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Police Bust Crime Gang Stealing Ammunition from Troubled Ukrainian Depot

16 July 2008

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / Kommersant-Ukraina (Kiev), Transcript

The Ukrainian police have busted a criminal group which was stealing redundant arms and scrap metal from the troubled Novobohdanivka arms depot in Zaporizhzhya Region, a business daily has reported. The following is the text of the report by Yakiv Noskov entitled "Police's high class performance" published by the Ukrainian edition of the Russian business daily newspaper Kommersant on 15 July: It became known yesterday that on 11 July employees of the Interior... (

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Former Soviet States Plan Database of Gun Runners, Illicit Arms Dealers

11 April 2008

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / Interfax, Transcript

A joint CIS database of transnational criminal groups involved in illegal arms trafficking will be created, the press service of the Minsk-based CIS Executive Committee has told Interfax. "This is stipulated by a draft agreement on cooperation in combating the illegal manufacturing and sale of firearms, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices, which has been discussed by the committee's expert group," the press service said. Chief of the committee's anti-crime... (

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Ukraine Destroys 17,000 Guns with Assistance from European Union

14 December 2007

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / UNIAN (Kiev), Transcript

Ukraine has destroyed 17,000 pieces of light weaponry with EU assistance. A total of 27,700 guns are planned be destroyed. This has been reported in the fourth EU report on the implementation of the EU strategy to combat the threats associated with the illicit accumulation and trafficking of small arms and light weapons [SALW] and their ammunition, adopted by the European Council. According to the document obtained by UNIAN, the European Union allocated 1m euros for... (

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Ukraine Defence Ministry to Destroy 26,000 Tons of Ammunition

30 October 2006

ForUm (Kiev)

The Defense Ministry plans to destroy 26,000 tons of ammunition this year and 14,600 tons have already been destroyed, Defense Minister Anatoly Hrytsenko told the press. According to him, 740,000 tons out of the 1.4 million tons of ammunition belonging to the Armed Forces are surplus and subject to destruction. There are a total of 35 arsenals and bases of strategic importance on Ukrainian territory, the minister said. He said that the ministry plans to reduce the... (

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Expert Questions Ukraine's Ability to Dispose of 1.4m Tonnes of Ammunition

30 August 2006

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / Defense Express Website, Transcript

Ukraine will be able to dispose of excessive ammunition and explosives on its own only by 2020, the head of the research programme of the Centre for Army Conversion and Disarmament Studies, Serhiy Zhurets, has said. He quoted the Defence Ministry as saying that Ukraine needs to dispose of 1.4m tonnes of ammunition, but in practice all of the enterprises of the Industrial Policy Ministry and the Defence Ministry can dispose of 50,000 tonnes of ammunition a year at... (

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Ukraine, NATO Strike Deal on Arms Disposal

23 November 2005

RIA Novosti

BRUSSELS — Ukraine and NATO signed an agreement Wednesday to dispose of the former's unnecessary stockpiles of light weapons, small arms, shoulder-fired air defense systems, and ammunition. The document was signed by Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Volodymyr Tereshchenko and NATO Under-Secretary General Mario Bartolli. The Ukrainian government approved the agreement Friday, authorizing Tereshchenko to sign the agreement under the condition that the equipment... (

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NATO to Help Ukraine Destroy Weapons and Ammunition

4 August 2005

RIA Novosti (Russia)

KIEV — Ukraine and NATO have set up a trust fund to destroy weapons and ammunition, a representative of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said Wednesday. The ten-year, 75-million-euro project provides for the destruction of 130,000 tons of ammunition and 1.5 billion of small arms, Vladimir Popovich said. He said the project will be implemented in three stages and special plants and technologies will be created in Ukraine during the first three-year stage. Relevant... (

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Ill-Secured Soviet Arms Depots Tempting Rebels and Terrorists

16 July 2005

New York Times

ICHNYA, Ukraine — The ammunition is stacked in mounds in a clearing, exposed to rain and sun. The crates that hold it are rotting. After more than a decade in the elements, many have ruptured, exposing high-explosive rockets and mortar fins. This is the overstuffed ammunition depot behind the security fences at Military Unit A1479, a small base in the Ukrainian forest under military guard. At least 5,700 tons of ammunition, grenades and explosive powder have come to... (

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Supremacist Suspect Named as Europe/US Gunrunner

25 February 2005

Seattle Times

A former Aryan Nations member charged last week with selling machine guns to an undercover informant was part of a gun-smuggling ring that shipped weapons into Seattle from Eastern Europe, according to a federal affidavit unsealed yesterday in U.S. District Court. Keith D. Gilbert, who once spent time in prison for possessing 1,400 pounds of explosives he later claimed were intended to blow up the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., stockpiled the guns at his... (

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NATO to Help Destroy 1.5 Million Small Arms in Ukraine

