. The investigation, a branch of which led to the 2009 arrest, conviction and incarceration of four local men in US federal prison, caught up with a fifth suspect, Mikkyle Brandon Leslie – known in Cayman as Brandon... (

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Cayman Islands

Changes to Cayman Firearm Law Would Allow Warrant-less Gun Searches

18 November 2011 (Cayman Islands)

Changes proposed for the Cayman Islands Firearms Law would allow for warrant-less searches of homes and individuals where police officers have "reasonable cause" to suspect someone possesses an illegal firearm. Such a provision currently exists in instances where police suspect illegal drugs are being kept in a home, car or are being held by the individual. However, lawmakers have resisted in past years attempts to provide police with the same powers in regard to... (

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Cayman Islands

Cayman Police Require Storage Inspection for Gun Licence Approval

18 November 2011 (Cayman Islands)

A man whose firearm licence was not renewed this year lost his appeal this week to the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal. Technically, Dennie Warren Jr. was applying for an extension of time so he could seek judicial review of the Commissioner of Police's decision not to renew his firearm user's licence for a Winchester shotgun. Court president Sir John Chadwick told him that judicial review is a procedure for cases in which there was no alternative remedy, but the... (

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Cayman Islands

Cayman to Establish a Firearms Authority to Decide Who Gets a Licence

13 October 2011

Cayman News Service

The country's legislators had another rare moment of harmony on Wednesday when they all voted to support a private member's motion to establish a firearms authority to decide who gets a gun licence. Currently, it is the commissioner of police alone who makes the decision to grant or deny a firearms license to an applicant on Grand Cayman but legislatures have voted to amend legislation which will see the country's top cop share the decision with at least three local... (

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Cayman Islands

'Burden of Proof' Should Be on Gun Suspects, Say Cayman Police

11 October 2011

Cayman Compass (Cayman Islands)

Cayman's top cop is advocating a major change in the way the 'burden of proof' is applied in court with regard to firearms possession cases. Expanding and clarifying comments made on the subject by Governor Duncan Taylor last month, Police Commissioner David Baines said Friday that what's being reviewed with the attorney general's office now is essentially a "reversal" in the burden of proof for people found in possession of unlicensed guns in their homes or vehicles.... (

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Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Firearm Law Needs to Be Tweaked to Help the Police

20 September 2011

Cayman Islands News

Following a meeting with elected and official members of government Monday, the Cayman Islands governor announced possible changes to the law to help police get the suspects involved in the recent resurgence of gang violence behind bars, in particular the firearms law. The governor said it may be changed to allow police to search homes without a search warrant when they suspect illegal weapons are hidden there. Duncan Taylor said it was a priority to get the... (

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Cayman Islands

Man and Woman in Custody for Unlawful Possession of Gun in Cayman

8 September 2011

Cayman 27 (Cayman Islands)

A man and woman are behind bars this afternoon following a police operation in the Prospect area which resulted in the recovery of a loaded semi-automatic pistol. Around 11:30 a.m. the RCIPS Air Operations and K-9 Units along with the Uniform Support Group and Drugs and Serious Crime Task Force mounted a targeted operation on a house in the Marina Drive area of Prospect. "During that operation a loaded .45 semi-automatic pistol was recovered along with a ski mask,... (

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Cayman Islands,United States

Gun Club Member Sues Over Firearm Licence Refusal in Cayman Islands

16 August 2011

Cayman News Service (Cayman Islands)

A local sports shooter and gun club member, who also represented Cayman at the NSSA skeet world championships in the 1990s, is taking the refusal of his firearms licence by the commissioner of police to the court, claiming David Baines has acted unlawfully. Dennie Warren JR, who is better known these days for shooting photographs, has been a licensed firearm holder since 1993 but his regular renewal was refused last year. Warren says the RCIPS boss has introduced new... (

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Cayman Islands

Long Battle Over Firearm Licences in Cayman Islands Heading to Court

15 August 2011

Caymanian Compass (Cayman Islands)

