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South Africa

South African Police Services Lose Over 1,800 Firearms

2 April 1998

Star (South Africa)

In 1997 police lost 1,802 guns mostly through robbery or housebreaking. A total of 932 firearms were robbed form police service members, 321 were lost because of housebreaking into private and official quarters, 40 were stolen from state vehicles, 44 were stolen from private vehicles, and 35 were stolen after vehicle collisions in which police were killed or injured. Replying to further questions, Minister Mufamadi said 89 firearms were lost by police while on guard... (

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West Africa

West African Nations Meet in Oslo to Curb Small Arms

27 March 1998


OSLO — About 15 West African nations will meet in Oslo next week to seek a moratorium on supplies of assault rifles and other small arms to the region, organisers said on Friday. "For us this is a breakthrough in work on the proliferation of small arms which is one of the main sources of war and human rights abuse in the 1990s," Jan Egeland, head of the Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers, told Reuters. Egeland said Mali's President Alpha Oumar Konare... (

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Seven Shot Dead in Kampala on Eve of Clinton Trip

24 March 1998


KAMPALA — Four Chinese construction workers and three Ugandans were shot dead in the Ugandan capital Kampala on Monday by a rogue policeman who later shot himself, police said on Tuesday. The shootings at 7.30 p.m. local time (1630 GMT) came hours before United States President Bill Clinton arrived in Uganda on the second stage of a six-nation tour of Africa. Police said they were investigating the killings for which there was no obvious motive. The Chinese,... (

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South Africa

Arms and the Man - Who Should Have Them

3 February 1998

Cape Argus (Cape Town), Editorial

CAPE TOWN — Capetonians under threat of gang violence are arming themselves, and in some areas licence applications are doubling each month Licensed guns for use in self-defence in the "old South Africa" were predominantly a luxury few people of colour were allowed — or could afford. They lived in communities where guns were forbidden to the law-abiding citizen and they proved the argument advanced by many pro-gun lobbyists around the world, namely: "If guns are... (

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