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Gun Policy News, 7 April 2016

United States

7 April 2016

Tampa Tribune (Florida), Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA -- Armed with a blistering tabloid cover, Hillary Clinton is pitting Bernie Sanders against the parents of children murdered in Sandy Hook, part of an effort to punch her way into the critical New York primary. The inflammatory rhetoric underscores the importance of the April 19 New York contest to her campaign and the mounting frustration of Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, with the lingering primary battle. That irritation spilled... (

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7 April 2016

CTV News (Vancouver)

Surrey parents who discover their children are keeping a gun in the house should be able to turn the weapon over to police worry-free, according to the city's former mayor. Dianne Watts, now a Conservative MP, is calling for a temporary amnesty program that would encourage parents to help get firearms off the streets. The details haven't been worked out, but Watts said parents who hand over guns could be assured their children won't be charged for having them. She... (

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El Salvador

7 April 2016

La Prensa Gráfica (El Salvador)

[Translated summary: In El Salvador, there is no penalty for arms trafficking. District attorney Douglas Meléndez is proposing a reform to include arms trafficking and other felonies in the Salvadoran legislation. Meléndez explained that 90% of crimes involve trafficked firearms.] Fiscal dijo que también busca se castigue con prisión a los que impidan la libre circulación a las personas. Propone reformar Ley contra Terrorismo porque no está apegada a realidad... (

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United States

7 April 2016

Washington Post, Book review

The Revolutionary War and its musket-loading militias. The frontiersmen and the dangers of the plains. The Wild West, with its righteous cowboys and soulless desperadoes. Patriotism and manhood. Personal protection and individual rights. All of these elements form part of the mythology of firearms in America, a mythology historian Pamela Haag aims to shoot down in "The Gunning of America," a fascinating exploration of the major businesses and families that have... (

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7 April 2016

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

A flood of new rapid-fire shotguns into Australia has prompted a landmark petition to ban the semi-automatic-style weapons. Gun control experts fear the proliferation of the Adler A110 model due to loopholes will have deadly consequences, with more than 600 registered in Victoria since September. The Alannah and Madeline Foundation is launching the petition, almost 20 years on from the Port Arthur massacre, which saw 35 people shot dead. Its "Keep Australia safe from... (

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United States

7 April 2016

Fox News (USA), Reuters

Gun owners looking for safety tips on the Web may not find what they need to know, a recent study suggests. Most U.S. websites with information on guns do not include important guidelines on how to store guns safely and keep them out of reach of children, researchers report in the journal Injury Prevention. "Firearm injury and death are unfortunately very common among U.S. children and adolescents," said lead author Dr. Katherine Freundlich of the University of... (

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