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United States,Mexico,Guatemala

Dallas-Fort Worth Cases Highlight US-Mexico Gun Trafficking Problem

17 April 2009

Dallas Morning News (Texas)

Weapons seized in local cases show North Texas isn't immune from the gun trafficking that's feeding Mexico's drug cartels. While the volume of trafficking locally isn't clear, it is happening. "The cartels will get guns anywhere they can," said Richard Roper, who was U.S. attorney here until January. Thomas Crowley, a special agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said, "We have had cases where they have come up to Dallas to... (

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Gun Limit, Licence, Background Check in New Guatemala Firearm Law

1 April 2009

Prensa Latina (Havana)

GUATEMALA — After several months of debate, the Guatemalan Congress approved the Weapon and Ammunition Control Law, considered essential to reduce violence. The regulation reduces to one the four licenses previously granted to each citizen to buy armaments, and they are able now to buy three weapons instead of 12, as previously established. It also stipulated several requirements before granting the permit, including a clean criminal record and passing psychological... (

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Gun Trade Lobby Jams Attempt to Limit Weapon Sales in Guatemala

22 March 2009

Prensa Latina (Havana)

The Guatemalan Congress concluded sessions this week without approving a Law to Control Arms and Munitions, an indispensable instrument to slow violence and insecurity. Although deputies made several commitments with society, they have not so far adopted one single of 146 articles of that rule, whose discussion will continue Tuesday. At present, a citizen can buy up to 12 pistols or guns, with four licenses, and has the right to purchase 15,000 rounds of ammunition... (

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United States,Mexico,Guatemala,Central America

US, Central America Fuel Mexican Drug Cartel Wars with Guns, Grenades

15 March 2009

Los Angeles Times

ZIHUATANEJO and MEXICO CITY — It was a brazen assault, not just because it targeted the city's police station, but for the choice of weapon: grenades. The Feb. 21 attack on police headquarters in coastal Zihuatanejo, which injured four people, fit a disturbing trend of Mexico's drug wars. Traffickers have escalated their arms race, acquiring military-grade weapons, including hand grenades, grenade launchers, armor-piercing munitions and antitank rockets with... (

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Guatemalan Police Audit Reveals 2,000 Missing Guns, More to Come

13 December 2008

Latin American Herald Tribune (Caracas)

GUATEMALA CITY — More than 2,000 firearms are missing from the armories of Guatemala's National Civilian Police, or PNC, the force's director says. Marlene Blanco was quoted Wednesday by the press as saying that the inventory is ongoing and that the number of weapons listed as missing could rise. Among the unaccounted-for weapons are AK-47 assault rifles and Uzi submachine guns, the PNC chief said, acknowledging that some of the missing police arms have been used to... (

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Czech Republic,Slovakia,Guatemala

Amnesty International Criticises Czech, Slovak Gun Exports to Guatemala

17 September 2008

Prague Monitor / CTK

LONDON/PRAGUE — The Amnesty International (AI) criticises the Czech Republic and Slovakia for arms exports to Guatemala in its latest report that CTK received from an AI spokeswoman Tuesday. The report says the Czech Republic and Slovakia were among the biggest exporters of small handguns to Guatemala in 2004-2006 when over 15,000 were killed, mainly by firearms. According to AI, there are some 1.8 million firearms in Guatemala and 90 percent of them are not... (

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Guatemala Rides Wave of Gun Violence, Youth Shootings 'Worse Than War'

31 August 2007

Reuters AlertNet / NCA (Guatemala)

In Guatemala, over 25 people are involved in firearm attacks daily, and more than 80 per cent of Guatemala's over 4000 annual homicides involve the use of firearms. It's estimated that almost to million illegal weapons are in circulation in Guatemala. Young men are the most common victims, but an increasing number of women are also losing their lives to firearms. In many cases, this is due to a phenomenon called femicide. Since 2001 it is estimated that more than 2,500... (

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United Nations Small Arms Meeting in Guatemala Targets Gunrunners

2 May 2006

Prensa Latina (Havana)

GUATEMALA — Latin American and Caribbean delegates are attending from Tuesday in Antigua Guatemala the preparatory meeting of the UN Conference on the Prevention, Fight and Elimination of the Illegal Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons. Over 30 regional nations and European observers will participate in the three-day encounter. Central America is often used as a bridge for illegal arm traffic to or from the north. According to official data, in Guatemala common... (

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El Salvador,Paraguay,Guatemala,Costa Rica,Colombia,Brazil,Mexico,Central America,South America

