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22 Prominent Gun Dealers Arrested in Arms Trade Plagued by Corruption

25 January 2010

United Press International

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Four Israeli business executives were arrested in Las Vegas, along with 18 Americans, Britons and other nationals, on charges of trying to bribe someone they thought was an African defense minister to obtain a $15 million arms contract. The swoop on Jan. 19 was the culmination of a two-and-a-half-year undercover sting operation by the U.S. Justice Department. It was the largest single investigation under the 1977 U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,... (

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Two Million Guns Loose in Lebanon, MPs Push for Weapon-free Beirut

30 June 2009

Al-Quds Al-'Arabi (London) / MediaLine

Lebanese parliamentarians are appealing to the Lebanese Ministry of Defense for a 'weapons free' Beirut. The MPs will ask defense minister Elias Murr on Tuesday to authorize the Lebanese army to take strict measures in order to remove illegal weapons from the capital, the London-based Al-Quds Al-'Arabi reported. The move comes two days after a Lebanese woman was killed by gunfire in factional clashes in the capital. Banning illegal weapons in Beirut will be a... (

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Olympic Clay Target Shooter Struggles to Buy Ammo, Represent Lebanon

21 July 2008

BBC News

The BBC's Against the Odds series profiles athletes heading to the Olympics despite huge obstacles. Mike Sergeant meets a Lebanese shooter training near Beirut, where the noise of gunfire has been a familiar sound down the years. Ziad Richa, 40, grew up to the sound of gunshots and explosions. Like many others who lived in Beirut during the civil war of 1975-1990, his childhood hopes were more about survival than winning Olympic gold. Despite the recent political... (

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Fear, Male Identity Cause Price of Assault Weapons to Soar in Lebanon

24 April 2008

Washington Post

BEIRUT — Abu Omar, a money changer and father of 11 who lives in Beirut, has bought at least 10 firearms since the beginning of last year. "Everything I can put my hands on and I can afford, I buy. I never sell," he said. "Now is a time for buying arms." Many Lebanese, increasingly worried about the country's political paralysis devolving into violence, are preparing themselves in the same way. One measure of their anxiety is the price of small arms: An AK-47 that... (

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Stray Bullets Often Kill Passersby, Children in Lebanese Celebratory Gunfire

4 April 2008

Agence France Presse

The frequent celebratory gunfire in this heavily armed city is killing Beirut, literally, as one man's burst of joy turns into another's mourning. The parents of 14-year-old Ahmed Ali al-Sahili know this all too well — they lost their son when a bullet pierced his skull as he played outside their home in the capital's suburbs. And Sonia Saade, 49, thought her ulcer was acting up when a pain so sudden and sharp knocked her off her feet as she walked to a pharmacy.... (

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Demand for Guns Soars in Lebanon - Detailed Survey of Availability, Costs

18 March 2008

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / Al-Hayat (London), Transcript

BEIRUT — The Lebanese are talking these days about the phenomenon of the spread of weapons and the increasing trade in them. Many say this is a prelude to the ignition of rounds of warfare with the looming shadows of the sharp political and sectarian split seen on the Lebanese arena. Al-Hayat prepared a report on this phenomenon. It met weapons merchants, political activists, and civilians who revealed that the weapons market in Lebanon suffers a crunch however... (

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Fearing Civil War, Lebanese Arm Themselves as Gun Demand, Prices Soar

21 February 2008

Agence France Presse

BEIRUT — As street clashes between rival political factions in Beirut fuel fears of a new civil war, many Lebanese have started to arm themselves as they prepare for the worst, arms dealers say. "Groups or individuals, looking to make themselves more secure, are starting to buy weapons" on the black market, said one dealer, who spoke on conditi,on of anonymity. "If a Kalashnikov would sell for between 100 and 150 dollars on the black market a year ago, the price... (

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AK-47, Other Assault Rifles Double in Price, Sell Swiftly in Lebanon Crisis

5 January 2008

Times (UK)

BEIRUT — Wearing tatty green Israeli army webbing over his black leather jacket, Walid shoulders an M16 rifle and squints down the barrel. "How much is this one?" he asks. "It's worth $1,200," replies Abu Rida, a tough, barrel-chested arms dealer. Arrayed on a bed in Abu Rida's home in southern Beirut were more weapons for sale — an automatic pistol, two AK47 rifles and a Heckler & Koch G3 rifle, altogether worth about $3,000 (£1,500), more than double the price... (

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Market for Civil War: Civilian Gun Trade, Weapon Prices Rise in Lebanon

