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Argentine Aug Retail Receipts Fall; Crime Boosts Gun Sales

1 September 2002

Associated Press

BUENOS AIRES — Retail sales in Argentina, with the exception of firearms and tourism, continued their monthly double-digit decline during August after the South American nation crossed the threshold of its fifth-year of recession, a leading merchant group said Monday. In a monthly survey, the merchants' association known as CAME said that the private-security sector and gun dealers saw sales increase 20% in August after a crime wave hit Argentina. Over 21% of the... (

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In Argentina, Fear Feeds Gun Sales

22 April 2002

Christian Science Monitor

BUENOS AIRES — Fernando Janeiro fetches a short-barrelled, stockless shotgun from the shelf, breaks the barrel, and hands it to a potential customer. Mr. Janeiro has little need for a fancy sales pitch, as the weapons are selling themselves. The doors have barely closed when the next customer walks in, he says. La Veneziana is one of the most august hunting stores in Buenos Aires. It has provided Argentina's discerning elite with firearms, handguns, and hunting... (

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Former Argentine Cabinet Minister Indicted for Gun Running to Croatia, Ecuador

11 April 2002

Associated Press

BUENOS AIRES — Former Argentine economy minister Domingo Cavallo was indicted Wednesday for arms-trafficking to Croatia and Ecuador during the 1990s. The arms shipments were made during the administration of former president Carlos Menem, when Cavallo was one of his top aides and signed a decree approving the sales. The shipments to Croatia in 1991 and Ecuador in 1995 occurred while those countries were under international arms embargoes. Ecuador and Peru waged a... (

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Argentina Ex-Economy Minister Held

3 April 2002


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Argentina's former Economy Minister Domingo Cavallo has been arrested as a suspect in an arms-smuggling case. Cavallo was regarded as a giant of Latin American finance until he fell from power last year amid the country's economic crisis. The judge now has 10 days to decide whether to bring criminal charges against the former minister over his suspected involvement in illegal shipments during the 1990s of cannons, rifles, ammunition and gun... (

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Court Ruling in Illegal Gun Trade Case Frees Former President of Argentina

21 November 2001

New York Times

BUENOS AIRES — Former President Carlos Saúl Menem was released from house arrest today after the Supreme Court ruled that prosecutors had failed to prove that he and his former brother-in-law were involved in a conspiracy to smuggle arms to Croatia and Ecuador between 1991 and 1995. The six-to-two decision does not close the door to future prosecution of Mr. Menem, but aides said he was already planning a national tour to begin his campaign to become the... (

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