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Prevalence of Firearms Frightening

18 March 2004

Times of Zambia (Ndola), Editorial

The recovery of 20 guns, ammunition and vehicles by police in Lusaka may be a significant haul, but a very frightening development that there are so many firearms in illegal hands. Secondly, it says a lot on how and why crime in the capital is on the increase and why it is not so easy to combat. In military terms, 20 guns is a lot. A group armed with this size of arsenal can take over a township, village or a small town. A kind of incursion that can leave devastating... (

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President Grants Amnesty to Illegal Firearm Holders

10 September 2002

Herald (Harare)

President Mugabe has granted amnesty to illegal firearm holders who surrender their weapons in the next 90-days. The clemency order came into effect on the publication of the latest Government gazette last Friday. "During the period … every person having possession of any firearm or ammunition in contravention of the Firearms Act and any other law shall surrender such firearm or ammunition to a police officer at any station, which such firearm or ammunition shall,... (

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SADC Countries Can Control Illicit Arms Trafficking

6 December 2001

South African Press Association (SAPA)

Southern African Development Community member countries have the potential to control illicit arms trafficking and reduce stockpiles of weapons, the SA Police Services head of detective services Commissioner Johan de Beer said on Thursday. Speaking at the week-long 2nd World Conference on Modern Criminal Investigation, Organised Crime and Human Rights in Durban, de Beer said that last year more than 2400 guns, more than 100000 rounds of ammunition and 1639 mortars and... (

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Many Firearms in Wrong Hands in Zambia

6 December 1998


LUSAKA — A large number of firearms in private hands has led to increasing aggravated robberies, murders and other serious crimes in Zambia, according to Sunday Times of Zambia. In the country with a population of nine million there are more than 68,000 private guns including nearly 32,000 shotguns, 22,000 rifles, 10,000 handguns and 4,500 muzzle loaders, said the local newspaper. The newspaper said that previously when robbers raided a house to steal property, they... (

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Zambian Police Ordered to Confiscate Toy Guns

19 November 1998


LUSAKA — Zambian police have been ordered to clear all shops of toy guns and other gun imitations, The Post newspaper reported Thursday. The order was issued to Commissioner of Police Silas Ngangula by Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Edwin Hatembo Wednesday. "You should find a piece of legislation to use to clear the streets and shop shelves in Lusaka of toy guns and other gun imitations," Hatembo told the police commissioner. The deputy minister added that his... (

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