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Tracing the Middle East Weapons Flow

19 October 2011

al Jazeera

Earlier this year, as mass popular uprisings spread through the Middle East and audiences across the world sat transfixed by images of unarmed citizens confronting iron-fisted security forces in the streets of Arab capitals, powerful governments from Russia to the United States were forced to begin accounting for the weapons they had for decades sold to the very rulers they now found themselves abandoning. In Egypt and Bahrain, protesters held up tear gas canisters... (

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Arab Spring Abuses Show Need for Arms Trade Curb - Amnesty

18 October 2011

Reuters (Africa)

LONDON - Russia, the United States and European countries ignored fears over human rights abuses and sold large numbers of weapons to governments in the Middle East and North Africa in recent years, Amnesty International said in a report on Wednesday. Rights group Amnesty said the failings showed the need for a meaningful international arms trade treaty to choke off the supply of weapons to countries seen at risk of turning them on their own people. "The Arab Spring... (

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UN Estimate: 1 to 3 Million Automatic Guns in Civilian Hands in Nigeria

17 September 2011

Next (Nigeria), Opinion

Arms manufacturers and dealers are delighted when a new conflict breaks out. Desert Storm was a fantastic business opportunity for arms manufacturers. Every round shot through the barrel of a gun was another "ching-ching" in the cash register. They are not the only ones that benefit through conflict. The likes of Halliburton rejoice with every airstrike and artillery shell that destroys a building or some part of national infrastructure in a foreign country. Every bit... (

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Russia Ignores European Human Rights Embargo, Offers Guns to Bahrain

29 August 2011

Moscow Times / Bloomberg

Russia for the first time is selling weapons to Bahrain after Britain and France banned deliveries of security equipment to the Gulf monarchy because of its crackdown on protesters. State arms trader Rosoboronexport says it wants more business in Bahrain. The country is selling AK-103 Kalashnikovs with grenade launchers and ammunition for tens of millions of dollars to Bahrain, according to a person close to the Russian Defense Ministry who declined to be identified... (

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Lawmakers Report Says Britain Misjudged Its Middle East Gun Sales

5 April 2011

Associated Press

LONDON, United Kingdom - British lawmakers issued a critical report Tuesday showing that Britain approved sales of shotguns and tear gas to Libya, machine guns and sniper rifles to Bahrain and military technology to Yemen over the last three years. Parliament's foreign affairs, defense, international development and business committees said in a joint report that ministers failed to consider the implications of weapons sales to the Middle East and elsewhere. "Both the... (

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Bahraini MPs Sign Petition to End Gun Violence, Support Global Gun Treaty

30 May 2008

All Headline News (Florida)

MANAMA, Bahrain — Four Bahraini lawmakers have signed an international petition calling for an end to gun violence and urging the United Nations to push for an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) with all its members. Parliament member Jalal Fairooz, from Al Wefaq, the largest Shia bloc in the Bahrain parliament, is one of the signatories of the petition. He told AHN, "There have been several cases of shootings which are a matter of concern. Bahrain is a small island and... (

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Bahrain Gun Control Campaign Sends 40,000 SMS Arms Treaty Messages

21 April 2007

Gulf News (Dubai)

People in Bahrain are being urged to support a campaign calling for arms control around the world, three weeks after the shooting of nightclub security guard Abbas Ali Salman Al Shakhoori and just days after a high school massacre in the US. More than 40,000 text messages have already been sent to residents asking them to help with efforts to introduce an international Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), in what is said to be the biggest SMS campaign in Bahrain. UN... (

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Shootings Highlight Control Arms Campaign, Gun Control in Bahrain

2 April 2007

Gulf Daily News (Bahrain)

MANAMA — Calls went out for tougher gun control measures yesterday in the wake of the suspected shooting of nightclub security guard Abbas Ali Salman Hadi Al Shakhoori. Bahrain Human Rights Society assistant secretary general Dr Abdulla Al Derazi said that he hoped that the incident, along with the shooting of Bahraini Madhi Abdulrahman Mohammed last summer in Muharraq, are not the beginning of a new crime trend. "These types of crimes are new to Bahraini society.... (

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Saudi Teacher Gets 6mths Suspended Sentence for Taking Gun to Bahrain

19 February 2007

Gulf Daily News (Bahrain)

A Saudi teacher was yesterday handed a six-month suspended jail sentence for trying to bring a gun and ammunition into Bahrain earlier this month. The 45-year-old was caught with a revolver and three bullets as he tried to enter the country across King Fahad Causeway on February 7. He claimed he forgot to remove them from under his seat before he left Saudi Arabia. The High Criminal Court suspended his sentence for three years, but fined him BD500 and confiscated the... (

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UN Snub for 2,000 Bahrain Signatories to Control Arms Gun Trade Petition

11 July 2006

Gulf Daily News (Bahrain)

A global petition against the arms trade, which included over 2,000 people from Bahrain, has failed to receive backing from the United Nations (UN) at a small arms review conference in New York. Petition organisers claimed the conference failed after being "hijacked" by a small number of states that obstructed progress in talks on global standards for international arms transfers, strengthening national laws to prevent gun deaths and support for survivors of gun... (

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Bahrain Biggest Regional Contributor to Control Arms Campaign

26 March 2006

Gulf Daily News (Bahrain)

Bahrain is the biggest regional contributor to a worldwide campaign calling for tougher government control on the arms trade. More than 1,700 people in Bahrain have submitted photographs or self-portraits to the Amnesty International (AI) Million Faces petition, which was launched on December 7 last year, AI Bahrain officials revealed yesterday. The national petition will be presented and submitted to parliament, the Shura Council and the Foreign Affairs Ministry... (

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