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Israel OKs 60,000 More Gun Permits in Terror Fight

7 March 2002

Washington Times

JERUSALEM — Sixty thousand additional gun permits are to be distributed to Israeli civilians as authorities loosen licensing restrictions to help fight a growing wave of terrorism. Armed civilians have played a significant role in bringing down terrorists during the Palestinian uprising, most recently during an attack this week by a Palestinian gunman at a Tel Aviv restaurant where a wedding party was under way. A 46-year-old civilian packing a pistol fatally shot... (

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As Terror Mounts, So Do Gun Sales

6 March 2002

Ha'aretz (Tel Aviv)

David Harel, the joint owner of Olam Haneshek, a firearms store in Tel Aviv, had a busy morning yesterday. Twenty customers came to Harel's shop looking for personal handguns. In the end, Harel, who has been in the gun business for 17 years, sold five pistols. Before the eruption of the Al-Aqsa intifada 18 months ago, he sold an average of five pistols a month. A pistol can cost anywhere from a few hundred shekels to NIS 5,000. Officials in the Interior Ministry who... (

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Alert Customer Shoots Terrorist in Efrat Supermarket

21 February 2002

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

An alert customer shot dead a terrorist who tried to set off an explosive device in a supermarket a few minutes ago in Efrat. The town is in Gush Etzion, a block of Jewish communities in Judea, south of Bethlehem. At least one small explosion did take place, leaving one customer lightly wounded but causing no casualties, said Jerusalem Post reporter Margot Dudkevitch. Nails from one of the explosions littered the floor. Further tragedy was averted when a woman... (

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Israeli Flies to New York With Pistol in His Carry-on Luggage

29 January 2002


JERUSALEM — The Israel Airports Authority said Monday that it was investigating a breach in security at Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv in which a passenger flew to New York with a pistol packed in his hand luggage. The Israeli man realized he had been carrying the gun in his carry-on luggage when he arrived in New York over the weekend. He immediately informed Israeli officials of the security breach, an Israel Airports Authority spokesman said. We... (

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Commission Considers Relaxing Handgun Permits

27 December 2001

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

JERUSALEM — An Interior Ministry commission established to reexamine policy for issuing personal firearms permits intends to liberalize the criteria, ministry spokeswoman Tova Elian said yesterday. However, Elian said, once recommendations are submitted, they have to be approved by Interior Minister Eli Yishai, and face possible review by the High Court of Justice. Elian was reacting to media reports that the commission's report, to be submitted by Deputy Interior... (

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Israeli Homeland Security Tips

12 November 2001

New York Post, Opinion

We have all heard that we should be observant, and report strange events to the police. But one option has not been encouraged in the media, indeed, quite the opposite. News articles mention the jump in gun sales that have taken place since 9/11, but fail to mention the benefits and belittle those who buy the guns. We could learn something about responding to terrorism from Israel, and encourage more ordinary, responsible citizens to carry guns. Israelis realize that... (

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Ze'evi Refused Guards on Principle, Carried Gun

18 October 2001

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

JERUSALEM — Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi refused to accept protection from the security services as a matter of principle, his colleagues said yesterday. He believed that if there is a parent or a child who had to drive without defense in the territories, he also would be unprotected, his communications adviser Chagit Sachs said. According to MK Michael Kleiner (Herut) and other friends, Ze'evi still carried a pistol. Maybe he thought he was a target, Kleiner... (

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Guns for Sale - How Stolen Israeli Weapons Arm Fatah's Fighters

16 December 2000

Guardian (UK)

RAFAH Border, Gaza Strip — Three shots ring out in the still of the afternoon, and three Palestinians run for cover. The Israeli army sniper on the 25 metre-high security tower watches the men below scatter and dive for gaps in the concrete wall. As Sergeant Dan Jacobi pulls the trigger, one Palestinian shoves a wooden crate into waiting hands on the Gaza side of the wall: one more lethal cargo slipping past Israeli troops, one more shipment of arms and ammunition... (

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Israeli Security Caught With Banned Gun Gear