At Least 90 People Killed in Latin American New Year Celebrations

2 January 2006

Australian Associated Press

SAN SALVADOR — At least 90 people were killed in Latin America in road, fireworks and other accidents during New Year's celebrations. The highest death toll was registered in El Salvador, where some 33 people were killed and another 89 injured during celebrations marking the start of 2006, officials said. Carlos Alvarado, a spokesman for the country's civil defence system, said that many of those killed and wounded from late Saturday to early Sunday were victims of... (

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Surviving Gun Crime in Guatemala: Firearm Death and Disability

19 October 2005

BBC News / Crossing Continents on BBC Radio 4

When I met Gustavo Masariegos in the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security hospital (IGSS), it was eight months since he had been shot. He lifted his head from the pillow to show me the scar on his neck where the bullet entered, and in a split second transformed his life. Gustavo is now a quadriplegic. Before two men tried to kill him on the street, Gustavo was a judge with 12 years experience under his belt. And this was not a random attack. In the first few... (

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Gun Running Hard to Eradicate: UN Programme of Action [Es]

14 June 2005

Prensa Libre

El Plan de Acción de Naciones Unidas para la erradicación del tráfico ilegal de armas no se cumple en Guatemala. El país no tendrá muchos avances para presentar en la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU) en cuanto a qué ha hecho para erradicar el tráfico de armas ligeras. Una evaluación efectuada por el Instituto de Enseñanza para el Desarrollo Sostenible (Iepades) señala que entre los puntos que deberían cumplirse está la adecuación de la... (

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Disabled Gunshot Victims Promote IANSA in London

4 December 2004

AM radio programme, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

HAMISH ROBERTSON: Well, AIDS and poverty aren't the only crises afflicting the developing world. Another issue causing widespread misery is gun violence — a problem that's yet to grip the global conscience. Every year, 300,000 people are killed by guns — and another million are left disabled. Most of these casualties are in developing countries which are ill-equipped to cope. In London, members of the Guatemalan wheelchair basketball team have been drawing... (

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Regional Agreement Needed, Says NGO

6 August 2004

InterPress Service

MEXICO CITY — More than 1.6 million firearms are in the hands of Central Americans who are dying and killing daily under the law of the gun. Guatemala — one of the nations hardest hit by weapons trafficking and use — is urging neighbouring countries to put a stop to the rhetoric and draw up a regional agreement that would make it possible to deal with this drastic situation. In El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, where violent crime is soaring, 70 percent of... (

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Guns for Bikes, Guns for Sewing Machines

3 June 2004

Associated Press

GUATEMALA CITY — Give up that old pistol and Guatemala's government will give you corrugated metal sheets for roofing. Two guns will get you a new bicycle. Three gets you a sewing machine. President Oscar Berger on Thursday announced a plan to reduce the number of guns in Guatemala by letting people trade them for valued goods. Speaking at a party political event, Berger said he would officially announce the new program on June 9, a day dedicated to the... (

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Guatemala,El Salvador

Armed Children

29 January 2004

Latin America Press

Easy access to small arms following armed conflicts in Guatemala and El Salvador has exacerbated violence in those countries, with children being the main victims, United Nations Secretary Kofi Annan said. Some 370 children and young people under 23 were killed in Guatemala City in the first half of 2003, according to a recent UN report. Of them, more than 100 were street children under 18. Annan said that the impact of wars on children goes much further and as an... (

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Central America,Honduras,Nicaragua,El Salvador,Guatemala,Costa Rica,Panama

Central America: Civilians Armed to the Teeth

4 December 2001

Inter Press Service

SAN JOSE — There are more than two million illicit small arms and light weapons circulating in Central America, a region of 35 million, authorities and civil society organisations warned at a regional conference running Monday through Wednesday in the Costa Rican capital. The government of Costa Rica and the non-governmental Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress expressed their concern over the large number of firearms still in the hands of civilians, a... (

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Guatemalans Seek Protection

17 May 2000

Associated Press

GUATEMALA CITY — In the city, guns will soon outnumber people. In the countryside, heavily armed private security forces are becoming more common than electricity and phone service. Crime has gotten so out of hand that 4,000 Guatemalan troops are taking to the streets Saturday to aid an overworked police force. Even the vice president, a camera-shy bureaucrat known here mainly for blending into the furniture, surprised Guatemalans by appearing on television May 29... (

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New Law on Arms and Munitions to Go Before Guatemalan Congress

3 February 1998

Prensa Libre Online

Guatemalan legislator Anabella Leon and other members of a multi-lateral commission in charge of verifying the progress of the UN sponsored Peace Accords sent a new bill on arms and munitions before the executive and legislative branches of the Central American nation. If passed into law it would require that: 1) All arms must be registered with a new department (DIGECAM) under the control of the Ministry of the Interior. This includes military, police and other... (

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