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United States

After Trump's Victory, Gun Sellers Rely On 'Black Friday' [FR]

21 November 2016

Les Echos (France)

[Translated summary: After the election of Donald Trump, one of the main American gun manufacturers, Smith & Wesson, saw its stock price fall by 15%. The reason is that gun enthusiasts were buying more firearms in case Hillary Clinton won. Now, sellers expect to recover during the 'Black Friday' but estimate that they have little chance of repeating the record numbers of last year.] Il y a quelques semaines encore, nous étions dans une Amérique démocrate, ou le... (

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United States

Trump Softens Gun Promises, Gun Rights Not a Priority [ES]

18 November 2016

Newsweek (USA)

[Translated Summary: During his presidential campaign Donald Trump promised to swiftly "unsign" the executive actions President Obama issued in January regarding background checks and to abolish gun-free zones at schools and on military bases. In addition, he promised to allow Americans to carry hidden handguns across all 50 states. However, after the election he softened his tone and it now appears that gun rights are mo longer a priority.] A lo largo de sus casi 17... (

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United States

Connecticut's Gun Seizure Law Prevented Suicides: Study

18 November 2016

CT Post (US)

Dozens of suicides have been prevented by the state's 1999 gun-seizure law, according to a new study by researchers from Duke, Yale and the University of Connecticut. The 17-year-old law allowing for the temporary removal of firearms from potentially suicidal or violent people is a model for the nation, based on the review of 762 gun seizures through 2012. The study's authors, speaking Thursday to the Connecticut Criminal Justice Policy Advisory Commission in the... (

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United States

NRA Fuels Gun Paranoia in the Age of Trump - Chicago Tribune

18 November 2016

Chicago Tribune

There were plenty of agitated and even hysterical reactions to Donald Trump's election victory, but none more surprising than the one expressed in a direct mail letter I got a couple of days afterward. "Our worst nightmare is staring us right in the face," it declared. "The attacks will be hitting everywhere, every day." It invited me to fill out a survey. "By answering this survey today, you're drawing a line in the sand — making it clear to politicians across... (

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United States

Gun Policy Pointless Without Funds for Public Health Research

17 November 2016

Dallas Morning News (Texas), Editorial

To make an informed decision, you need information. And that's exactly what everybody involved in America's bitter gun debate doesn't have. Guns kill more than 33,000 Americans a year, yet the clock stopped on government research into this epidemic two decades ago. As is frequently noted, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has funded no in-depth studies of gun violence, its causes, or proposals for its reduction since 1996. That's when the so-called... (

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United States

Why Is it so Easy to Openly Carry Loaded Rifles in Texas?

17 November 2016

KCBD (Texas), KFDA

Open carry has been legal in Texas for almost a year, but Amarillo law enforcement said they still see more long guns and rifles carried openly than hand guns and pistols. The problem is the long guns and rifles don't require a license. One of the most popular guns sold in Amarillo is the AR-15. Gun experts tell us they're big sellers because they're versatile and can be used for sport and protection. And unlike a handgun, they don't require any licensing or... (

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United States

US Justice Department Issues 'Smart Gun' Specifications

17 November 2016


The Justice Department has issued a final set of baseline specifications for how "smart gun" technology could enhance firearm safety. In a Nov. 16 blog post, Justice officials said the specifications contain "a detailed description of the minimum technical requirements that law enforcement agencies expect from smart gun technology" and mark a significant step forward in the Obama administration's efforts to combat gun violence. During his State of the Union address in... (

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United States

Gun Background Checks Work, May Hamper Suicide Prevention

17 November 2016

Channel News Asia (Singapore), Reuters

Gun control laws that mandate a background check before a gun can be temporarily transferred to a friend or family member may interfere with suicide prevention efforts, researchers say. The research team looked at what happens when people want to temporarily remove firearms from their home because they fear someone in the house might be considering a suicide attempt. In some states, they found, gun control laws may actually hamper the ability to easily transfer a gun... (

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United States

Attempted Illegal Gun Possession Unpunished in Washington

16 November 2016

King 5 (US)

Thousands of people attempted to buy guns this year in Washington state, even though court orders prohibited them from owning firearms. In all of these cases, the attempt to purchase a firearm was halted because the buyers failed the required background check. But none of those people needed to fear punishment; their gun crime was one the justice system will let them get away with. An investigation by KING 5 shows that police and prosecutors rarely pursue criminal... (

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United States

Education to Reduce Gun Incidents in US Instead of Regulation

16 November 2016

Dallas Morning News (Texas), Opinion

I have had the privilege of competing in shotgun clay target tournaments across America and Europe for the last 40 years. I'm routinely in the company of hundreds of people, all carrying firearms and ammunition. I've fired several hundred thousand rounds in practice and competition. In all that time and experience, I have never seen nor heard of anyone being injured in a firearm- or shooting-related incident. National data reflects that there are rarely firearm-related... (

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United States

Stricter US Gun Laws Linked to a Reduction in Homicide [FR]

