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Gun Policy News, 19 April 2016


19 April 2016

Notimérica, Colprensa [Colombia]

[Translated summary: According to an estimate by the Ministry of Defense, the FARC owns almost 25,000 small arms and more than 4,000 'support' guns. Peace talks in Havana are now discussing this number, and what to do with them.] El destino final de las armas que convirtieron a las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) en la organización ilegal más tenebrosa de Colombia es una de las decisiones que más tensión genera en la mesa de diálogos de La... (

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United States

19 April 2016

Breitbart News (USA)

On April 19, a bill that could literally ban all Federal Firearm License holders (FFLs) from doing business in the state of California goes before the State Assembly Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection. The bill – Assembly Bill 2459 – is sponsored by Assembly Member Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento). If passed, it would shackle FFLs with four new requirements, the totality of which could simply force gun stores to close their doors. The NRA-ILA reported the... (

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United Kingdom

19 April 2016

Daily Caller (USA)

Next time someone tells you how "great" the gun control laws are in the United Kingdom and that "we should look at them," you might want to bring up Albert Patterson. Albert Patterson spent 22 years wearing the uniform of a British soldier. This included service with the Parachute Regiment and with the elite Special Air Service Regiment. The 67-year-old veteran fought in the 1982 Falklands War, and a Browning High Power pistol surrendered to him by an Argentine officer... (

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19 April 2016

El Watan (Algiers)

[Translated summary: In less than 4 months, Algeria Armed Forces eliminated 31 terrorists and captured another 33. They recovered more than 300 weapons of war, including Kalashnikovs.] En quatre mois seulement, les unités de l'ANP ont éliminé 31 terroristes et capturé 33 autres. Plus de 300 armes de guerre ont été récupérées, 182 casemates détruites et une dizaine de ceintures d'explosifs saisies lors d'opérations antiterroristes, principalement au sud-est... (

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19 April 2016

Tribune de Genève

[Translated summary: According to the Cameroonian minister in charge of wildlife, 2,000 firearms have been seized during an operation against ivory poaching.] Plus de six tonnes d'ivoire saisies par les services camerounais de protection de la faune et des forêts ont été incinérées mardi en public dans Yaoundé, une première dans ce pays d'Afrique centrale. Cette destruction par le feu concerne 2000 défenses d'éléphants pour un poids de 3,510 tonnes et 1753... (

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