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Solomon Islands,Taiwan

Solomons Police Officers in Taiwan for Personal Protection, Gun Training

18 January 2007

Radio New Zealand International (Pacific shortwave)

The Solomon Islands Police Force has sent twelve officers to Taiwan to undergo training in close personal protection. The officers departed for Taiwan on Monday and will undertake a two week training program fully funded by the Taiwanese Government. Police personnel selected for future duty with the Close Personal Protection Unit will receive training in security movements for VIP's, specialist driving skills, firearms, and self defence. It is planned to send up to... (

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Solomon Islands,Australia,Taiwan

Taiwan Pulls Solomons Police Gun Training in Wake of Australian Protest

18 January 2007

Sydney Morning Herald / AAP

A controversial plan by the Solomon Islands prime minister to have his personal police bodyguards given firearms training in Taipei has been quashed by the Taiwanese government. Manasseh Sogavare's government wants to rearm its police force, a move opposed by the Australian-led region assistance mission in the island nation. The rearming plan has also been condemned by civil groups fearful of a return to violence and ethnic unrest in the troubled nation. Sogavare has... (

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Indonesian Seaman Caught Smuggling Handguns in Taiwanese Port

5 October 2006

Taipei Times

Investigators yesterday arrested an Indonesian man attempting to enter the country with five pistols. Shih Tung-liang, an official at the Kaohsiung branch of the Bureau of Investigation, told a press conference yesterday that an Indonesian man named Lutfirahman, a crew member on a commercial transport ship, attempted to enter Kaohsiung International Port with the pistols. Investigators arrested him portside. The pistols were hidden in a sealed box. Shih said that... (

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Taiwan,Jordan,United Arab Emirates

Taiwan to Increase Exports of Unmarked Guns to Friendly Countries

2 May 2006

Taipei Times / NTIS

The Ministry of National Defense (MND) yesterday said it will export more military goods to the nation's allies and other countries in an effort to boost Taiwan's diplomatic clout. "Some foreign countries are impressed with the excellent quality of Taiwan's military goods. So the MND has proposed establishing a company in charge of exporting small arms to our allies and friendly countries," Deputy Minister of National Defense Ko Cheng-heng told the legislature's... (

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Road Rage Bully Shot Dead With Own Gun

12 October 2005

Electric New Paper (Singapore)

It was a road rage case with a fatal twist. Instead of harming his victims, a Taiwanese road bully was shot dead with his own gun. The incident happened early on Sunday morning in Taipei. Motorcyclist Hsu Ta-kun, 33, was reportedly annoyed that Yu Ming-wen, 25, and his girlfriend were blocking his way with their motorbikes, reported Apple Daily Taiwan. It was not known if Yu and his girlfriend were ahead of Hsu or riding beside them. Yu and his girlfriend were... (

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Philippine Soldiers Selling Guns to Smugglers, Arming Yakuza in Taiwan

26 September 2005

Taipei Times / FBIS / NTIS

Although authorities have tried to crack down on illegal arms for decades, trade in them remains rampant, as revealed by the large number of weapons found in fugitive Chang His-ming's possession. Recently, two prosecutors have faced allegations of being involved in arms smuggling, with one detained and another indicted. The cases revealed that smugglers are sourcing weapons from the Philippine military, and that collusion by the nation's law enforcement officials is... (

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Look-Alike Guns Will be Banned by Legislature

5 January 2005

China Post (Taiwan)

The Legislative Yuan yesterday passed the revised gun law, banning any toy guns that could be converted into real firearms. The amended statute outlaws any toy guns that are similar to real guns in appearance, material, structure and trigger device, and could be converted into fatal weapons. Anyone making or selling such toy guns could be given a maximum fine of NT$500,000. Those owning such toy guns now must register with the police in six months after the... (

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Homemade Gun Used in Election Eve Attack, Report Finds

31 August 2004

Taipei Times (Taiwan)

The results of a report recently released by US forensic expert Henry Lee on the March 19th election-eve attack on President Chen Shui-bian and Vice President Annette Lu affirms the direction of police investigations into the case and narrows search boundaries, local officials said yesterday. While commenting on the results of the report yesterday afternoon, officials refuted Lee's comments on Saturday that the shooting could not have been politically motivated and... (

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A Rash of Gun Crimes

4 August 2004

Time (Asia)

Taiwan has some of the toughest gun-control laws in the world. Private ownership of firearms is largely outlawed; people convicted of illegally making, transporting or selling guns can face the death penalty. But several high-profile shootings — including a June 16 gun battle between police and suspected kidnappers in Taichung City that left two cops dead, and the March 19 assassination attempt on President Chen Shui-bian — have prompted a crackdown on illegal... (

