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Gun Policy News, 11 April 2016


11 April 2016

News 1130 (Vancouver)

SURREY – More than 100 weapons have been turned in to police as part of a secret amnesty program by the RCMP. The program has been operating quietly for weeks. There have been more than 30 reports of shots fired in Surrey so far this year. In a move to tackle this situation Mounties have been offering amnesty to various people allowing them to turn over their illegal weapons without any criminal penalty. "We're actually recruiting those that we know we should be... (

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11 April 2016

9 News (Australia)

A Port Arthur massacre survivor is urging the federal government to maintain restrictions on the controversial Adler A110 shotgun as the expiry date for a temporary ban on the weapon's sale looms. Twenty years since the 1996 massacre, which saw gunman Martin Bryant kill 35 people and injure 23, Australia's strict gun control laws could soon be weakened if a review of a fast action-lever shotgun is not finalised. Carolyn Loughton, who lost her 15-year-old daughter... (

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11 April 2016

Advertiser (Adelaide)

More than one gun a day is lost or stolen in SA, prompting calls for a crackdown on "irresponsible" owners amid fears the weapons are falling into criminal hands. As the nation prepares to mark the 20th anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre later this month, The Advertiser can reveal that 2294 guns have been reported as missing in the past four years They include pump-action shotguns, semiautomatic pistols and assault rifles. Police said "criminals value firearms... (

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11 April 2016

La Razón (Bolivia), Agencia Boliviana de Información

[Translated summary: Bolivian government is expanding the voluntary registration of firearms in the hopes of guaranteeing security and reducing ilegal possession. It is estimated that there are 7,300 legally registered firearms in the country and another 2,499 have been registered since the implementation of the voluntary registration.] El registro voluntario de armas de fuego se ampliará por 180 días, una vez que el Gobierno emita el decreto, para garantizar la... (

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11 April 2016

Plano Informativo (Mexico)

[Translated summary: More than 75,000 firearms have been surrendered by civilians to the Ministry of National Defence (SEDENA), in coordination with States' Governors, private initiatives, in the framework of the Federal Act on Firearms and Explosives. These firearms were immediately destroyed.] De 2013 a la fecha, tan sólo en San Luis Potosí, se han retirado 524 armas de fuego. San Luis Potosí -- Más de 75 mil armas de fuego han sido retiradas y canjeadas a la... (

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United States

11 April 2016

Examiner (USA)

Today's Seattle Times carries an update of sorts on the city's controversial gun violence tax, against which plaintiffs in a lawsuit to overturn the tax just filed an appeal brief with the state Court of Appeals, and the story quotes one retailer who squarely nails common sense. Mike Coombs, owner of the Outdoor Emporium, one of two retail plaintiffs in the case against the tax puts it bluntly: "If they want to help with safety they should help me pay for safety... (

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United States

11 April 2016

San Francisco Chronicle

Old-school gamers once threw fits whenever the dog in the classic Nintendo game "Duck Hunt" laughed at them for missing the titular ducks. Now, players can have their revenge. Actually, not really. But, someone at Odessa-based gun manufacturer Precision Syndicate seemingly gets that frustration, modifying a Glock to look like an old Nintendo gun controller. "We were waiting for someone to let us do this," the company wrote in a Facebook post last week. "We weren't... (

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11 April 2016

L'Orient-Le Jour (Beirut), Agence France Presse

[Translated summary: The Israeli army is trying to recover military weapons from soldiers who took them home. To date, a no-punishment amnesty has netted 220 firearms.] Des centaines d'armes, des dizaines de milliers de munitions… L'armée israélienne réalise l'une de ses plus importantes saisies d'armement depuis longtemps, non pas dans les réseaux palestiniens, mais auprès d'Israéliens présumés au-dessus de tout soupçon. Ces citoyens, hommes et femmes,... (

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