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More Romanians Get Guns to Defend Themselves

11 March 2002

Flacara (Romania monthly magazine)

BUCHAREST, Romania — More and more people in Romania are arming themselves, because they feel that the authorities can no longer cope with crime and that they have to defend themselves. There are now more than 104,000 guns legally registered in Romania to almost 80,000 people. Those figures do not take into account guns bought on the black market. According to the 1996 law regulating the ownership, carrying, and use of guns in Romania, there are several categories of... (

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Romania Smuggling Row Affecting Arms Trade-Official

12 May 1998


BUCHAREST — A cigarette smuggling row, which has jolted Romania's security services, is hitting the country's efforts to inject life into international arms sales, a senior defence official said on Tuesday. "I am revolted by attempts to link legal arms trade with shady deals," General Dan Zaharia, head of the army's procurement department, told a news conference. "Criminals with high connections in society are trying to make believe that they are connected with a... (

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