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Gun Policy News, 10 May 2013


10 May 2013

Local (Germany)

German police are picking through the remnants of a blood bath after a man shot dead his wife, and then roamed the neighbourhood ringing door bells and shooting people who answered. He then shot himself and is in a coma. Aachen public prosecutor Robert Deller said on Thursday that the man turned his gun on himself before the police could arrest him. The 63-year-old man from the town of Langerwehe in North Rhine-Westphalia shot dead his 64-year-old wife with a... (

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10 May 2013

Star (Kenya)

Western PC James Serian has said the regional security team is profiling people with illegal arms. "There are illegal firearms in Western particularly in Mt Elgon, Malaba, Teso, Busia, along the Kenya and even Kakamega. Currently we are profiling all persons we suspect have fire arms," said Serian. He said the provincial security team will start an operation to recover all guns in wrong hands in the area. Serian said the porous Kenya-Uganda border could be blamed for... (

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European Union,Turkey

10 May 2013

Today's Zaman (Istanbul)

A bill recently submitted to Parliament could give former gun license holders who forgot to renew their licenses another chance. The current Law on Firearms, Knives and other Weapons states that gun carrying and keeping licenses shall be valid for five years following the date of confirmation and shall be renewed once every five years on condition of payment of the renewal charge. The license holder is also required to inform the public institution that has issued the... (

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