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Gun Policy News, 11 May 2013


11 May 2013

World Bulletin (Istanbul)

A report recently drafted by the National Police Department's Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Department shows that almost 80 percent of guns that police seized from individuals in incidents threatening public security from 2010-2012 were unregistered. According to the report, the types of firearms confiscated in police operations over the course of past five years were manufactured guns (51 percent), handmade guns (33 percent), blank guns turned into real guns (16... (

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11 May 2013

Globo (Rio de Janeiro)

[Translated summary: The number of Brazilians who have been granted permission to own guns has risen to record levels in 2012, with 60% of the 31,500 permits granted being issued to civilians for that year. Between 2002-2012, citizens in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina registered the most guns, with an estimated 8 million legal guns in Brazil overall despite the high cost of registering them. There are calls for stricter enforcement of... (

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