21 February 2005

Associated Press

BRUSSELS, Belgium — NATO announced a 12-year program to help Ukraine destroy millions of surplus Soviet-era weapons in what the alliance called the largest demilitarization effort underway anywhere in the world. The announcement came as Ukraine's new, Westward-leaning president prepared to attend a NATO summit Tuesday in Brussels, where he was expected to ask for closer cooperation between the military bloc and Ukraine. NATO, which has said Ukraine is not ready for... (

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US, Britain, Norway Sign on to NATO Project to Destroy Ukraine Gun Stocks

19 February 2005

Agence France Presse

The United States, Britain and Norway have signed up to a NATO project that will help Ukraine destroy over one million excess small arms and light weapons and tonnes of munitions, the US State Department announced. The program will also seek to destroy "Man-Portable Air Defense Systems," the State Department said in a statement, indicating the project would likely span 12 years and cost 27 million dollars. "This represents the largest partnership trust fund project... (

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Four Men Charged With Buying Guns for Iraq Terrorists

20 September 2004


Kiev — Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office has ended investigation of a case, in which four nationals of Greece, Iraq and Pakistan are charged with organizing a permanent criminal grouping for purchases of large consignments of firearms and defense technologies to the tune of about 800 million U.S. dollars. The grouping supposedly planned to export that weaponry to Iraq, where it would be used against the forces of the U.S.-led coalition, said Sergei Rudenko, the... (

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Ukrainian Arms Exports End Up in a Wide Range of Conflict Zones

19 September 2004

Jane's Defence News, Web Page

Ukraine's arms exports last year stood at US$530-550m, an increase on the year before when they were officially recorded at $440m. JID's regional analyst looks at the implications of Kiev's weapons policy. Ukrainian experts analysing this highly secretive sector of Ukraine's foreign trade believe that the volume of military exports could rise to an annual maximum of $700m. Of course, these figures do not include the large volume of unofficial trade in weapons. Since... (

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President Anxious for More Stockpile Disposal

29 June 2004

Pravda (Russia)

President Leonid Kuchma said at a meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Commission, in Istanbul on Tuesday, that Ukraine sought a higher level of cooperation with the alliance, reports the Ukrainian president's press office. Ukraine has been one of the most dynamically developing economies in Europe, according to Mr Kuchma. Besides, the president noted that the positive macroeconomic indicators were accompanied by growing incomes of the population, the stability of the national... (

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Company Denies Responsibility for Arms Cargo Detained in Turkey

4 June 2004


KIEV — The Ukrainian state company Ukrspetsexport and its affiliates disclaim any responsibility for the special cargo and the ship it carried that were detained in Turkey last Wednesday, the company said in a press-release. "Neither Ukrspetsexport, nor any of its affiliates have dispatched such a cargo in this direction over the past few months," the press-service said. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on Thursday confirmed the Turkish authorities had detained a... (

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First Guns, Now Missiles and Uranium Smuggled Into Hungary

4 March 2004

Budapest Sun

Ukrainian border guards held a Ukrainian citizen on Monday, February 23, at the Lamberg crossing station after realizing that he was carrying a 400-gram shipment of enriched uranium. The Hungarian Border Guard Center (HOP) was informed about the incident by the Ukranian authorities. Based on their report, Sándor Orodán, the spokesman of the HOP said that the man drove in his Citröen van to the border station where the vehicle underwent routine inspection. During... (

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Ukraine Journalists Armed With Rubber Bullet Guns

12 December 2001


KIEV — Ukraine's Interior Ministry said on Wednesday it would allow journalists reporting on politics, crime and corruption to carry guns that fire rubber bullets, in a response to a wave of attacks on reporters. "We did this in a bid to improve the safety of journalists, some of whom are working under continual threat," a ministry spokesman told Reuters. Ukraine has come under fire from the West for its patchy record on human rights and press freedom. Around 18... (

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Doubts Over Ukrainian 'Gun Law'

11 December 2001

BBC News

The Ukrainian Government has responded to a wave of attacks on journalists over the last 15 months by allowing them to carry guns that fire rubber bullets. But some journalists say the measure is worse than useless. Rubber bullets can never save a reporter's life, not even one, said the head of a regional association of journalists in the southern Crimea peninsula, one of the country's most violent regions. The head of Ukraine's Union of Journalists, Ihor Lubchenko,... (

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Moldova Seizes Ukrainian Cargo Plane with 5,000 Undeclared Handguns

8 April 1999

BASA-Press (Chisinau) / FBIS, Transcript

CHISINAU — Moldovan customs services have spoiled an attempt of illegal arms traffic when a Ukrainian transit plane landed Wednesday on the Chisinau airport. A team of customs officers while checking up the plane found 4,000 Makarov handguns and 1,000 R handguns, identical to the known Russian-made TT pistols. The plane was following the route Budapest-Chisinau-Sofia, according to departure papers. Sources in the Interior Ministry, who requested to remain... (

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