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Gun Ownership Less Serious Than Previously Believed

19 February 2004

Eurasia Net

A new survey on gun ownership in Kyrgyzstan raises questions about widely held assumptions concerning Central Asian security conditions. The study found that guns are less prevalent in Kyrgyz society than previously believed. The findings suggest that Kyrgyzstan should not be lumped together with "its friction-prone neighbors" when considering the potential for conflict in the region. "Small arms are less of a problem in Kyrgyzstan than commonly assumed; few families... (

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Study Finds Less Small Arms in Kyrgyzstan Than Previously Thought

19 February 2004

News Central Asia

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan — A report released yesterday by Small Arms Survey, a Geneva based study group, shows that small arms are less prevalent in Kyrgyzstan than in neighboring countries, countering the conventional wisdom that the entire Central Asian region is a hotbed of gun proliferation and misuse. According to "Kyrgyzstan: A Small Arms Anomaly in Central Asia?", Kyrgyzstan experiences low levels of civilian gun violence, has no major weapons smuggling, and small... (

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World's Trigger-Happy Population Keeps Growing

29 July 2003

Asia Times (Hong Kong)

The international stockpile of small arms continues to grow, according to the latest edition of an annual yearbook, the Small Arms Survey group, based in Geneva. About 7 million mostly civilian small arms are produced annually, far exceeding the amount of arms removed from the weapons supply. The survey said its estimate of the global value of small-arms production remains unchanged at about US$7.4 billion — with the United States and Russia accounting for more than... (

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Dealing With the Problem of Small Arms

31 July 2001

Dawn (Karachi)

The UN conference on the problem of proliferation of small arms and light weapons held in New York from July 9-20 ended with the UN member states finally agreeing to a political rather than a legally binding document to deal with the scourge and the impact of the spread of such weapons. This was a conference at which civil society organizations and activists were allowed to lobby. The hope of the non-governmental organizations and individuals was to have a legally... (

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Kazakhstan Says There is No Inventory of Country's Weapons

15 June 2000

Baltimore Sun

ASTANA, Kazakhstan — Kazakhstan, hit by an arms export scandal last year involving MiG-21 jet fighters sold to North Korea, said yesterday it did not know exactly what weapons it owned. "Unfortunately, up to now we do not have a full inventory and do not know how many arms we own, not to mention what condition they are in," Defense Minister Sat Tokpakbayev told reporters. His comments were likely to add to Western concerns that Kazakhstan's arms, consisting largely... (

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