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UN-Blacklisted Gun Dealer to Mediate Exports for Serbian Weapon Maker

5 March 2009

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / Blic Daily (Belgrade), Transcript

Serbia is again in danger of losing the right to export arms and be marked as a country that flouts international regulations. Blic has learned that Slobodan Tesic who is on UN's black list for an illegal arms export to Liberia, is seeking to become involved in the business again. Tesic would act as mediator for a deal made by Zastava Arms and the export of military weapons — rifles and automatic rifles, would be carried out through his firm. Zastava Arms complained... (

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Europe,North Africa,Algeria,Libya,Morocco,Mauritania,Tunisia,Egypt

EU Pressures North Africa to Combat Gun Running, Tighten Arms Control

18 December 2008

Agence France Presse

RABAT — European Union officials urged north African countries Thursday to abide by EU rules on arms trading to combat the spread of terrorism. At a meeting in Morocco, an envoy from the French EU presidency said the aim is to improve "logistical aid, inspector training, the development of national relations and support for the UN treaty on arms control." "This meeting on arms trading is the first one between the two sides of the Mediterranean," Jean-Luc Brunet... (

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Libya Tried to Buy 1 Million Chinese Assault Rifles, Perhaps for Chad, Sudan

13 April 2008

Associated Press

PERUGIA, Italy — The Libyan officer tried to cloak the purpose of his call to the Italian arms dealer. "A friend," he said, wanted to buy 1 million "pieces" and 50 million items of "food." But when that phone call was placed in 2006, Italian police were listening. They knew the meaning. Libya was shopping for guns — lots of them. Authorities shadowed the negotiations between Libyan officials and a group of black-market dealers from across Italy for a year before... (

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Maltese Company, Libya, China Accused of Gun Running to Iraqi Insurgents

15 February 2007

Independent (Malta)

Italian authorities yesterday announced they had interrupted an international arms trafficking deal that was to have operated between China, Malta, Italy and Libya, and which planned to supply hundreds of thousands of weapons to Iraqi insurgents, international media reported yesterday. The operation was to have seen an unnamed Maltese company acting as a middleman between Chinese weapons producers and Libyan buyers, who would, in turn, move the weapons on to Iraqi... (

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Ireland,United States,Libya

Book 'Blows Lid' on Trade Secrets of IRA Gun Running from USA, Libya

21 January 2007

Sunday Independent (Ireland), Book review

Gunrunners, by Sean Boyne. O'Brien, 19.95 'GOD made the Catholics, but the Armalite made them equal' was the writing once scrawled on a wall in Derry's Bogside. But where did the Armalite come from? In the early years of the Northern Ireland conflict, the IRA guns mainly came from the USA, through smuggling operations organised by Irish-American republican sympathisers. The Armalites, we are assured by General John de Chastelain, have all been destroyed. The IRA is... (

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