6 September 2000

Sydney Morning Herald

Ten Israeli security guards have been caught trying to enter the Olympic Village with banned bulletproof vests and gun holsters. An Australian Customs Service official, who confiscated the equipment on Saturday, said the guards told police they brought it in the equipment because they hoped a ban on weapons at the Games might be lifted. This was despite repeated warnings from Olympic security commanders and the Federal Government that no guns would be allowed in for... (

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Personal Firearms of Former Career Officers to Be Thrown Into Sea

30 July 2000

Israeli Wire

TEL AVIV — Hundreds of former IDF career officers were forced to give up their personal firearms to the police in recent months, and these weapons, which were purchased privately, will be thrown into the sea, without their owners receiving compensation. Last December, an IDF order took effect, stating that any career officer, who purchased a personal weapon from January 1996 onward, must give it in to the police, beginning in 2000. Anyone ranking lieutenant-colonel... (

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Israeli, Colombian Forces Thwart Huge Illicit Gun Deal in Latin America

20 June 2000

St Petersburg Times (Florida)

MIAMI - A joint operation by U.S., Israeli and Colombian authorities may have thwarted one of Latin America's largest illegal arms deals, interrupting alleged plans to ship as many as 50,000 AK-47 automatic rifles, as well as other weapons, to armed groups in Colombia. Police in Colombia and Israel who infiltrated what they described as a $100-million arms smuggling ring say the deal was being underwritten with large sums of counterfeit dollars being manufactured in... (

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Strict Israeli Gun Control Laws Aim for Security Balance

17 September 1999


JERUSALEM — If one looks at the streets of Israel, it sometimes appears to be a country awash in guns, with soldiers, police and settlers carrying Uzis. Paradoxically, Israel has incredibly strict gun control laws. Try to buy a handgun, and you'll face perhaps a 3-month waiting period, police, medical and psychological checks and hard-to-win approval from the Interior Ministry. Prospective gun owners must also pass a gun competence test. A record of substance abuse... (

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Gun Culture

27 May 1998

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

It is becoming an all too familiar picture on our television screens: A teenager in an American school gets frustrated as a result of a minor punishment. He goes home, takes his father's machine gun out of the closet, returns to school the next day and opens fire indiscriminately. And the response is also all too familiar. It always takes place in a small, peaceful, quiet town, the sort of place where violence is never expected, far away from the centers of vice and... (

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IMI Cancels US Civilian Uzi Production to Keep Military Market

26 April 1998

Israel's Business Arena

Israel Military Industries (IMI) has decided to cancel production of Uzi rifles in the US in the factories of its partner Mossberg, so as not to put at risk future large arms deals with the US military, IMI and military sources told "Globes" today. IMI looked into transferring production to Florida or Connecticut, to circumvent the ban imposed by US President Bill Clinton on the importing of the rifles into the US. However, IMI sources said today that the company was... (

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IMI GM: US Ban on Uzi Imports - Excellent Publicity Campaign

9 April 1998

Israel's Business Arena

Following this week's decision by US President Bill Clinton to permanently extend the ban on Uzi imports into the US, Israel Military Industries received an order for 5,000 of the rifles. The order was placed by US arms distributors, and most of the rifles will be supplied to private customers. IMI light weapons division manager Arik Shor told "Globes" that the rifles would be manufactured from now on in the US, in one of two plants of Moussberg, IMI's US partner in... (

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TAAS May Produce Uzis in US to Circumvent New Gun Law

8 April 1998

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

TEL AVIV — TAAS-Israel Industries, banned from exporting a semiautomatic version of the Uzi submachine gun into the US, is now exploring the prospect of producing the weapon through an American company. TAAS executives said production of the Uzi in the US would circumvent the executive order issued by US President Bill Clinton on Monday that permanently barred the import of 58 assault weapons that were modified for sport shooting. The modification was a loophole... (

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Government to Seek Family-Violence Policy

5 January 1998

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

JERUSALEM — The cabinet yesterday accepted a proposal by Communications Minister Limor Livnat to establish an interministerial team, in cooperation with the Knesset Committee on the Advancement of the Status of Women, to examine how to increase cooperation among the various organizations dealing with family violence involving weapons. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called the recent spousal murders "a spreading plague; we must do everything in our power to reduce... (

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