11 February 2007

7 Days (Dubai)

The price of a Kalashnikov assault rifle has soared in Lebanon, riding the wave of political crisis, community tension and fears of a new civil war. It used to be $100 (dhs360) — now it's more than $700. "It's a stampede," an arms dealer who did not wish to be named said. Those who have guns are keeping them or not selling except for a huge profit, and those who don't have them are buying so they can face any eventuality." He said a cartridge clip that used to go... (

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Gun Sales Triple in Lebanon Following Violent Clashes

6 February 2007

Arutz Sheva / Israel National News

Gun sales have tripled in Lebanon following violent clashes almost two weeks ago. The clashes came as pro-Hizbullah and pro-Syrian forces gathered to protest in the capital city of Beirut. The protestors hoped to force President Fouad Saniora to give Hizbullah more power in the government. The violence that ensued left three dead and over one hundred injured. While Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah has since called for his followers to refrain from violence, experts... (

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Young Middle East Arabs Want Stricter Gun Control, Study Finds

1 March 2006

Reuters / IRIN

BEIRUT — Young Lebanese, Palestinians and Sudanese want tougher gun control regulations, a survey by a group of NGOs revealed. The findings of the study, which was conducted over the last six months by the Middle East North Africa Network on Small Arms (MENSAA), an umbrella group of Arab NGOs concerned with the misuse and proliferation of illicit small arms and light weapons, were released on Tuesday in Beirut. "Each of the studies confirmed that a majority of... (

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Arms Smuggling Into Lebanon Suspected

17 June 2005

Daily Star (Beirut)

BEIRUT — Allegations of arms smuggling from Syria into Lebanon surfaced as U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reiterated accusations that Syria is influencing Lebanon's elections. "The Syrians are still trying through, we believe, their surreptitious means in Lebanon to continue to have an affect on Lebanese elections there," Rice said in an interview with the American network MSNBC. She said Washington wanted Damascus "to change its behavior," adding she was... (

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Blank, Official Gun Licences Easy to Acquire in Beirut

1 April 2005

Asia Times (Hong Kong)

BEIRUT — Blank gun licenses are now easy to acquire in Beirut. "The Ministry of Defense is handing them out by the thousand," said a prominent Lebanese businessman. "See, I have one here." A usual gun permit bears the name and photo of the licensee covered with an official stamp. However, this permit has evidently been validated before the picture was added — the ink stamp blurs beneath the little passport photo, not over it. "Many people have completely blank... (

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Week of Action Against Small Arms Strikes a Chord

10 July 2004

Daily Star (Beirut)

BEIRUT — Every Lebanese family has a gun in the house — at least, that's the cliche. Most small weapons in private homes are never used. But one day they might be — and that's the danger of possessing them. "I have a hunting gun at home," said an engineer living in Beirut. "I use it for hunting, but it could kill a person at a short distance as well. That's why I keep it — just in case." His family in the mountains even owns three Kalashnikovs — left over... (

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Hard-Up Dad Guns Down 8 Workmates

1 August 2002

Daily Record (Scotland)

An office clerk shot dead eight co-workers yesterday and wounded five after getting into money trouble. Ahmeed Mansour was enraged when told he'd have to sell his car to repay an £8000 loan from his office at the education ministry in Beirut, Lebanon. The 43-year-old dad of four returned to his office of the teachers' pension fund with two pistols and a Kalashnikov assault rifle. He methodically hunted down staff in the department where he worked for 23 years,... (

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Gunman Kills Eight in Shooting at Education Ministry Building

31 July 2002

Associated Press

BEIRUT, Lebanon — A disgruntled Education Ministry employee opened fire Wednesday at colleagues at a ministry office, killing eight people and wounding five before he was apprehended by police, police officials and witnesses said. A financial dispute was behind the shooting, and police dismissed any sectarian motives, Beirut police chief Maj. Gen. Walid Koleilat said. But others, noting the gunman was Muslim and most of his victims Christian, questioned whether... (

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Hrawi Says Announcement of Ban on Gun Licences Imminent

8 December 2001

Daily Star (Beirut)

Defense Minister Khalil Hrawi said Friday that a statement would be issued very soon, probably before Dec. 24, announcing the cancellation of all firearms licences, pending new regulations that confine such permits to justified and pressing cases. He indicated that there were around 35,000 such licences at present and that the figure was high for a country like Lebanon. Hrawi said it was possible that this figure be significantly reduced next year. New regulations for... (

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Have a Happy and Gun-Free Holiday

17 December 1998

Beirut Daily Star

Defense Minister Ghazi Zeaiter Wednesday canceled licenses to carry weapons over Christmas and the New Year. "Bodyguards of government officials, politicians, religious leaders, and diplomats will be exempted," he decreed, his first ruling since taking over the defense portfolio last... (

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