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Increase in Illegal Arms Trading in China

10 February 2001

South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

The [Chinese] Government is becoming increasingly alarmed over the rise in illegal weapons manufacturing and trading on the mainland. Guangxi, along with four other western provinces — Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu and Tibet — where the problem is seen as most serious, according to the Sanlian Weekly, a Shanghai-based magazine. As part of a crackdown over the past two months, Guangxi armed police recently raided 60 illegal weapon manufacturing shops, seizing 240,000... (

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Police Raid Clandestine Gun Factories in Western China

10 November 2000

Kyodo News

BEIJING — Police have raided seven illegal weapon manufacturing shops, seizing numerous handguns, rifles, molds and machine tools in the city of Xining, western China, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Friday. The shops were engaged in an increasingly prevalent arms trade based around the Qinghai provincial capital and trafficking through nearby Sichuan and Gansu provinces, Xinhua said. Provincial police have already launched six crackdowns on illegal gun... (

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Japanese Singer to Hold Gun-Control Concert in China

18 June 2000

Kyodo News

NAGOYA — A Japanese singer-songwriter actively involved in gun-control movements is to hold a concert in Beijing next Sunday aimed at raising awareness of the need to curb gun violence, organizers said Sunday. Akemi Mano, from Fukuoka Prefecture, is to sing more than 10 songs before some 150 people in a studio in the Chinese capital, the organizers said. U.S. jazz pianist Donny Schwekendiek will accompany her in the planned concert, they said. One of the songs Mano... (

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School Guard Injures Seven in Shooting Rampage

25 October 1999

Associated Press

BEIJING — A guard at a middle school in southwestern China's Guangxi region opened fire with a hunting rifle after a drinking binge, injuring one teacher and six students, state run media reported Monday. Liang Yongcheng, a 30-year-old man described as reclusive and volatile, spent the afternoon of Oct. 19 drinking. He then went to a student dormitory at the middle school in Longzhou and began shouting, "I'll kill whoever dares to try to stop me!" the Beijing Youth... (

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Gun Control Steps See Initial Success

5 June 1998


BEIJING — China's nationwide crackdown on the illegal manufacturing and selling of firearms since early this year has achieved initial success. The Ministry of Public Security said today that in Songtao County, Guizhou Province, police smashed 15 underground gangs making or selling guns, arrested 49 suspects connected with them, and confiscated 152 illegal firearms, as well as 65 semi-finished guns and quantities of gun parts. Meanwhile, police in Yunnan Province... (

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Layoffs to Be China Arms Makers' Magic Bullet

8 January 1998


BEIJING — China is urging its defence industry to join other ailing state sectors and promote layoffs amd mergers to cut losses within the next three years, the People's Daily said on Thursday … The arms industry, one of China's most troubled state-owned sectors, in 1997 saw six mergers of large- and medium-sized enterprises and laid off 90,000 redundant workers, finding new jobs for 74,000 of them, the newspaper said... (

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