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Kenya Witnesses 18 Car-jackings in Past Week

21 March 1999


NAIROBI — Eighteen passenger commuter vehicles have been targets for violent robberies and car-jackings in various parts of Kenya over the past week, police have reported. The robberies were committed by thugs armed with various weapons including AK-47 and sub-machine guns, pistols and revolvers, the Sunday Standard newspaper reported. A wanted car-jacker was killed in a fierce shoot-out with police Friday night following a car-jacking, robbery and rape on capital... (

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MPS End Gun Debate With a Punch-up

30 July 1998

Africa News Service

NAIROBI — Parliament erupted in fury as MPs held a 10-minute fist- fight in the debating Chamber yesterday — just moments after they voted by a whisker not to give themselves guns. People watched in dismay from the public gallery as the House de generated into a free-for-all brawl between Kanu and Opposition MPs. Parliamentary orderlies, and the Serjeant-at-Arms and his team struggled to separate the fighting MPs as the Deputy Speaker, Mr Joab Omino, tried in vain... (

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