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Gun Policy News, 1 April 2016


1 April 2016


In Switzerland, anyone wanting a gun applies to their cantonal police for a permit. A survey by shows permit applications were up almost everywhere in 2015. The small canton of Obwalden – a mountainous tourist area with around 36,000 residents - reported the biggest spike in gun permits granted, 149 compared with 100 in 2014. Canton Aargau - one of the most densely populated regions of Switzerland – processed the most: 478 permits more than in... (

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United States

1 April 2016

San Francisco Chronicle

JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri -- A House committee has passed a bill that would allow concealed guns on college campuses. The Columbia Daily Tribune ( ) reports that the House Emerging Issues Committee passed the bill with an 8-3 vote Wednesday, winning unanimous support from Republicans. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Jered Taylor, R-Nixa, would repeal the current guns-on-campus ban and replace it with language allowing people with concealed weapon... (

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United States

1 April 2016

Washington Post, Opinion

'Do you have guns in the home?" It's a standard question pediatricians ask patients and their parents, an entry into a conversation about storage and safety. "Of course not — we don't believe in that," answered one mother who came to our practice with her 7-year-old. Her son looked up from his iPad and grinned. "But Bobby's dad has a really cool gun! Bobby showed it to me last week." "What do you mean?" his mother asked. "A toy gun?" "No, a real one!" he boasted,... (

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