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United States,Mexico

Most of the Seized Firearms in Mexico Come From US [ES]

2 October 2016

La Opinión (USA), EFE News Agency

[Translated Summary: Firearms can easily enter Mexico and be smuggled to Central America; there aren't any control measures on the borders. According to a federal report, by the 31st of July, 2014, 8,540 rifles had been seized and over 70% of these came from the US.] La llegada de armas de fuego y de dinero negro son dos grandes peligros provenientes de Estados Unidos que impactan a México, fortaleciendo los cárteles de la región y su estela de violencia, y probando... (

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Mexico Customs Reports 276% Increase in Gun Seizures [ES]

30 September 2016

Noticieros Televisa (Mexico)

[Translated summary: The General Director of Mexico's Customs revealed that there was an increase of 276% in firearms seizures compared to last year. Drug seizures also augmented 283%. He also declared that 200 employees resigned or were fired in relation to this.] CIUDAD DE MÉXICO -- Derivado de mayores alertas y modelos de riesgo, el decomiso de armas y drogas en las aduanas de México aumentó más de 250 por ciento, reveló el director general de Aduanas, Ricardo... (

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Mexico Seeks to Increase Penalty for Firearms Use and Carrying [ES]

29 September 2016

Noticiero Televisa

[Translated Summary: Mexico's secretary of public security, Hiram Aleida, has asked for an increased penalty for using and carrying firearms. In 2015, 628 criminals used a firearm to commit a crime and, due to the current legislation, they were freed in a short time, added the Secretary.] Durante su comparecencia en la Asamblea Legislativa de la Ciudad de México, el secretario de Seguridad Pública, Hiram Almeida solicitó aumentar la penalidad para el uso y la... (

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Armed Robberies Increased 26% in Puebla, Mexico [ES]

28 September 2016

Periodico Central (Mexico)

[Translated Summary: Crime decreased by 12.3% in 2015 in Puebla, Mexico, compared to the previous year. However, armed robberies increased by 26.8%. This means that a firearm was used in 113,594 crimes compared to 2014's number of 89,559.] En 2015 en Puebla ocurrieron un millón 130 mil delitos, 12.3 por ciento menos que en 2014. El total de víctimas fue de 936 mil 258 poblanos, por lo que hubo ciudadanos que sufrieron por la delincuencia en más de una ocasión. A... (

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US the Source of 90% of Guns Smuggled Into Mexico [ES]

27 September 2016

Uni Mexicali (Mexico)

[Translated summary: Authorities from several Mexican states have registered an increase in the seizure of firearms coming from abroad, as informed by the Secretary of Public Security. He said that 90% of seizures, more than 1,600 firearms, are smuggled from the US.] TIJUANA -- Autoridades no sólo de Baja California, sino de otras entidades del país han registrado un incremento en el aseguramiento de armas de fuego procedentes del extranjero, informó el secretario... (

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South America,Central America,Mexico

Latin America Recent Seizures Reveal Thriving Gun Trade [ES]

22 September 2016

InSight Crime (Bogotá)

[Translated summary: A series of recent raids and reports highlights the thriving arms trade in Latin America which continues to disrupt countries and entire regions. For example, a report by Prensa Libre found the 9mm pistol has been the weapon most commonly confiscated by Guatemala's National Police.] Una serie de redadas e informes recientes ponen de relieve el floreciente negocio de armas en toda Latinoamérica, lo que sirve tanto para beneficio de los grupos... (

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Mexico,Central America,South America

Recent Seizures Point to Thriving Latin American Gun Trade

21 September 2016

InSight Crime (Bogotá)

A series of recent raids and reports highlights the thriving arms trade throughout Latin America, which serves to both profit illicit groups and to facilitate criminal violence in the region. During a recent conference on armed violence in Central America, Ana Yancy Espinoza, academic director of the Costa Rican organization Fundación Arias, presented the results of an investigation on regional arms trafficking. According to a press release from the Foundation for... (

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Six in 10 Mexicans Oppose Having Guns at Home [ES]

17 September 2016

Animal Político (Mexico)

[Translated summary: According to a survey, 6 out of 10 Mexicans are against having firearms at home, up 16% since 2002. More than half of Mexican citizens feel that firearms shouldn't be allowed in any circumstances, 32% want the right to own firearms but not to carry them, and 11% favour both home ownership and wearing hidden handguns.] La mayoría de los mexicanos está en contra de que se permita tener armas de fuego en casa, revela la encuesta más reciente... (

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United States,Mexico

US 'Floods' Mexico with Guns - Ministry of Foreign Affairs [ES]

14 September 2016

Mi Morelia (Mexico)

[Translated Summary: Over 13 million illegal firearms are circulating in Mexico, and 10 million of those are presumed to be in hands of organized crime. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs points out that in four US states on the border with Mexico, there are at least 9,000 legal gun shops and over 23,000 licences to sell them over the Internet and at gun shows.] La violencia que ha asfixiado al país en los últimos 15 años tiene uno de sus orígenes en la laxitud... (

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Central America,Mexico,South America,United States

USA, Stop Enabling Latin America's Gun Addiction - Letter

11 September 2016

Americas Quarterly, Letter

Dear Mister / Madam President, As the world's largest arms exporter, the U.S. plays an outsize role in fueling Latin America's insatiable addiction to firearms. To take one example, during most of the 1980s, El Salvador was the largest consumer of U.S. military hardware in the Americas, feeding one of the most vicious civil wars in Latin American history. And while the conflict ended in 1992, the legacy of its arms transfers remains: U.S. officials estimate that almost... (

