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Gun Policy News, 10 April 2016


10 April 2016

Sydney Morning Herald

Following the Port Arthur massacre, Walter Mikac wanted to be left alone. Instead he found himself inadvertently drawn into Australia's gun control debate. The massacre, which happened 20 years ago on April 28 and 29, began an unstoppable movement for gun law reform. Since losing his wife and two daughters in the mass shooting, Mikac has become one of the debate's most potent voices. After the killings Mikac wrote to Prime Minister John Howard, who phoned in... (

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Africa,East Africa,Tanzania

10 April 2016

Citizen (Dar es Salaam)

ARUSHA — No new gun permits will be issued in Arusha until an ongoing exercise to verify ownership is complete, regional authorities have said. Figures on the number of people who legally own firearms in the region are not readily available, but the current verification exercise could help determine that. There are growing concerns over the spate of armed robberies in Arusha. Regional commissioner Felix Ntibenda said last week authorities have stopped accepting... (

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10 April 2016

Australian (Sydney), Australian Associated Press

NSW police statistics obtained under freedom of information by the Greens show some Sydneysiders possess close to 300 guns, while around 50 people in the state have a hundred guns or more. "Something is broken in our firearm laws when people are allowed to build up their own large private arsenals," the NSW Greens justice spokesperson David Shoebridge said. The Greens have set up a website listing unnamed firearm license holders' gun hauls and their postcode. A person... (

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United States

10 April 2016

Daily Nexus (USA)

Legislators and activists spoke Thursday night at the Marjorie Luke Theatre on gun violence in America and what can be done to address the "profit-driven crisis" causing mass shootings, domestic violence, suicide and accidents across America. The panel discussion, which followed a screening of the film "Making a Killing: Guns, Greed, and the NRA," included the film's director, Robert Greenwald; State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson; Assemblymember Das Williams; Mayor... (

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10 April 2016

RTBF (Belgium)

[Translated summary: In 2006, Belgium tightened its legislation on firearm possession by creating three categories of firearms: A for 'prohibited firearms', B for 'firearms available over the counter', C for 'firearms subject to authorisation'. In 2013, the government prohibited the over-the-counter selling of antique, folk and decorative firearms.] Ce week-end, aux États-Unis, le "National Rifle Association", l'association qui a pour but de promouvoir les armes à... (

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