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Murder 'Madness' Bedevils Jamaica

27 July 1999

Washington Post Foreign Service

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Two armored vehicles rumble through the late-night darkness along a blighted Kingston street as soldiers cock their rifles and set out on foot patrols. A gaggle of stragglers quickly disperses into an alley. In a nearby neighborhood nicknamed Tel Aviv, troops clutching high-powered firearms stand on corners to enforce an overnight curfew. Their silhouettes are barely visible because gunfire between gangs has blown out the street lamps. Not far... (

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Jamaicans Flee Gang Violence in Kingston Soldiers Patrol Worst Areas

13 July 1999

Associated Press

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Hundreds of people have fled escalating gang violence in poor neighborhoods of Jamaica's capital in recent weeks, taking refuge with friends and relatives and creating makeshift camps in police stations. Some 500 people have been killed in Jamaica this year, including 71 in the past three weeks, prompting Prime Minister Percival J. Patterson to declare war on "a spate of criminal madness." On Monday, Patterson gave the military wide authority to... (

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