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Brazil,Colombia,Mexico,Venezuela,United States,India,Nigeria,South Africa,El Salvador

World is Far Less Violent: Global Murders Halving in a Decade

7 September 2016

Foreign Affairs (USA)

The world has never been safer than it is right now. Most forms of violence have dropped precipitously over the past few centuries. Although conflict deaths recently spiked (the war in Syria accounts for one third of all war-related killings today), fewer people are dying from warfare than at virtually any time in human history. Terrorist violence also increased over the past two years—especially in six countries the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia—but it still... (

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United States,Mexico

Lax US Gun Laws Fuel Violence in Mexico - Foreign Minister

29 August 2016

Mexidata, InSight Crime (Bogotá)

Mexico's foreign minister has blamed lax US gun control laws for the flood of illegal weapons into the country, in an unusually frank assessment of the impact of US domestic policy on violence and organized crime in Mexico. Speaking at the Second Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty, Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu said loose gun control laws in the United States have undermined Mexico's own restrictions on gun sales and ownership. "[Mexico's]... (

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24,341 Guns Seized from 'Narcos' in 5 Years in Mexico [ES]

28 August 2016

Milenio (Mexico)

[Translated Summary: In different operations against drug trafficking, US$52.7 million and 148.4 million Mexican pesos in cash have been secured, while 21,341 suspected criminals have been detained. Also, between 1 December 2012 and 31 July 2016, 24,449 firearms -- of which 16,063 are rifles and 8,436 are handguns, -- 2,937 grenades and 3,807,560 cartridges were seized.] En lo que va del sexenio el Ejército ha golpeado las finanzas, estructura logística y capacidad... (

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Mexican Army Destroys Over 5,000 Firearms in Sinaloa [ES]

25 August 2016

Televisa (Mexico)

[Translated Summary: In Sinaloa, Mexico, 5,204 firearms, 3,293 rifles, 1,911 handguns and 125,000 cartridges (among them 100,000 for AK-47 and AR-15 rifles) were destroyed by Mexican Army as part of a Firearms Exchange campaign. This cache of arms to be destroyed is part of a program to destroy over 20,000 in different parts of the country.] En las instalaciones de la Novena Zona Militar de la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional en Culiacán, Sinaloa, fueron destruidas... (

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Over 40,000 Guns Seized in Mexico in the Past Four Years [ES]

23 August 2016

Milenio (Mexico)

[Translated Summary: According to a Mexican Chancellor, between December 2012 and July 2016, Mexico has seized over 40,000 guns, 23,000 high-calibre guns, 4,000 grenades and 5.6 million ammunition. 70% of these firearms come from American buyers or suppliers, and 60% of them are manufactured in that country. Over the US border there are at least 9,000 legal gun shops and over 23,000 licensed gun dealers who can sell over the internet and fairs, even in... (

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Mexico,United States

Mexico Asks US Congress to Renew Ban On Assault Weapons

23 August 2016

News X (India)

Mexico's Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu has asked the US Congress to restrict the sale of assault weapons as "they cause harm on both sides of the border". Massieu made this call at the Second Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty of the UN in Geneva, Switzerland, on Monday. According to a Foreign Ministry statement, Massieu said that Mexico "places the highest priority" on this matter, as the country has suffered from the illegal arms trade,... (

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Four Mexican States With Rising Gun Possession Rates [ES]

18 August 2016

E-consulta (Mexico)

[Translated Summary: According to the organization Mexico Evalúa, from 2011 to 2014, firearm possession rose 114% as a measure against violent crime. Between 2012 and 2015, in Puebla, Hidalgo, Tlaxcala and Morelos, 3,688 households bought firearms and 4,051 gun homicides were registered.] Puebla, Hidalgo, Tlaxcala y Morelos son los estados que tuvieron las mayores tasas en la adquisición de armas de fuego por cada 100 mil hogares de 2012 a 2015, según lo reveló la... (

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At Mexico's Lone Gun Store, Even the Boss Discourages Sales

17 August 2016

Times-Union (Florida), Associated Press

MEXICO CITY — There's just one place in all of Mexico where you can legally buy a gun. It's tucked away in an anonymous building on an army base in the capital, staffed by soldiers. Those who enter must surrender any cellphones, tablets or cameras, remove caps and pass through a metal detector. Weapons are kept in locked glass cases, unlike many of the 50,000-plus U.S. gun shops where used-gun racks on showroom floors allow easy access and clerks are happy to let you... (

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Mexico Counts Another 180,000 Guns Bought, Destroyed [ES]

15 August 2016

Cancun Mio (Mexico)

[Translated Summary: Mexico's National Government has launched a new Firearms Exchange 2016 program, where citizens can exchange guns for cash. This program has successfully collected over 180,000 firearms in the present administration. Only in Cozumel in 2015, 4 rifles, 6 handguns and 3,030 different cartridges have been collected.] El Gobierno Municipal en coordinación con la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional (Sedena) a través de la Guarnición Militar, puso en... (

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More Guns Acquired Legally by Civilians in Mexican State [ES]

15 August 2016

La Jornada (Mexico)

[Translated Summary: According to a recent study Aguascalientes, Mexico registered an acquisition rate of 799.18 firearms per 100,000 households in 2015. This indicates a surge of 5.55% in comparison with 2014. According to the Federal Registry, there are currently in this state 4,727 licences to own firearms but only for sport and hunting.] - Crecen mortalidad por arma de fuego en el ámbito estatal - Ningún civil cuenta con licencia de portación ante la Sedena; hay... (

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