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Port City Turns Into Armoury Ahead of Elections

15 August 2001

Independent (Dhaka)

CHITTAGONG — The port city is now turning into an armoury of illegal firearms, heavy and small, ahead of the upcoming general election. A huge number of firearms, it is apprehended will be used by the criminals hired by the candidates of the different political parties during the election, according to knowledgeable sources. Most of the terrorists of the port city and the district of Chittagong possess several sophisticated or small firearms, police sources said.... (

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Gun-Running Turns Chittagong Politics Turbulent

19 July 2001

Bangladesh Independent

CHITTAGONG — The terrorists in the district of Chittagong are possessing a huge number of illegal arms and ammunition. Student groups, gang leaders, terrorists, smugglers, drug leaders, kidnappers, political cadres and professional killers have in their possession both heavy and small arms. The illegal arms include M-16, AK-47, G-3 rifle, stengun, SMG, rifle, SLR, revolver, pistol, cut rifle, pipe gun and countrymade gun. At least three M-16, 30 AK-47, some G-3... (

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58 Arms Recovered, Over 2000 Arrested on First Day of Drive

19 July 2001

Daily Star News (Dhaka)

Police arrested some 2,173 people and recovered 58 firearms on the first day of a month-long special drive across the country yesterday. Police headquarters sources said the highest number of arrests was made from the Rajshahi Range where 629 persons were nabbed. The arms recovered on the first day include seven revolvers, five pistols, 28 pine-guns, seven light guns and seven shooter guns. Police initiated the drive in the early hours of yesterday to recover illegal... (

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Bangladesh Leaders Seek Urgent Move on Guns

17 July 2001


DHAKA, Bangladesh — Rival Bangladeshi political leaders pressed the country's caretaker government on Tuesday to round up illegal weapons to ensure parliamentary elections expected in early October are peaceful and fair. Begum Khaleda Zia, chief of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), held talks with former chief justice Latifur Rahman, who heads the newly appointed interim government which will oversee elections within three months. "We … discussed with him... (

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Tk 177million Smuggled Arms to Land in Capital Today?

6 June 2001

Financial Express (Dhaka)

Seven consignments of smuggled arms, mostly 9mm and 6mm pistols, which have been awaiting releases for the last three days at Chittagong port, are likely to be carried to Dhaka at any time today (Thursday), informed sources said. The consignments may be brought by two trucks, they added. In terms of original prices of Tk 70,000 per piece, on an average, the worth of the consignments having at least 300 each arms including 9mm, 6mm, 32-bore and 38-bore pistols stands... (

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