16 November 2016

Tribune de Genève

[Translated summary: An analysis of 30 studies published since 1970 has concluded that stricter gun laws are linked to a reduction in homicide in the United States. Background checks and licensing are specially effective. Another study published by JAMA linked a Florida law that gives citizens the right to use a firearm if they feel in danger to an increase of 24% in the rate of homicide.] Des lois plus strictes sur le contrôle de la circulation des armes à feu sont... (

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United States

US Document Trove Shows Remington Gun Model Is Unsafe

15 November 2016


Owners of Remington's popular Model 700 rifle can now examine for themselves literally millions of pages of internal company documents that have led critics to conclude that the guns are unsafe. The documents — more than 130,000 files in all — have been assembled in a searchable online database by the advocacy group Public Justice. The organization, which battles against secrecy in the courts, fought successfully last year to make the documents public. "These... (

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United States

Stronger US Gun Laws Linked to Lower Gun Homicide Rates

14 November 2016

EurekAlert (New York)

Stronger firearm laws are associated with reductions in firearm homicide rates, concludes a narrative review published in the November 14 issue of JAMA Internal Medicine. Researchers at Boston Children's Hospital reviewed all available articles published in peer-reviewed journals from January 1970 to August 2016 that focused specifically on the connection between firearm homicide and firearm laws. Of the 582 abstracts found, only 34 met the criteria for inclusion.... (

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United States

US States with Tighter Gun Laws Have Fewer Homicides [ES]

14 November 2016

La Información (Dominican Republic)

[Translated Summary: According to a US study, states with tighter firearms laws show a higher decrease in firearm deaths. The most successful laws are those ones which improve background checks for potential buyers and require a permit to buy a firearm, among others.] Leyes más estrictas para controlar la circulación de armas de fuego están relacionadas con una reducción de los homicidios en Estados Unidos, concluye un análisis de más de 30 estudios publicados... (

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United States

Florida 'Shoot First' Law Saw 31% Jump in Gun Homicides [ES]

14 November 2016

W Radio (Colombia), EFE News Agency

[Translated Summary: According to a new study by the Journal of the American Medical Association, the firearm homicide rate in Florida increased by 31.6% since the implementation of 'Stand Your Ground' laws. The law allows citizens to use lethal force to defend themselves if they imagine themselves in danger, or to prevent death or physical damage.] La tasa de homicidios mensuales con armas de fuego se incrementó más del 30 % en Florida (EE.UU.) desde que entró en... (

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United States

Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' Law Linked to Homicide Increase

14 November 2016

Time (USA)

Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, which gives widespread legal immunity to people who use lethal force in self-defense, may be responsible for an increase in homicides in the state, according to a new study released Monday. Since the controversial law was implemented in 2005, Florida's overall monthly homicide rate has increased 24.4% and the homicide by firearm rate is up 31.6%, according to the study, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical... (

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United States

US Gun-carrying Restrictions May Be Wiped Out Under Trump

14 November 2016


With Donald Trump in the White House, tourists from other states may soon be able to bring their guns to shops of Fifth Avenue, the plaza at Rockefeller Center and other New York City sights. Advocates say they expect Congress to finally pass a sweeping gun rights law that could dismantle local gun-carrying restrictions in states including New York, New Jersey, Maryland, California and Hawaii. These changes could come soon. If Congress passes a federal right-to-carry... (

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South America,United States,Honduras

Firearm Trafficking Soaring in Honduras - Customs [ES]

11 November 2016

La Tribuna (Honduras)

[Translated summary: Every month, Honduran customs seize an average of 35 to 40 firearms of US and South America origin. Among the seized arms are pistols, shotguns, hunting rifles and ammunition. Police say the increase in crime is the reason Hondurans want to arm themselves, and trafficked guns cost one fifth of legal guns.] Un promedio de 35 a 40 armas de fuego o municiones provenientes de Estados Unidos y de Suramérica decomisan al mes funcionarios de Aduanas de... (

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Mexico,United States,Central America,South America

A Third of the World's Gun Deaths Are In Latin America [ES]

11 November 2016

La Jornada (Mexico)

[Translated summary: International reports show that with 8% of the global population, Latin America has 33% of the world's firearm homicides. Violent deaths in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil represent 20% of the total, Brazil having the highest numbers. The US has 70 times more homicides and 35 times more suicides than the UK.] Ciudad de México. En el foro "El Control de Armas y su Gestión de la Violencia y la Delincuencia, una Mirada desde Brasil y México", la... (

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United States

US Coroner Leads Local Push to Remove Guns, Curb Suicides

10 November 2016

Public Source (USA)

Ken Bacha is no foe of the Second Amendment. As coroner for Westmoreland County, he carries a Glock 23 pistol in a protective hip holster, almost casually, like an oversized smartphone. He's fond of hunting. He enjoys shooting sports, gun bash fundraisers, and has about 15 guns at home. He shoots, his wife shoots, his daughters shoot. That's pretty typical in the county, where gun sales are among the highest in the state, where hunting is a way of life and gun permit... (

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