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Nepal Police Say Illegal Gun Trade in Tourist Hub Real Threat

8 September 2012

New Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram)

Senior police officers in the Kathmandu Valley have warned that Nepali capital has been turned into a hub for illegal trade of small arms and guns. The nation's one and only major tourist hub Thamel has become a major centre for illegal exchange and buying of small arms, which threatens the safety of foreign tourists, said Hanumandhoka Jaya Bahadur Chand, chief of the Kathmandu District Police also known as Metropolitan Police Range (MPR), Xinhua reported. "We fear... (

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Licensed Nepal Gun Owners Get Weapons Back After Amnesty

13 August 2012

Himalayan Times (Kathmandu)

KATHMANDU - After making amendments to the Arms and Ammunition Rules, 2028, the government today called all licence holders of small arms to renew their licences and take the arms back which were voluntarily submitted to the government or seized by security forces during the conflict which ended in 2006. On July 27, the Cabinet took a decision to this effect of handing over the arms which were legally owned according to the rules within six months. Some people had... (

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Nepal Faces Growing 'Gun Culture' and Crime Rate

26 July 2012

Himalayan Times (Kathmandu)

KATHMANDU: A burgeoning trade in small arms has accentuated [the] threat to public security in the Kathmandu Valley, which witnessed three shooting-related deaths in the fiscal year 2011/12. The September 26 murder of Muslim activist Faizan Ahmed, December 23 murder of jeweller Harka Bahadur Diyali and the May 31 assassination of Supreme Court Justice Rana Bahadur Bam in Lalitpur highlight the threat that these arms pose. So far, police have managed to bring the... (

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Alleged Nepal Gun Smuggling Ring Linked to Organised Crime, Police

14 July 2012

Himalayan Times (Kathmandu)

BIRGUNJ - Organised mafias are involved in the weapon smuggling in cahoots with police personnel posted at police offices of Parsa, Bara, Rautahat districts, sources said. According to security officials, different organised groups are active in purchasing the stolen weapons in nexus with police personnel. Police investigation on the lost weapons shows that leaders of different parties wielding clout in the region are involved in the incident. "We have found the... (

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Nepal Advocates Arms Trade Treaty in UN

7 July 2012

Himalayan Times (Kathmandu)

KATHMANDU - Permanent Representative of Nepal to the United Nations Gyan Chandra Acharya yesterday reminded that millions of lives and livelihoods have perished, and serious violations of fundamental human rights have occurred due to irresponsible and illicit transfer of weapons and munitions around the troubled parts of the world. Delivering his statement at the UN Conference on Arms Trade Treaty in New York, the Nepali envoy emphasized that a robust Arms Trade Treaty... (

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Pakistan Has Achieved Self Sufficiency in Small Arms and Ammunition

5 March 2012

Indian Defence Review

After partition, Pakistan did not inherit any military production facilities. In 1951, the Pakistan Ordnance Factory was established at Wah cantonment to produce small arms, ammunition and explosives. After 1965, Pakistan, apart from shifting its overwhelming arms supplies reliance from the US to China and other western countries like France; also began to concentrate on expanding its defence production facilities. In this, it received effusive assistance from... (

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Guns in Nepal: Govt Bodies Clueless on Weapons, Licensing Control

6 February 2012

Kathmandu Post (Nepal)

Several loopholes in tracking the misuse of personal weapons suggest the government has failed to systematise the licencing of arms and ammunition and their monitoring. Though the number of licensed guns has increased remarkably of late, two responsible authorities—District Administration Offices (DAO) and the Ministry of Home of Affairs—are unaware of the status of thousands of weapons legally owned by individuals. Once a person receives the licence, the... (

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Brazilian Gun Industry Seeks New Markets: Africa and Asia [PT]

27 January 2012

Publica (Brazil)

[Translated summary: With the support of the Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, Brazilian gun manufacturers seek new markets in countries with a history of human rights violations: Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines and Yemen. Brazil is among the six countries in the world with annual exports exceeding $ 100 million, according to recent research from Small Arms Survey. According to the Army, responsible for supervising and controlling exports from 2005 to... (

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Industry, Transfer, Sales of Small Arms Banned in Nepal

27 October 2011

Review Nepal, Media release

KATHMANDU - The Home Ministry has approved the work plan on small arms control. As per the work plan, the production, transportation and sales and distribution of the small arms will be banned. The Home Ministry added that all small arms will be brought under the government control and the crimes triggered with small arms curbed. Joint Spokesperson of the Home Ministry, Ekmani Nepal said the security bodies have been directed to implement the government's October 14,... (

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Nepal: Impact of Small Arms on Gender

20 September 2011

Telegraph (Nepal), Opinion

1. Facts: Small arms: Small Arms mean the weapons that a single and individual can carry and operate. For example revolvers, self loading pistols, rifles, carbines, assault rifles, sub machineguns, light machineguns and associated ammunitions.[1] Light weapons means that can be operate two or three people. They may include heavy machine gun, hand–held under barrel and mounted grenade launcher, portable anti-aircraft and missile launcher, explosives, anti personal... (

