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Zambian Police Ordered to Confiscate Toy Guns

19 November 1998


LUSAKA — Zambian police have been ordered to clear all shops of toy guns and other gun imitations, The Post newspaper reported Thursday. The order was issued to Commissioner of Police Silas Ngangula by Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Edwin Hatembo Wednesday. "You should find a piece of legislation to use to clear the streets and shop shelves in Lusaka of toy guns and other gun imitations," Hatembo told the police commissioner. The deputy minister added that his... (

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Guns Exchanged for Tools in Mozambique

21 September 1998

Africa Online

MAPUTO — A Mozambican bishops' project to exchange guns, mines and other weapons with tools useable by artisans is still going strong nearly seven years after it was started. Although endowed with immense natural resources, Mozambique, on the eastern African seaboard south of Tanzania, is one of the world's poorest nations. Several million guns poured into the country during the sixties war of liberation against the colonial ruler, Portugal, and later after... (

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MPS End Gun Debate With a Punch-up

30 July 1998

Africa News Service

NAIROBI — Parliament erupted in fury as MPs held a 10-minute fist- fight in the debating Chamber yesterday — just moments after they voted by a whisker not to give themselves guns. People watched in dismay from the public gallery as the House de generated into a free-for-all brawl between Kanu and Opposition MPs. Parliamentary orderlies, and the Serjeant-at-Arms and his team struggled to separate the fighting MPs as the Deputy Speaker, Mr Joab Omino, tried in vain... (

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Seven Shot Dead in Kampala on Eve of Clinton Trip

24 March 1998


KAMPALA — Four Chinese construction workers and three Ugandans were shot dead in the Ugandan capital Kampala on Monday by a rogue policeman who later shot himself, police said on Tuesday. The shootings at 7.30 p.m. local time (1630 GMT) came hours before United States President Bill Clinton arrived in Uganda on the second stage of a six-nation tour of Africa. Police said they were investigating the killings for which there was no obvious motive. The Chinese,... (

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