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Gun Policy News, 9 May 2013


9 May 2013

Daily Record (Scotland)

A young dad bled to death after an accidental shooting on his family farm. Adam Hepburn, 22, was in his Land Rover with another man when a rifle went off. A high-velocity bullet passed through the father-of-one's left thigh, leaving him writhing in agony. The other man in the Freelander 4x4 dialled 999 and rushed Adam on a 10-mile trip to Hawick Cottage Hospital, which does not have an accident and emergency department. An ambulance raced to the hospital, where... (

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United States

9 May 2013

Washington Post, Opinion

CHICAGO — Two summers ago, my husband and I took our sons to a shooting range for multiple days of firearms training with a certified instructor. Our logic was simple: In our low-income community with lots of gang activity, it was laughable to imagine that our boys wouldn't someday find themselves in a situation where a pal had brought a gun to school or asked them to come see his parents' gun. Did we want them to clumsily handle a deadly weapon — seduced by the... (

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Nigeria,West Africa

9 May 2013

Daily Newswatch (Nigeria)

Against the backdrop of mounting security challenges in Nigeria arising from the Boko Haram insurgency and ethno-religious crisis in the north as well as armed robbery and kidnapping in the south, it has been estimated that there are about one million illegally held guns in the country in civilian hands. The market price for most popular of them all, the AK-47 pattern of assault weapon, goes for $180 (about N27,000). While the total number of guns in the hands of... (

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9 May 2013

Star (Kenya)

MOMBASA - An assistant police commissioner has denied claims that firearms are being issue to unvetted people. Central Firearms Bureau chief licensing officer David Baya said firearms are only issued to civilians after going through a series of thorough interrogations by security officers at different levels. A civilian who owned a licensed gun told media houses that there is a broker in Mombasa behind the deals. He said the broker cuts deals between senior security... (

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9 May 2013

Today's Zaman (Istanbul)

According to a new regulation, people carrying guns will not be allowed as a security measure to enter entertainment venues such as bars, cafés, night clubs and places where wedding ceremonies are held, Interior Minister Muammer Güler announced on Wednesday. Under the regulation, Güler told reporters, people who want to buy guns will receive training on how to use them safely. Moreover, those carrying weapons will be denied entrance to entertainment venues such as... (

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United States

9 May 2013

Economist, Blog

HOUSTON - Gun-control legislation fell short last month in a close Senate vote, but some spy flickers of hope in the "world's greatest deliberative body". However, the sense of urgency that followed the Newtown massacre has definitely faded, and new studies from the Department of Justice and the Pew Research Center showing an astonishing drop in gun violence over the past two decades seem to call into question the need for new, stricter regulations. Americans have been... (

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