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Police Gun Data Shows Extent of Private Arsenals in Suburban Australia

11 October 2017

ABC News (Australia)

Private gun owners are stockpiling arsenals of more than 300 firearms in suburban homes in some parts of the country, according to new data obtained by the Greens. Key points: - Police data reveals the top 100 private arsenals across NSW - In the Sydney suburb of La Perouse, one person owns 305 guns - Greens MP David Shoebridge said the caches were "honeypots for criminals" and posed a risk to public safety The trend is thought to be driving an overall increase in... (

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Gun Ban Lowered Australian Firearm Deaths by Two-thirds

7 October 2017

Australian (Sydney), Fortune (USA), Opinion

Yet again, expressions of outrage about the Las Vegas massacre predictably are being matched by national despondency that no US government will lift a finger to prevent more of these happening. Neither the largest gun death toll in US modern peacetime history (273 gun mass shootings in 275 days) culminating in the events of this week, nor the bullet-butchering of 20 six and seven-year-old children in Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut in 2012 apparently cut... (

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The Killer Quirk Hiding in Australia's Gun Laws

7 October 2017

Sydney Morning Herald

It has become part of the script of the larger American mass shootings. Amid the public expressions of grief and disbelief, the utterances of prayers and the tributes to the dead, Australian-style gun laws become, for a time, part of the American national debate. The effectiveness of Australian-style gun laws has even crept into the diplomatic conversation. After she spoke with her American counterpart Rex Tillerson this week, Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister Julie... (

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Better Gun Laws? Australia Lacks That Calibre of MP Today

6 October 2017

Australian (Sydney), Opinion

The mass murder in Las Vegas this week was so horrific that Australians naturally responded with grief for the victims, revulsion toward the killer and despair at America's national paralysis on gun violence. Yet there was a secondary theme, understandable but unhelpful, in the fury at the inability of someone else's political system to reach a national agreement on a chronic problem. Some of the Australian voices sounded a little too smug. Two decades after Australia... (

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Lobbyists Say States Should Be Allowed to Personalise NFA

6 October 2017

Queensland Country Life

There has been immediate condemnation of the findings of a report into Australia's gun laws, commissioned by Gun Control Australia. The report, authored by Philip Alpers, an associate professor of public health at the University of Sydney, claimed that Australia's tough gun laws had been significantly watered down by state governments since they were introduced under the National Firearms Agreement in the days after the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996. As well as... (

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Australia's Tough Gun Laws Weakened by the States - Report

5 October 2017

Sydney Morning Herald

Australia's tough gun laws have been significantly watered down by state governments since they were introduced under the National Firearms Agreement in the days after the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996, a new study has found. According to the research by Philip Alpers, an associate professor of public health at the University of Sydney, all Australian states have succumbed to pressure from gun owners or the parties that represent them to water down some aspects of the... (

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Australia's Firearms Amnesty Collects More Than 50,000 Guns

5 October 2017


More than 50,000 firearms will be destroyed after being handed in during the three-month national firearms amnesty. The final figures, released on Friday, showed that the number of surrendered firearms doubled in the final month of the amnesty from 25,999 to 51,461 by 30 September. Almost half were surrendered in New South Wales, which received 24,965 firearms despite collecting a further 67,323 in three other gun amnesties since the first national one in... (

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Australia Ranked Among World's Major Gun Importers, Exporters

21 September 2017

Sydney Morning Herald

Australia is now ranked as one of the world's major gun importers, coming sixth in the United Nations-sponsored annual global Small Arms Survey, high enough to see it categorised in the top tier of gun importers. Australia was also revealed to be the 13th-largest exporter in the world and ranked 25th in the transparency of its arms trade, scoring 12 out of a possible 25 in the survey's transparency barometer. As an importer Australia came in behind the United States,... (

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Australians Turn In 12,500 Guns as National Amnesty Opens

11 August 2017

New York Times

SYDNEY, Australia — The first numbers for the National Gun Amnesty are in, and more than 12,500 unregistered firearms have been surrendered since it started last month, Michael Keenan, the minister for justice, announced on Thursday. The amnesty, which is running from July 1 to Sept. 30, allows people to hand unwanted or unregistered firearms over to the police and to licensed firearm dealers without fear of prosecution. Ordinarily, the possession of an unregistered... (

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United States,Australia

Mechanic Smuggled Thureon 'AR-15s' from US to Australia

14 July 2017

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

A black market weapons dealer who imported lethal US machine guns police say are designed for killing people is staring down the barrel of a lengthy jail term. Paul Munro, 63, pleaded guilty to importing Thureon fully automatic rifles — which can fire 1000 rounds per minute — and firearms parts and frames into Australia in the two years to March 2015. The County Court heard on Friday that the weapons the former mechanic imported landed in the hands of violent... (

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Latest Australian Gun Amnesty in Full Swing — But Why?

