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Gun Policy News, 16 April 2016


16 April 2016

Globe & Mail (Toronto)

Canada has a gun problem. These five words are sure to inflame passions and set off intense disagreement among some Canadians. This is because the words challenge many Canadians' view of themselves and what they believe to be their level-headed approach to firearm ownership. After all, when it comes to guns, Canada is a haven of calm, social liberalism, isn't it? One that stands in stark contrast to the violent world of the neighbouring United States. It's a view... (

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United States

16 April 2016

Detroit News, Opinion

Perhaps the biggest threat ever to the Second Amendment is working its way through the state courts in Connecticut. A judge there is allowing a wrongful death lawsuit to proceed against Remington Arms Co., which made one of the weapons used by Adam Lanza to kill 26 children and staffers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. The lawsuit, filed by nine victim families, claims Remington is liable for making and selling to the public a rifle unfit for civilian... (

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Europe,Eastern Europe,Croatia,Bulgaria,France,Albania,Saudi Arabia,Syria,Serbia,West Asia,Iraq,Yemen,Slovakia,Sudan

16 April 2016


The arsenal discovered in the apartment of Reda Kriket, a suspected terrorist arrested on March 24th near Paris, included explosives, Kalashnikov AK-47 rifles and a machine pistol from Croatia. The terrorists who staged the attacks last November in Paris employed AK-47s made by Zastava, a Serbian manufacturer. The Kouachi brothers, who attacked the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo the previous January, used Kalashnikov ammunition made in Bosnia. Whatever else these... (

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16 April 2016

Sputnik News

[Translated summary: Construction of Kalashnikov rifle and ammunition plants in Venezuela restarted in April 2016. Construction was halted in 2014 after the discovery of a $15 million embezzlement in Russia. The plants are estimated to be 70% complete.] MOSCÚ -- La construcción de plantas para fabricar fusiles y municiones Kalashnikov se reanudó este abril en Venezuela, comunicó Anatoli Punchuk, subdirector general del Servicio Federal de Cooperación Técnica... (

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