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Gun Policy News, 26 April 2013

United States,Australia

26 April 2013

Sydney Morning Herald, Opinion

This Sunday marks the 17th anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, where 35 people were killed and 18 wounded by a lone gunman brandishing high-powered longarms. In response to the killings, Australia's gun laws were significantly tightened. The prime minister at the time, John Howard, was able to gain bipartisan support from all state governments for a 10-point plan to regulate firearms - known as the 1996 Nationwide Agreement on Firearms. This agreement... (

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United States

26 April 2013

Washington Post

HAGERSTOWN, Maryland. — A gun owners' rights group has threatened to sue 35 Maryland counties or municipalities unless they repeal regulations that the group says violate state gun laws. The Second Amendment Foundation of Bellevue, Wash., said Thursday that Maryland is the third state targeted in its campaign to eliminate more-restrictive local laws in states where local governments have little or no authority to regulate firearms. The group has run similar projects... (

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26 April 2013

Local (Germany)

A 74-year-old gunman killed a top official in the northern German town of Hamelin on Friday before shooting himself dead, police said. "The perpetrator killed district administrator Rüdiger Butte and then killed himself," a police spokesman said. Officers were still at the scene on Friday afternoon, collecting evidence to support an investigation. Shots were heard shortly after 10am in the city's main administrative building, where 63-year-old Butte was later found... (

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26 April 2013

Irish Examiner (Dublin)

Michael Healy-Rae, who holds certificates for three different guns, said firearms were very restricted in Ireland. They are linked to pest control and game hunting or sports, and one had to be a member of a gun club, or own land, to be granted a licence, he said. However, the Kerry South TD said changes in rural Ireland meant communities now have to police themselves against ever-more aggressive and armed criminals. He claimed that with whole swathes of the country... (

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26 April 2013

Global Post (Boston) / Agence France Presse

A French teenager who used a Kalashnikov to shoot three men dead obtained his murder weapon on the Internet, it emerged on Friday, a day after the shooting. The apparently deranged 19-year-old was arrested shortly after opening fire on motorists and pedestrians in the small town of Istres, near Marseille on Thursday afternoon. Police sources said the weapons enthusiast had bought the deactivated rifle on the Internet and had been able to get it working. Raids on his... (

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26 April 2013

Ha'aretz (Tel Aviv)

A 36-year-old mother of four was killed Tuesday by a gunshot in the Galilee village of Rama. Preliminary evidence shows she was killed while her husband, a career soldier in the Israeli army, who possesses a registered weapon as part of his duties, was cleaning his weapon. The loaded firearm apparently discharged a bullet by accident, hitting the woman. This incident raises – yet again – the question of whether there is a need for all members of the Israeli armed... (

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