A long-brewing battle over private firearms ownership in the Cayman Islands may soon come to a head in court. A local man who filed a complaint last year over how the country's Firearms Law was being enforced – and later had his shotgun seized by police after officers refused to renew his gun owner's licence – has now filed an application for judicial review of the decision not to renew the 
firearms licence. A decision on whether the court would grant a... (

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Cayman Islands

With 2 Guns Turned In During Cayman Amnesty, Police Now Offer Cash

2 August 2011 (Cayman Islands)

With just two firearms being turned in during the Royal Cayman Islands Police guns amnesty programme in July, officers have decided to extend the programme for another month. This time around, they'll be offering cash to individuals who turn in their weapons. According to Robert Baraud of High Impact Media, his company has set aside $2,000 for police to offer to those who turn in weapons or ammunition. Additional donations for the programme will be sought from the... (

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Cayman Islands

Even With Cayman Police Amnesty, Gun Crime Seems to Be Creeping Up

21 July 2011

Cayman Compass (Cayman Islands), Editorial

"Crimes like murders and burglaries that plagued the Cayman Islands during the last few years have fallen off police charts so far in 2011." So began the article on page 2 of the Friday, 15 July, 2011, Caymanian Compass. Tell that to the owner of Reflections following Tuesday night's smash and grab. Tell that to the owner of Lorna's Texaco in Bodden Town and his loyal employee Medsadie Connor who was shot and her purse stolen. Tell that to the owner of the Red Bay... (

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United States,Central America,South America,Jamaica,Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Police Raises Concern on Gun Crime and Smuggling

18 July 2011

Cayman Compass

More than a dozen North Siders attended the final community meeting on Tuesday, 12 July, hosted by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service on Grand Cayman before the panel left for the Sister Islands. One of the most well-attended meetings in the series so far, the audience included North Side MLA Ezzard Miller and former MLA Edna Moyle. Several issues touched on at previous district meetings - such as truancy and youth development - were discussed, but gun crime,... (

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Cayman Islands

Police Kick Off Gun Amnesty as Crime Continues to Fall in Cayman Islands

14 July 2011 (Cayman Islands)

Crimes like murders and burglaries that have plagued the Cayman Islands over the last few years have fallen off the police charts so far in 2011. But they've been replaced by a shocking increase in robberies and firearms possession cases through the first six months of this year. "This year the crime landscape is somewhat different," Police Commissioner David Baines said. "The increase in robberies is very concerning and has posed some challenges. These remain the... (

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Cayman Islands

Cayman Island Man Gets 9yrs Jail for Possession of Unlicensed Gun

11 July 2011 (Cayman Islands)

Richard Joseph Parsons, 22, was sentenced on Thursday to nine years' imprisonment for possession of an unlicensed 12-gauge Remington shotgun. Defence Attorney Kerrie Cox told the court Parsons found the gun and kept it because there had been a shooting in his neighbourhood and his own residence had been burgled twice. He submitted there were exceptional circumstances in this case that would not require the court to impose the otherwise mandatory minimum sentence of... (

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Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Police Holding a Gun Amnesty to Reduce Gun Crimes

8 June 2011

Cayman News Service (Cayman Islands)

Police will be holding a month long amnesty on firearms this July in an effort to repeat last year's success. Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden said that this time the amnesty would be promoted at a local level through a series of town hall meetings where police would discuss the issue of gun crime with residents in the community. He told CNS Wednesday morning that he believed the reason why there had been no murders in the Cayman Islands so far in 2011 was because... (

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Cayman Islands

Gun Crime Rate Surged Before Close of Cayman Islands Firearm Amnesty

10 June 2010

Cayman News Service (Cayman Islands)

There have been nine reported crimes involving the use of firearms since the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service started its no-questions-asked gun amnesty, which ends at 7:00pm tonight (Thursday 10 June). From armed robberies at liquor stores and gas stations to street robberies and home invasions, Cayman's criminal element seemed too busy using their weapons to bring them in. The police will be revealing the total quantity and type of weapons collected during the... (

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