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Gun Laws to Be Tightened, Extended to Toy Guns

9 July 2004

Taipei Times (Taiwan)

The Cabinet is considering pressing for tighter gun-control regulations following violent incidents such as the March 19 shooting of President Chen Shui-bian and Vice President Annette Lu According to a Cabinet official who asked not to be identified, the Cabinet is scheduled to review the draft amendments to the Statute Regulating Firearms, Ammunition, Knives and Other Deadly Weapons today. The proposed changes would increase penalties for those possessing homemade... (

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Three-Month Gun Amnesty Starts Today

1 July 2004

Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Starting today, the National Police Agency (NPA) commences a three-month amnesty for those holding illegal firearms to hand in the weapons without being charged. "From July 1 to Sept. 30, individuals possessing illegal firearms may turn them in at police stations, district prosecutors' offices, coast guard posts and armed force reserves without getting a criminal record," Minister of the Interior Su Jia-chyuan said at the NPA press conference. The three-month program... (

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Firearm Amnesty Announced

19 June 2004

China Post (Taiwan)

TAIPEI — Interior Minister Su Chia-chuan yesterday declared an amnesty for holders who turn in their illegal weapons in three months starting July 1 at the latest. At a press meeting after a Cabinet cross-agency gun control meeting, Su said no questions will be asked if the owners surrender their arms during the grace period. "After the period," Su said, "those found in possession of unlicensed weapons will be harshly dealt with." The period of grace, which starts... (

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Suspects Detained for Election Eve Shooting After Homemade Handgun Found in Home

14 May 2004

China News Daily / AP

Police said Friday they have detained three possible suspects in the March 19 shooting that lightly injured Chen Shui-bian one day before his re-election. Investigators searched the suspects' home and found a homemade handgun, gunpowder and bullets similar to the ones police think were used in the attack, investigator Wang Chong-jong told reporters. Police were also suspicious about the suspects — two men and a woman who weren't fully identified — because one of... (

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Five Nabbed for Selling Arms

18 February 2004

China Post (Taiwan)

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Four soldiers have been arrested for telemarketing firearms and ammunition, the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) announced yesterday. Also captured was a civilian for helping deliver the weapons, a CIB spokesman told a press conference. Three of the soldiers are marines on active duty. They were identified as Huang Po-hen, Yeh Chung-lin and Wu Chung-ta. The other, Lin Liang-ti, is a prison guard in Kaohsiung. Police did not say when and where... (

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Four Arrested for Internet Weapons Scheme

24 August 2003

China Post (Taiwan)

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Police arrested three men and a woman allegedly selling illegal firearms on the Internet in Pingtung yesterday. During their midnight raid on a surveillance equipment store across the street from the southern county's council building, police also seized 69 standard and modified guns, a large amount of ammunition and equipment for gun modification. Police said they were tipped off in March this year that two brothers, identified as Wang Jen-hung,... (

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Police Intercept Gun Shipment

28 January 2003

Taipei Times (Taiwan)

A large shipment of contraband firearms was discovered over the weekend in a container aboard a Panama-registered cargo ship at Kaohsiung Harbor, prosecutors said yesterday. Acting on a tipoff, investigators intercepted the Consistence after the container vessel arrived at Kaohsiung Harbor from the Philippines Saturday evening. Investigators opened a container aboard the ship and discovered eight large cases containing a number of firearms, including two military-issue... (

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Taiwan Coast Guard Arrests Arms Smugglers

31 March 2002

Taipei Times (Taiwan)

Weapons Smuggling: The coast guard arrested four fishermen off the coast near Tamsui yesterday for attempting to smuggle a record hoard of firearms into the nation from the Philippines. Acting on a tip-off, the Coast Guard Administration yesterday seized 173 guns and over 8,000 rounds of ammunition from a boat off the coast near Tamsui and arrested four suspects for smuggling the arsenal from the Philippines. This is by far the largest arms-smuggling case we have ever... (

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Taiwan Arrests Four for Biggest Ever Arms Smuggle

30 March 2002


TAIPEI — Taiwan has arrested four fishermen for attempting to smuggle a record hoard of firearms into the island from the Philippines, a coast guard official said on Saturday. Coast guard vessels chased a locally-registered fishing boat and captured the Taiwanese captain and three crew around 14 miles off Tamsui in northern Taiwan, said an official at the Cabinet's Coast Guard Administration, who declined to be identified. Coast guards found around 173 pistols,... (

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