12 July 2017

New York Times

On July 1, the government introduced the National Firearms Amnesty — a three-month program that will give Australians the chance to hand in unregistered firearms without consequence or cost. Australia is a different country now, but it's important to remember: Over 18 years starting in the late 1970s, there were 13 mass shootings. The deadliest was the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, which killed 35 people in 1996. That year, the relatively new prime minister, John... (

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A National Amnesty Will Not Rid Australia of Violent Gun Crime - Samara McPhedran

18 June 2017

The Conversation, Opinion

After 18 months of false starts, Australia is about to hold another gun amnesty for three months from July 1. Last week, Justice Minister Michael Keenan claimed the amnesty would take illegal guns off Australian streets. He went on to link the amnesty with terrorism, citing the Lindt Cafe siege and the murder of Curtis Cheng as examples. In a time when the spectre of terrorism is increasingly used as both a shield to prevent scrutiny of policies and a sword to attack... (

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397 Charges for Former Sydney Gun Dealer

2 June 2017

Australian Associated Press

A former Sydney firearms dealer has been charged with almost 400 firearms and explosives offences including charges related to unregistered and unsecured weapons. The 71-year-old man was charged on Wednesday after a two-year multi-agency investigation into a former dealership in Terrey Hills, during which a number of firearms and explosive material, including gunpowder were seized, although 78 firearms remain unaccounted for, police said. The man has been charged with... (

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At What Age Is a Child Permitted to Fire a Gun in Australia?

4 May 2017

ABC News (Australia)

Despite the National Firearms Agreement which passed in just 12 days in response to the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996, there is no one national gun law and no single age at which a child can use a firearm across the states and territories. Roanan Cornish was 12 years old when he first used a firearm. The thirteen-year-old, who lives on a farm just outside of Bendigo in central Victoria, learned how to correctly handle a .22 calibre rifle as part of a firearm safety... (

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Australian Gun Lobbyists Push for Higher Calibre IPSC Pistols

28 April 2017

Canberra Times (Australia)

A firearms group will lobby the ACT government to allow sport shooters to use larger calibre target pistols in official competitions. Australian Firearms Management Lobby Group recently registered on the ACT's lobbyist register. Its head, William John Wilcher said the registration was unrelated to the ACT's recent move to restrict rapid fire lever action shotguns. "The lobby group is not engaged in an way, shape or form to lobby in respect to lever action shotguns,... (

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Gun Shop Loses 130 Handguns to Thieves in Western Australia

24 March 2017

ABC News (Australia)

Western Australia's Police Commissioner is calling for tighter regulations affecting gun stores and owners following the "highly organised" theft of 130 handguns from a Perth store. But gun lobby groups have dismissed his comments, saying WA is already the most regulated state in Australia and any further controls would be overkill. It comes after police revealed 130 handguns including revolvers and semi-automatics were stolen from Barry and Son Firearms in Beckenham... (

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Firearm Dealer Theft Worth $650,000 on Black Market - ABC News

22 March 2017

ABC News (Australia)

More than 100 handguns have been stolen from a firearms store in Perth's southern suburbs, with police describing the theft as a highly organised heist and saying there could be "disastrous" consequences. Police said 130 handguns including revolvers and semi-automatics were stolen from Barry and Son Firearms in Beckenham on the night of March 11. The guns are valued at about $5,000 each on the black market, taking the total value of the stolen firearms to... (

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Australian Gun Group Targeted Ruling Parties With $45,000

19 March 2017

Sunday Telegraph (Sydney)

A pro-gun group appointed to advise the federal government on its national firearms agreement donated more than $45,000 to the Liberal and ­National parties last year. Less than a year after the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA) was established, the group was appointed to the government's Firearms Industry Reference Group (FIRG) to provide advice on technical elements of the ­National Firearms Agreement. Adler shotgun importer Robert Nioa, the... (

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Australia,United States

US Agencies Help Stop Smuggling of 5000 Guns to Australia

16 March 2017

News Corp Australia Network

The largest ever shipment of guns organised by bikie gangs and bound for Australia has been stopped in the US and seized by police as the crackdown on outlaw motorcycle clubs intensifies. The almost 5000-strong shipment of handguns and automatic rifles was nabbed late last year before reaching Australian shores as part of a joint investigation between federal, state and international policing agencies. News Corp Australia can exclusively reveal the operations leading... (

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Shooters Union of Queensland Analysis of NFA 2017

10 March 2017

Shooters Union Australia, Blog

Following the release of the 2017 version of the National Firearms Agreement, Shooters Union had a look at the document, comparing it to the 1996 version, understanding what the clauses mean and looking at what legislation has to change to enact the NFA. Being largely a re-hash of the 1996 NFA, all of the restrictive, discriminatory clauses remain and then some. Even the provisions from 1996 that have been proven to be unworkable in the intervening years, have been... (

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