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Gun Policy News, 15 April 2016


15 April 2016

SBS (Australia), Australian Associated Press

Gun dealers are converting the controversial Adler rapid-fire shotgun so it can shoot twice as many rounds, sidestepping an import ban on a previous version of the weapon. Plans to import the seven-shot lever-action shotgun were halted last July when it was banned by former prime minister Tony Abbott for six months, later extended to 12 months, only for a modified version that instead fires five shots in rapid succession to be introduced. It has now emerged gun... (

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15 April 2016

Observer (Kampala)

By April 30, all firearms in civilians possession must have been registered, the ministry of Internal Affairs said in its latest attempt to crack down on illegal small arms. Unregistered firearms will be declared illegal, the minister of state for Internal Affairs James Baba said on Monday. Firearm registration, the minister said, is meant to control small arms and light weapons owned by civilians and maintain proper national control over government stockpiles of all... (

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15 April 2016

TASS (Russia)

MOSCOW -- Russian Foreign Ministry has noted mass media reports suggesting that Syrian militants might be getting weaponry of Soviet manufacture from East-European countries. "An intensification of the flows of contraband weaponry and shells across the Turkish-Syrian border has been registered," the ministry said in a commentary on Friday. "A number of international media have claimed a big consignment of Soviet-made weaponry has been dispatched to the Syrian militants... (

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