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Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua Gun Club Suggests More Training Needed Before Licence Issued

8 May 2013

Antigua Observer

ST JOHN'S, Antigua – The president of a local shooting club said he is "concerned" licensed gun owners are not fully prepared for the responsibility – and is calling on police for more training. "It is a problem for us in terms of the club. There is a breakdown in communication between the police and the clubs," Antigua & Barbuda Shooting Club president Frank Theodore said in an interview with OBSERVER media. Theodore, who is also the treasurer of the Riffle... (

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Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua Gets Equipment to Destroy Surplus, Crime Guns

23 April 2013

Caribarena Antigua

ANTIGUA ST JOHN'S - Minister of National Security and labour Dr. Errol Cort issued a stern warning to persons in possession of illegal firearms and ammunition. Cort made the threat on Monday as he addressed law men during a hand-over ceremony where representatives from the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace delivered two vital pieces of equipment over to the police. The equipment, hydraulic shears and a burning tank, both integral in the reduction of illegal... (

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Caribbean,Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua Authorities Concerned Over Gun Availability After Shootings

4 March 2013

Caribarena (Antigua)

Antigua St. John's - Former Prison Superintendent Eric Henry has pointed to an inextricable link between the drug trade and the proliferation of firearms in the country, while addressing, on a talk show programme, the high incidence of gun crimes nationally and regionally. Calling the recent spate of gun-related violence in Antigua & Barbuda "frightening," Henry alluded to the proximity of the Caribbean islands, and pointed to similar worrying gun-crime situations in... (

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Antigua & Barbuda,United States

Antigua Gets Boats from US to Fight Gun Trafficking

27 November 2012

Caribarena News (Antigua)

ST JOHN'S, Antigua - After considerable delay and quite some nagging, the Antigua & Barbuda Coast Guard has finally received two much-needed 'Interceptor Vessels' to aid in its fight against human trafficking, drug and gun smuggling and in search and rescue operations. The 33-foot class A interceptor vessels come as part of US President Barack Obama's Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) and Sea Secure Program. They were officially handed over on Monday during a... (

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Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua St. John's Operation 'Turn in a Gun and Get $1000' Successful

15 June 2012

Caribarena News (Antigua & Barbuda)

Antigua St. John's - Following Thursday's success in Gaston Browne's "Turn in a Gun and get $1000" programme, the MP has announced that he will now be upping the tradeoff to $2000. The unlicensed weapon, which was turned over some time after noon on Thursday, has already been handed over to police for processing. Browne said he could not speak to the name and calibre of the weapon. "All I know is that it is a gun and it can shoot and kill people," he said. The... (

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1/3 of Femicides Committed With Gun in Latin America and Caribbean [ES]

2 March 2012

RT-TV Novosti (Russia)

[Translated summary: Nearly a third of crimes against women are committed with a firearm and in Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras this indicator is 60% - Small Arms Survey.] El mayor nivel de feminicidios se registra en Latinoamérica y el Caribe. Catorce países latinoamericanos aparecen entre los 25 del mundo con la tasa más elevada de crímenes contra la mujer. El informe de la organización de investigaciones independientes Small Arms Survey,... (

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Caribbean Nations Demand Global Gun Trade Treaty to Curb Armed Crime

11 October 2011

Caribbean 360 (Barbados)

NEW YORK, United States - Battling the scourge of rising crime and violence and some of the world's highest murders rates, Caribbean nations are appealing to the United Nation for help. They are urging the world body to help them stem the unrelenting flow of guns and ammunition to the region. From the Bahamas, Jamaica and St. Kitts-Nevis, countries with some of the world's highest homicide rates, Trinidad and Tobago, which already has a state of emergency in place... (

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Top Caribbean Cop Pins Rise in Violent Crime on Gun Trafficking

7 April 2009

South Florida Caribbean News

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — One of the region's top law enforcement officers said there is a direct link between the rise in violent crime in the Caribbean and gun trafficking. Chairman of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police, Mr. Darwin Dottin said a study has shown that there could be as many as 1.6 million illegal guns in the region. Speaking at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a United States law enforcement agency which will... (

