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Killer Facts: The Scale of the Global Arms Trade, Gun Totals

22 August 2016

Amnesty International (London)

Transfers of heavy conventional weapons The top 10 exporters of conventional arms (excluding small arms/ light weapons – SALW) 2010-15 USA: US$55.006 billion Russia: US$42.404 billion China: US$9.943 billion Germany: US$ 9.467 billion France: US$ 8.932 billion UK: US$ 7.627 billion Spain: US$ 5.310 billion Italy: US$ 4.360 billion Ukraine: US$ 4.156 billion Israel: US$ 3.280 billion The top 10 importers of conventional arms (excluding SALWs) 2010-15 India:... (

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Czech President Touts New Law to Keep Guns for Self Defence

3 August 2016

New American (USA)

Reflecting a startling change of heart, Czech Republic President Miloš Zeman (shown), once opposed to private civilian ownership of firearms for self-defense, told local Czech newspaper Blesk: "Earlier I spoke often about limiting the ability [of citizens] to have large quantities of weapons. But after the terrorist attacks [in France], I have changed the idea." He is now pushing the Czech parliament to adopt a new law that would allow citizens to purchase, keep, and... (

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Will France Issue Guns to Its Municipal Police Officers? [FR]

1 August 2016

Sputnik News (France)

[Translated summary: Most municipal police officers in France don't carry firearms, but now the terrorist threat suggests it's necessary to arm them. In order to do so, each officer needs to pass theory and practical tests. The Mayor must then request authorisation.] La menace accroît et la majorité des polices municipales n'ont toujours pas d'armes. Quel avenir pour les policiers municipaux? Eclairage dans une interview du policier Alain Dal accordée à... (

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French President Declares Nice Truck Attack a 'Terrorist Act'

15 July 2016

Sydney Morning Herald

Hollande said it cannot be denied that it was a terrorist attack that left 77 people dead in Nice. He said the truck attack in Nice was of a "terrorist character" and extended the national state of emergency by three months. "France has been struck on the day of her national holiday – the 14th of July, Bastille Day – the symbol of liberty, because human rights are denied by fanatics and France is clearly their target," he said. "There's no denying the terrorist... (

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Gang Smuggling Guns from Switzerland to France Dismantled

11 July 2016


An investigation by the French police has led to the arrest of two Swiss residents involved in smuggling arms to the French cities of Toulouse and Marseilles. Around 300 to 400 weapons of different calibers, including a Kalashnikov and M16 were seized. Information on the trafficking operation was obtained after investigations in France and Switzerland in June and July, said the Marseilles public prosecutor Brice Robin at a press conference in the city on Monday. Two... (

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Three Gun Homicides in Toulouse, France in 16 Days [FR]

5 July 2016

La Depeche (France)

[Translated summary: In 16 recent days there were three gun homicides in Toulouse. Gangs use hunting rifles, 9 mm handguns and pistols in fights for territory. Police say that an increase in the number of policemen and a video-protection program increases security in the city.] Les armes à feu ont déjà tué trois personnes en 16 jours à Toulouse. Dans un tout autre contexte, leur utilisation devient régulière dans les cités où l'on assiste à des épisodes... (

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M16, 53 Handguns Seized from Sport Shooters in France [FR]

1 July 2016

Liberté Bonhomme (France)

[Translated summary: Caen police seized four ancient war weapons, one M16 rifle, 53 handguns and more than 120 kg. of ammunition. Eight people are involved, but they don't belong to the criminal community, they practice sport shooting. The guns were seized because they were not declared. The owners could face 5 years in prison. All the arms and ammunition seized were destroyed.] Les gendarmes de la section de recherches ont procédé à une saisie record d'armes et de... (

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Large Gun Trafficking Network Dismantled in France [FR]

29 June 2016

20 Minutes (France)

[Translated summary: Montpellier police dismantled a large gun trafficking network. They seized assault rifles, pistols and revolvers and arrested ten people. The firearms were sold to criminals and corrupt gun collectors.] Une dizaine de personnes a été arrêtée dans le cadre de ce trafic d'armes qui arrosait un grand sud-est de la France. Des dizaines d'armes ont été saisies… La police judiciaire de Montpellier a démantelé un vaste trafic d'armes de... (

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French Police Lifeguards Can Now Carry Guns on Beach Patrol

28 June 2016

Local (France)

Authorities in France have given specialist police lifeguards the right to carry arms when they patrol French beaches this summer. It marks a first in France. The move is a direct consequence of the terror threat facing French police that brutally revealed itself in the double murder of a policeman and his partner at their home in Magnanville near Paris earlier this month. As a result CRS lifeguards who monitor some of the busier beaches in France will have the right... (

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France Must Meet Obligations Under Arms Trade Treaty [FR]

24 June 2016

Armer Desarmer (France), Blog

[Translated summary: Countries involved in conflict and where crimes against humanity are committed, currently receive guns originating in France. Under the Arms Trade Treaty, if one country member estimates that the firearms could be used to commit a serious violation of International Humanitarian Law, the exportation will not be authorized.] Depuis le 24 décembre 2014, la France est engagée juridiquement dans l'application du traité sur le commerce des armes (TCA)... (