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Small Arms Trafficking on Nepal-India Border Poses Security Threat

15 September 2011

Himalayan Times (Kathmandu)

DHANGADHI - Illegal transaction in small weapons has been on the rise on the Nepal-India border in the far west region for some time. Police seized four small weapons in a month. A police patrol seized two American made automatic pistols and a revolver from Chaukidanda area Malakheti-3 on September 11. According to police, the pistols were seized from six youths who were on two motorcycles, but they failed to nab the youths who fled. SP Bashanta Panta, District... (

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Police Launch Crackdown on Gun Smuggling from India to Nepal

12 September 2011

República (Kathmandu)

NEPALGUNJ - Banke police have launched a crackdown on smuggling of weapons into Nepal from India. A day after seizing two revolvers and two home-made pistols, Banke police on Friday seized two more home-made pistols. Police have seized 12 weapons of various types in the last two months alone. "As Dashain festival approaches, criminals are smuggling small arms from India to extort businessmen," said SP Dinesh Amatya of Banke police. "Therefore, we have launched a... (

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Gun Homicide, Crime Rise in Nepal as Himalayan Armed Violence Spreads

26 August 2011

Himalayan Times (Kathmandu)

GAUR: Police informed on Friday that criminal gangs have murdered six people using small weapons in Rautahat district in the past one year, cautioning that the use of small arms is on the rise. Police said they have impounded 37 kinds of guns, four bombs and 650 grammes explosives during the same period and arrested 33 people for the possession and use of weapons. According to Rautahat District Police Office, the use of small weapons is on the rise because such... (

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Global Gun Trade Treaty the Only Way to Control 'Arms Bazaar'

25 July 2011

República (Kathmandu), Opinion

In 2009, I recall visiting a militant camp in India's North East a day before they would surrender. The deputy commander who was in charge and allegedly responsible for the death of at least 200 people brandished his M16 assault rifle and flaunted his bodyguard who was following him with a rocket launcher. He was calm but shifty-eyed and admitted having a personal saving of a few billion INR in his account. Barely 24 hours after his formal surrender, he was in seen in... (

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14-yr Old Nepal Girl Arrested for Illegal Handgun Possession in India

22 July 2011

Deccan Herald (Kathmandu)

Ninth-grader Sadhana Limbu was expecting to return to her school in Nepal's tea garden district of Jhapa next week after spending a brief vacation with her family in Kathmandu. Instead, the 14-year-old girl is now in police custody in the capital, facing interrogation and a tough ordeal that could include imprisonment. She was caught by Nepal's airport authorities Thursday while trying to board a domestic flight from Kathmandu to Jhapa. Among the books and clothes in... (

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High Incidence of Small Arms Violence in Nepal: India Border, Armed Women

16 June 2011

MSN News / Indo-Asian News Service

KATHMANDU -- As over 70 countries in the world Thursday begin observing the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence, peace activists rue that even five years after the end of an armed insurrection, Nepal is still wracked by gunfire, thanks to the 1,800-km open border with India. 'There have been 1,013 incidents of violence caused by small arms in the last 17 months,' says Subodh Pyakurel, chief of Informal Sector Service Center (Insec), Nepal's largest NGO that... (

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Nepal's Former Crown Prince Warned Over Shooting Incident

27 April 2011


KATHMANDU - An administrative court freed Nepal's former Crown Prince Paras Wednesday over his firing a gun during an argument with a guest at a resort, but only after warning the ex-royal not to repeat such incidents in future, an official said. Thirty-nine year old Paras, infamous for his nightclub brawls and drink-driving allegations while heir to the throne, had been bail since December last year after being detained for two days in the southern district of... (

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5 Arrested for India-Nepal Gun Running: 'Arms Dealing Rife in Kathmandu'

3 March 2011

Himalayan Times (Kathmandu)

KATHMANDU - Trading in small arms has once again emerged as a threat to public security with police rounding up five arms traders in possession of six pistols, eight magazines and 12 rounds of bullets in the last few weeks. Officials say this reflects the growing gun-culture in urban centres. There was a break in arms trading from December last year through January this year. Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) today nabbed Hira Mishra from Sitamadi of India with... (

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Deposed Nepali Prince Accused of Firing Handgun in Drunken Brawl

14 December 2010

BBC News

Former Nepali Crown Prince Paras Shah's detention by police amid claims he fired a gun during a drunken row is not the first time he has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. He is facing a firearms charge after allegedly discharging a weapon into the air during an argument with relatives of the deputy prime minister at a restaurant in Nepal's Chitwan National Park on Sunday. It was Mr Shah's playboy lifestyle as crown prince that partly fuelled the... (

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Police Quiz Deposed Nepal Crown Prince Over Gunshots Fired in Brawl

14 December 2010


Nepal's former Crown Prince Paras, notorious for nightclub brawls and drink-driving antics while heir to the throne, was questioned by police on Tuesday over accusations he fired a gun during an argument at the weekend. Paras, who was unpopular due to his lavish lifestyle in a country where a quarter of the 28 million population live on less than $1 a day, was quizzed after allegedly firing the weapon during a row with a relative of the deputy prime minister at a... (

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