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US, Nine Caribbean Nations Sign Agreement to Help Trace Illegal Guns

1 April 2009

Caribbean Net News

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados — Nine Caribbean islands on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a United States law enforcement agency which will greatly enhance their ability to track and fight firearms trafficking and illegal possession in the region. In a morning ceremony at the home of United States Charge d'Affaires to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Brent Hardt, police Commissioners and senior officers from Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba,... (

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Antigua & Barbuda

British Couple Shot Dead, Antigua Threatens Death Penalty for Gun Crime

12 August 2008

BBC News

Antigua's government will introduce the death penalty for crimes involving weapons in the wake of the murders of a British honeymoon couple. The new sentencing legislation will be introduced for anyone who uses a gun or knife in a crime which results in death or serious injury. The inquest into the fatal shootings of honeymoon couple Ben and Catherine Mullany has been opened and adjourned. Three forensics staff from the UK have been sent to the Caribbean to help.... (

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Antigua & Barbuda

Gun Law Change, Gun Crime Penalty Hike May be Antigua's Next Move

10 August 2008

Antigua Sun

Government will be seeking to increase the penalties for offenders who make use of guns, knives and other dangerous weapons to carry out their crimes. Justice Minister Collin Derrick during a press conference on Friday said in addition to new legislation, the government is seeking to amend the Firearms Act. Sentences will be available to judges from the death penalty to a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison for people found guilty of serious offences involving... (

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Antigua & Barbuda

Revise Antigua Gun Law, Allow Approved Citizens to Carry Hidden Handguns

24 July 2008

Antigua Sun, Opinion

Like it or not, the illegal buying and selling of firearms seems to be a thriving part of the unofficial economy. It also seems like it is as easy to buy a gun as it is to purchase a pair of sneakers at any shoe store in St. John's. Further, at US$400 per gun, several, very popular cellular phones are more expensive. Who knows, perhaps hundreds of illegal guns have changed hands over the years with the traders not having to think about the vagaries of ABST and other... (

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Antigua & Barbuda

'Reckless, Illegal' New Year's Stray Bullet Pierces Antigua Woman's House

3 January 2008

Antigua Sun (St John's)

A householder in the Horsford Hill area had an unpleasant New Year's Day surprise when a shot was fired through a window in her home. According to information reaching the Antigua Sun, the woman was at home shortly after midnight on New Year's Day, when she heard the sound of breaking glass. When she got up to investigate, she stepped on the bullet that had broken her window. The incident occurred during the fireworks display at English Harbour, and the noise of the... (

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Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua Police Slam 'Careless' Licensed Gun Owners Who Lose Weapons

24 July 2007

Antigua Sun

Commissioner of Police Delano Christopher has warned residents with licensed firearms that they must exercise due care to ensure that their guns do not fall into the hands of criminals. Expressing concern that stolen weapons may be fuelling the number of illegal guns in the society, the police commissioner stressed the responsibility of gun owners to secure their weapons. Speaking of the guns which have been seized this year, Christopher said that they may have been... (

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Antigua & Barbuda

Guns Leak to Antigua Criminals from Licensed Owners and Police

13 June 2007

Antigua Sun, Editorial

It must be a serious concern to the authorities of the country every time there is a gun-related crime reported. The matter becomes that much more serious if someone was injured in the incident or the worse happens and a life is lost. This has been something that has been happening with much frequency over the last few years and it is important to note how many of those killed as well as the assailants who are very young men of our society. It is also worthy to note... (

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Antigua & Barbuda

Parliament Debates Firearms Licensing Committee

26 August 2004

Hard Beat News (Caribbean website)

St. John's — The Caribbean Court of Justice and a bunch of amendments designed to make the country's stance against crime tougher, are among legislation slated to be tabled in Antigua's parliament today. The CCJ bill is designed to implement and give legal effect to the agreement establishing the CCJ and other agreements relating to the court and the Regional Judicial and Legal Services Commission. The anti crime measures include the Law Revision Miscellaneous... (

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