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Police in France Given Permission to Carry Guns While Off Duty

15 June 2016

Local (France)

Under the ongoing state of emergency French police officers are already permitted to bear their arms while off duty. The measure was brought in as a response to the November terrorist attacks in Paris. But it is due to end once the state of emergency in France is over, which should be the end of July, although the government could yet extend it again. But after a police officer and his wife were stabbed at their home in a town to the west of Paris on Monday, in what... (

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Machine Guns, Arsenal Seized for Euro 2016 Attacks in France

6 June 2016

New York Times, Associated Press

A Frenchman with an arsenal of weapons and a grudge against his government's immigration policies was detained as he tried to leave Ukraine and launch an assault on the European Championship, Ukrainian officials said Monday, describing it as a thwarted plot for a "series of 15 terrorist attacks." The announcement came as France promised unprecedented security for the soccer tournament's crowds and stadiums, which includes the French national stadium that was attacked... (

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Buried Machine Gun Arsenal Seized from House In France [FR]

20 May 2016


[Translated summary: Customs have seized assault weapons, machine guns, rifles, two bazookas, one rocket launcher and forty handguns from a house in the Picardy region. These were stored close to ammunition, shells, grenades and detonators. Two men were arrested.] La douane a mis la main sur une quantité incroyable d'armes à feu dans une maison picarde… Une découverte qui fait froid dans le dos. Ce sont des armes de guerre qui feraient frissonner n'importe quel... (

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743 Guns Seized in France after the Paris Attacks [FR]

20 April 2016

Le Parisien (France)

[Translated summary: Since the beginning of the state of emergency in France, after the Paris attacks, authorities have seized 743 guns, 75 of which were weapons of war.] Alors que l'état d'urgence, décidé après les attentats de novembre à Paris, doit être prolongé au-delà du 26 mai, nous avons voulu dresser un bilan chiffré de ce régime d'exception. Premier enseignement: selon nos informations, depuis la dernière prorogation de l'état d'urgence le 26... (

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Balkan Gun Trade Fuels Crime, Terrorism in Europe, Asia

16 April 2016


The arsenal discovered in the apartment of Reda Kriket, a suspected terrorist arrested on March 24th near Paris, included explosives, Kalashnikov AK-47 rifles and a machine pistol from Croatia. The terrorists who staged the attacks last November in Paris employed AK-47s made by Zastava, a Serbian manufacturer. The Kouachi brothers, who attacked the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo the previous January, used Kalashnikov ammunition made in Bosnia. Whatever else these... (

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Smart Guns Will Not be Available Soon in France [FR]

5 April 2016 (France)

[Translated summary: There is a new market of smart guns developing. In France, these guns would belong to the A category, meaning that the only ones allowed to carry them would be police or customs officials. Therefore, smart guns are not going to be available for the general public any time soon.] L'internet des objets fait partie intégrante de notre présent. Les objets connectés sont de plus en plus nombreux et suscitent par leur intérêt et leur efficacité, un... (

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Some Security Agents Will be Armed in French Trains [FR]

5 April 2016

France Soir

[Translated summary: As a consequence of the recent terrorists attacks, the president of the SNCF (National Society of French Railways) has declared that, because of the Savary Law, security agents dressed in civilian clothes will carry guns as a security measure.] Le président de la SNCF Guillaume Pepy a déclaré dimanche que des agents en civil armés seront bientôt déployés dans les trains par mesure de sécurité. Il a également assuré que les portiques de... (

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Terrorists Attacks in France: Which Guns Were Used? [FR]

24 March 2016

France TV Info

[Translated summary: In Europe, it is very easy to get a firearm. In the recent terrorists attacks, Mohammed Merah had a Colt that was not precisely illegal and the Kouachi brothers used Yugoslavian rifles that came from arms trafficking. There would be 2,763,000 registered firearms in France and 10 million in circulation.] L'Europe veut se saisir du sujet de la circulation des armes à feu. En Europe, il est très facile de se procurer des armes. C'est le cas... (

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East Europe's Shadow Gun Market Fuels Terrorism in West

18 March 2016

Black Sea, Der Spiegel, Le Soir

The trafficking of Communist-era weapons leads from a Slovakian website to last year's ISIS terror attack in Paris and new regulations have failed to stop the sale of deadly weapons to criminals, we can reveal. 7 January 2015. Chérif Kouachi and his brother Said leave a bloodbath in the newsroom of magazine Charlie Hebdo. Two days later, Kouachi's close contact, Amedy Coulibaly, assaults the kosher supermarket Hyper Cacher in Paris. When Coulibaly takes the... (

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40% Increase in Smuggled, Seized Firearms in France [FR]

17 March 2016

Le Figaro (France)

[Translated summary: In France, results in the fight against arms trafficking increased strongly, with a 40% increase in the number of firearms seized (1,158 against 828 in 2014). Strong measures against arms trafficking have been implemented. France deplores 1,800 deaths by firearm every year.] Tabac et articles de contrefaçon, drogues ou encore armes… 2015 est un cru plutôt faste pour les douanes qui ont multiplié les saisies. En matière de la lutte contre les... (

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